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The movie "Apollo 10 and a half"; Richard Linklater's personal chronicle in Childhood Praise

BingMag.com The <b>movie</b> 'Apollo 10 and a half'; <b>Richard</b> <b>Linklater's</b> <b>personal</b> <b>chronicle</b> in <b>Childhood</b> Praise

Another personal film by an American director, a continuation of the personal films we have received from Hollywood since last year. Films that reread individual histories review Native American history, focusing on a particular period or event, and sometimes with a glimpse into its global performance. In his most recent work, Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood, Richard Linklater, as the title suggests, sets out on the moon or the famous Apollo 11 mission. . A very important approach and achievement in human history, which, of course, has been achieved by the United States in a bloody rivalry with Russia, and its credibility is in its name. Russia was the first country to send a man-made object to the moon before the United States, but the United States placed the first man on the surface of the moon.

In "Apollo 10 and a Half" with a combination of different animation techniques (including the technique used by the director in "A Scanner Darkly" and "Waking Life" and the first film to be shot live. And later turned into an animation), narrates the Apollo 11 mission from the perspective of a boy named Stan (Milo Koi) who lives with his family near NASA headquarters; Of course, they speak in the voice of the narrator, who is an adult Stan and Jack Black instead. A history of what went on in the 1960s, about the size of St. Stan, until the summer of 1969, the time of Operation Apollo 11, with a subtle detail, of the same gender as in "Boyhood." From moving to newly formed suburbs with flat, desert lands in the south and large families and ordinary working lives, to mischief and simple childish games, and then to video game machines in leisure centers, televisions and buttons. His few but popular networks and series that filled much of family time with mothers and most children, hippies, the Kennedy family and the Jaffa assassination, conspiracy theories, the decipherment of the Beatles's songs, the seemingly important anti-communist war in Whitewater, and Witterman. Of all the acceleration and growth of NASA activities, the signs of which can be seen everywhere from television to the corners of the Stan's family home; In Stan's childish eyes, it's far more colorful.

Although Stan narrates the rest of the events around him in detail, what stands out in his mind is NASA and the issue of space travel; Which was, in fact, an important issue in his family, as in many other American families at the time. Aside from Stan's father's job in a NASA office, what President Kennedy called on the American people to enter a new era and the ultimate effort in space travel made a large part of the population eagerly awaiting all the space developments and events. It had an important mission to send humans to the moon. Propaganda and television, of course, like all the "things" that America makes important to its own people and to the world through, were not ineffective in this unified desire and expectation. They follow the successes and failures of NASA (like the first astronauts who lost their lives walking on the moon and Stan sees his mother crying when it was announced on television). Stan's mother and father, regardless of the unity of the American people, share in all of NASA's achievements because of their father's job. This is something that "we" all Americans have a role to play. But Stan wishes his father was not in the office, but in the front row with the astronauts, someone like Neil Armstrong. Because this does not happen in reality, in Stan's childish world he becomes the hero of space. His mother's advice that his father was as much involved in NASA's achievements did not affect the boy's ambitious dream of accomplishing the Apollo 11 mission.

Thus, Stan imagined himself as Neil Armstrong. he does. As a child, as the youngest child in the family and in America in the 1960s, he creates a fictional story in which NASA asks him, because of the childish simplicity that he knows more English than any other boy in his school, with a spaceship that The reason for the miscalculation is that its dimensions are not suitable for adults, and Apollo has 10 and a half to go on a secret mission to land on the moon. And to go through the preparations for space travel, which is a very complicated and difficult process, to tell his family that he has gone to a summer camp for children. In fact, he plays with his brothers and sisters and prepares to go to space and to the moon. The director by merging these two narratives simultaneously Finally, when the time for the Apollo 11 mission arrives, he wants to show both Stan and his traditional American family adherence to the event, as well as his step on the moon. This is Richard Linklater's Childhood dream, which is now becoming a reality in a deeply personal and very nostalgic film. The dream of children from the Explosion Generation (known as Baby Boomers or Boomers and people born between 1946 and 1964 during the post-World War II population explosion) in the shadow of NASA - directed by "the most glorious And describes the most magical engineering masterpiece in human history, he said. Of course, audiences from the same generation are more connected to the story and its nostalgia. The era has helped and added a good color and glaze to the film. There could be another important reason, and that is the depiction of a child landing on the moon with the actual archival image and sound of the Apollo 11 mission, which naturally makes the animated version both more interesting and more believable. If the film is supposed to be from the point of view of a boy who is now in his sixties, how much better it would be if everything was a cartoon. Reminiscent of Childhood with all its bittersweet nostalgia. There is a time when car cinema is common and when you are a child, when your mother and father are watching movies in the car, you walk with other children in the back of other cars and see their people, and then when you come back tired, you fall asleep in the back seat He puts his hands on the bed.

One of the most beautiful moments of the film takes place in the final scenes, when Stan is watching the Apollo 11 mission with his mother and father in front of the TV, and at the same time he has his own dream, a dream of walking on the moon. And little by little his eyelids get tired and he falls asleep. And then he goes to bed in his mother's arms. Linklater in "Apollo 10 and a Half" looks at the 1960s in the United States and everything that happened during it. He narrates everything as it is, indifference, like a child. A child who hears his sister talk about injustice in the United States and the costs of NASA's handiwork while the United States has countless poor blacks and whites, but has no judgment. He does not know what war is. And he does not know why the United States is at war with Vietnam. Director: Richard Linklater
Milo Koi, Zachary Levy, Glenn Powell, Lee Eddie, Bill Wise, Jack Black
Synopsis: A 10-year-old boy named Stan, the smallest member of a large family in the 1960s on a suburb of Texas near NASA headquarters, dreams of going into space.
Raton Tomitoz's rating Movie: 90 out of 100
Metacritic rating to movie: 87 out of 100
Author rating: 3.5 to 5

The critique of "Apollo 10: A Childhood in Space Age" reflects the author's personal views and is not necessarily the position of BingMag.

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