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Mona Lisa and the Bloody Moon fantasy film was not well received by critics (Venice Film Festival 2021)

BingMag.com Mona Lisa and the Bloody Moon fantasy film was not well received by critics (Venice Film Festival 2021)

The movie "Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon" directed by Anna Lily Amirpour was screened yesterday at the Venice Film Festival and with Feedback fell short of expectations.

Anna Lily Amirpour, a 40-year-old Iranian-American director, has entered the main competition section of this year's Venice Film Festival with her third feature film. Some critics of Amirpour's previous films, namely lack of proper characterization and emphasis on some worthless details, instead of creating connections and coherence between the story lines, also consider Achilles heel of his new film, but fans of Mona Lisa and Bloody Moon do not consider these weaknesses. , Rather, such cases are considered to be the product of the style of the work, and the atmosphere of the film and the director's fantasies are considered very interesting. But overall, Mona Lisa and the Bloody Moon do not stand a chance of winning major awards.

  • "Formal Competition" is one of the best comedies of the year (Venice Film Festival 2021)

For Mona Lisa and the Bloody Moon, Ratnatomitosis has a score of 73 out of 100 based on 11 reviews. The film is also at the bottom of the list of critics at the festival, along with the Ukrainian film "Reflection" directed by Valentin Vasyanovich with 3 stars.

The film is about a Chinese girl named Mona Lisa who is in a sanatorium Psychology is hospitalized. He has supernatural powers and uses his abilities to escape from the sanatorium and intends to live alone and independently in New Orleans. Amirpour has tried with an interesting approach to portray Mona Lisa escaping from the asylum, her treatment of evil people and changing her emotions and feelings in different situations in an empathetic way, but it seems that she has not been very successful in this way.

Excerpts from Mona Lisa and the Bloody Moon

Little White Lies' Sophie Monks Kaufman

  • Overall Comment: Positive

Anna Lily Amirpour is back with a lively and joyful film. Mona Lisa and the Bloody Moon is his most honest film, and unlike the director's previous works, which had a sad world and tone, it is a happy and entertaining film.

Hollywood Reporter Louvia Giarki> Overall Comment: Positive

Mona Lisa and the Bloody Moon has a fun atmosphere, hypnotic music and a very strong cinematography that will satisfy current Anna Lily Amirpour fans and introduce new moviegoers Adds his fans.

The Guardian's Jean Brooks

  • Score: 60 out of 100

Mona Lisa and the Bloody Moon in terms of Conceptually and emotionally, it is like a street food [there is no special meaning in it] that is served with a spicy sauce. The food is not nutritious [the film has little artistic value] but it tastes good and we eat it with craving.

Nicholas Bell of IONCINEMA

  • Score: 40 out of 100

The filmmaker tries to bring the film's poor story to the fore with his favorite soundtracks, but everything stays on the surface and the events of the film are not fun enough to take the audience with them. According to Amirpour, during the making of Mona Lisa and Bloody Moon, he was fascinated by second-rate films (B-movies) and tried to pay homage to the cinema of the 1990s, but his narrative lines do not coincide and the elements of the story are separate. The film intends to talk about the cultural stereotypes, the situation of women and the disorders of the world today, but it does not achieve much success in this regard. September) will continue. Important and interesting films such as "Parallel Mothers" directed by Pedro Almodvar and "Dog Power" by Jane Campion will compete in the main competition for the Golden Lion, along with the expected films such as "Dune" and "Last Night in Soho will also be screened in the out-of-competition section of the 2021 Venice Film Festival to make this year's festival one of the best film events of recent years.

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BingMag.com Mona Lisa and the Bloody Moon fantasy film was not well received by critics (Venice Film Festival 2021)

Source: RottenTomatoes

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