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Mound of sand 2; What you need to know about the second part of Danny Villeneuve's epic movie

BingMag.com <b>Mound</b> of <b>sand</b> 2; <b>What</b> <b>you</b> <b>need</b> to <b>know</b> <b>about</b> the <b>second</b> <b>part</b> of <b>Danny</b> <b>Villeneuve's</b> <b>epic</b> movie

It is no secret that Tel sand is one of those movies that many fans have been waiting for its release in 2021. The film, the latest feature film based on Frank Herbert's popular science fiction novel, was made and edited by Dennis Villeneuve, director of Blade Runner 2049, starring Timothy Shalami, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Jaish Brolin. Starring Stalan Skarsgrd, Dave Bautista, Zandia, Charlotte Rampling, Jason Momoa and Javier Bardem. Adapted from Herbert's great novel, even the film was introduced in the opening credits under the title Tel Sand: part One. "I do not agree at all with making a single film based on this book," Villeneuve said in May 2020. The world is very complex, and the power of a film lies in its attention to detail. " The best; Is the dune ranked first?

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    Yes. Villeneuve confirmed on October 26 that the second part of Tal Mase would also be built. There is a lot of skepticism as to whether Warner Bros. really wants to make the next installment of Tel Sand. These doubts stem from the fact that Blade Runner 2049, the last multimillion-dollar film directed by Villeneuve, performed very poorly at the box office. The French-Canadian filmmaker said he initially wanted to shoot both films in a row, but Warner Bros. did not allow him to do so.

    "When Warner Bros. announced in December 2020 that all of their films, including Tel Sand, would be released in cinemas from the following year, on the same day that they were released in cinemas," he said. , Will also be broadcast on HBO Max, Villeneuve regretted the decision in an online article, saying that while online streaming can produce great content and reach a large audience, movies should not be scaled in size. Great like the movie sand Sand to be played this way. "Warner Bros. 'decision means that" Tel sand "will lose its chance to make a lot of money and become a lasting work, and the art theft industry will eventually triumph." Fortunately, Samba News Agency Confirmed that more than 1.9 million subscribers watched Tel sand 1 between Thursday, October 21 and Saturday, October 23. Thus, the film was able to surpass the Zack Snyder Justice League, which was watched by 1.8 million subscribers. In addition, Lane Manuel Miranda's musical, which aired on television at the same time as the cinemas, managed to reach only 700,000 viewers.

    So this sci-fi epic did not do badly at the box office. In fact, it can be said that Tel Mase 1, or Villeneuve's first adaptation of this fictional novel, has brought the company $ 40 million so far, which may not seem like a huge amount for a film of this size, but it is actually the highest amount. So far, Warner Bros. has been able to win over the weekend show this year. Not to mention that the film also grossed more than $ 182.2 million at the international box office and its total worldwide sales reached more than $ 220 million. All of these issues should have convinced the film studio to start making Tel sand 2 as well.

    But when will the second part of Tel sand start?>

    Since it has already been announced that production on the film will begin soon, fans expect Villeneuve to start filming the second part of Tel sand immediately, but unfortunately this will not happen because the French-Canadian filmmaker has said that Filming is likely to begin in the fall of 2022. Fortunately, according to Villeneuve, much of the work of part II has been done. Over the weekend, reporters reported that filming for the sequel would begin on July 18, 2022, according to producer Tel sand 1. In any case, Villeneuve and the company will probably finish filming the second part before 2023.

    Release Date part Two of Tel Mase When is it?

    BingMag.com <b>Mound</b> of <b>sand</b> 2; <b>What</b> <b>you</b> <b>need</b> to <b>know</b> <b>about</b> the <b>second</b> <b>part</b> of <b>Danny</b> <b>Villeneuve's</b> <b>epic</b> movie

    The second part of the Mound is scheduled for 23 To be released in October 2023. This news is not unusual at all, especially considering that the first episode was released around 2021 on the same date. Is it possible?

    Yes. Tel sand 2 will hit theaters on October 23, 2023.

    Although many things may happen in the next two years, Villeneuve has acknowledged that it will definitely have a 45-day run. The film will be screened in cinemas and will not be negotiated in any way. Otherwise, the studio will not miss Villeneuve as much as Nolan.

    Will Tel sand 2 also be broadcast online?

    According to Villeneuve and Warner Bros.'s views on day-to-day strategy and release dates, the second part of the film cannot be expected to air on HBO Max on the same day it hits theaters. Of course, this does not mean that you can not watch this movie at home, but it does mean that you have to wait a while for it to be licensed

    Which characters are going to be in Tel sand 2

    BingMag.com <b>Mound</b> of <b>sand</b> 2; <b>What</b> <b>you</b> <b>need</b> to <b>know</b> <b>about</b> the <b>second</b> <b>part</b> of <b>Danny</b> <b>Villeneuve's</b> <b>epic</b> movie

    Two characters confirmed to be in Sandbox 2, Paul And they are Chani. Although the timing of some of the last-minute characters in the first episode had been reduced to a few random scenes, Villeneuve confirmed in August 2021 that Chani, played by Zandia, would play a more prominent role in the film. So Zandia fans will definitely be happy because they can follow their favorite actor in the second series in more scenes. In addition, Villeneuve has indirectly stated that Paul Atrides will be appearing in the second series with Shalami. Of course, he is the protagonist, so such a thing would not be far off. In addition, the other characters left over from the first part will most likely be present in the second part, especially since many of the actors have shared the news of the second part on their social media. More interestingly, Jason Momoa stated in September 2021 that he was disappointed with What was happening to his character due to What was happening to his character.

    What is the story of Tel sand 2 about?

    Not much is known about Tel sand 2 at this time, but it can be deduced from the first episode that Paul and his mother, Lady Jessica (Ferguson), are collaborating with the Freemasons to get to the front of the family. Catch Harkonen and save the world.

    Are the next episodes of this movie going to be made after Tel sand 2?

    Although Tel sand 2 Villeneuve is the second adaptation of this fictional novel, but it may not be the last part of this fictional film. The likelihood that Villeneuve will continue to build the mounds depends on the revenue of the second part at the box office.

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