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Minister Gambi; 10 interesting facts from behind the scenes of the popular Netflix series

BingMag.com Minister Gambi; 10 interesting facts from behind the scenes of the popular Netflix series

Netflix in the fall of 2020 released one of its most popular series of the year and one of the largest series of broadcast services to date called Gambi Wazir

This seven-episode mini-series made millions of viewers fall in love with Beth Harmon, played by Anya Taylor, a chess prodigy who makes a name for herself in the competitive world of chess, but on the side. Another story, he has his own personal problems. Long before it hit Netflix and took viewers out of the ordinary world, the series had a special and challenging production process for the makers. Queen's Gambit); An American Dream-Style Santouri

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      There are some fascinating facts about Minister Gambi behind the scenes, some of which date back to the days of Walter Tuys, the author of The Serial Source. Since then (early 80's), many steps have been taken to show this fascinating story to the viewers.

      1. Minister Gambi was originally intended to be Heath Ledger's first directing experience

      BingMag.com Minister Gambi; 10 interesting facts from behind the scenes of the popular Netflix series

      Alan Scott The series' creator has approached the Beth Harmon story several times since Netflix bought the rights to the series in the early 1990s, including in 2007 when he went to the late Heath Ledger to talk to him about making a A cinematic adaptation of the story. Speaking to The Independent in late 2020, Scott revealed that Ledger, who had completed his career as the Dark Knight, was very interested in the project and was immediately drawn to the story.

      In late 2008 The original plan was for Heath Ledger to direct the film and play Elliott Page as Beth. However, these plans were stopped in January of that year, when Ledger died of a drug overdose in an apartment in New York City.

      2. After several unsuccessful attempts to make a cinematic adaptation of The Gambi Wazir, Scott Frank decided to make it into a mini-series.

      He spent his life making a film about the original story, but failed. When he worked on Netflix in 2017, he changed his mind, and the project led him and Alan Scott to abandon the idea of making a film and instead focus on a mini-series.

      In a short documentary about the series, Scott Frank and Alan Scott point out that expanding the scope of a story into a mini-series, unlike a film, gives them more freedom and expands the narrative. There are also more challenges ahead and it is necessary to reach a point where the audience is attracted to Beth Harmon's story for several episodes and follows it.

      3. Anya Taylor Joy was cast as Beth Harmon before the script was completed

      BingMag.com Minister Gambi; 10 interesting facts from behind the scenes of the popular Netflix series

      When the producers started assembling the cast of the Gambi Wazir series, Anya Taylor Joy was cast in the series very soon, even before a screenplay was written, and had to read a copy of the novel to learn more. Use Walter Tuis. Taylor Joey said in an interview that as soon as Scott Frank gave him a copy of the book, he agreed to star in the series. He said he was determined to play Beth Harmon but was forced to refuse to read the book in its entirety so as not to emulate the character.

      4. Bruce Pandolfini, Chess Consultant, 350 designed a hypothetical contest for the series

      Bruce Pandolfini, Chess Consultant, designed hundreds of games and hypothetical scenarios To create the impression that the actors of the series Gambi Wazir are really playing chess during the various competitions and rehearsals of the series. In an interview with Indywire, Pandolfini said that since the original book was written, it has been related to its story (and later became more relevant), noting that by the end of the series, it has produced 350 different hypothetical situations and games for the series. The initial when writing the script, which was 92, is much more than that. To better understand this, Pandolfini explained that when he worked on the series in search of Bobby Fisher, he presented only 100 hypothetical games./strong>

      BingMag.com Minister Gambi; 10 interesting facts from behind the scenes of the popular Netflix series

      During this series, in addition to hypothetical games, the movements and scenarios of competitions History was also used to add more reality to the story. The New York Times, in an article about the series' chess tournament, stated that the game in which Beth Harmon defeats Harry Melling (Harry Baltic) is a match played in Riga, Latvia in 1955, and the last match in The last episode of the series is actually based on a competition in Bill Switzerland in 1993. The rapid chess match between Beth and Benny Watts (Thomas Brody Sangster) is also from the 1858 Paris Open.

      6. Anya Taylor Joy was so tired at the start of filming Gambi Wazir that Beth's character is as tired as she is

      Is. Prior to the production, Taylor Joy had just finished filming a series of Emma and Last Night films in Soho, and her high level of fatigue had a (positive) effect on Beth's character. "My characters are very diverse but emotional, and they all seem incredibly real to me," he said in an interview with Variety. When I wanted to play the character of Beth, I could not draw a line between myself and this character at all. I woke up in the morning with a special feeling, and after a few moments I realized that Beth's character actually felt that way, and I would feel the same way for the next 18 hours. It was great because I was not trying to make sense of it, I was just myself. "I had no executives before to make any effort to play, but Gambi was the minister of such an experience." While working on the other two projects, he was constantly thinking about Beth Harmon.

      7. Anya Taylor Joy and makeup artist and hairdresser Daniel Parker, after reading the script, decided to blush Beth Harmon

      BingMag.com Minister Gambi; 10 interesting facts from behind the scenes of the popular Netflix series

      Anya Taylor Joy said in an interview that she did a lot of chess practice while preparing for the Gambier Wazir series, but learned the brilliant and hard moves of the film's complex matches just minutes before filming the scene. The movements remained fresh in his mind, and Taylor Joey added double excitement to the movements by touching the pieces with special acting tricks. His coach later told him that he had never seen anyone play chess like this and told him to keep doing it and make it part of his character.

      10. Bruce Pandolphini helped Walter Twain write the Gambi novel and even suggested its title. It is not possible. In fact, his connection to The Minister's Gambi series dates back to the beginning of Walter Tovis' 1983 novel. Pandolfini stated in the November 2020 issue of US Chess Magazine that he helped Tuvis complete his novel 40 years ago and inadvertently suggested the title of the book, among other changes. Pandolfini said that after reading the work, he realized that none of his changes had been included in the final version and that only his suggested title was on the cover of the book: Minister Gambi.

      As you can see, the story of Gambi was made. The Minister is as interesting as the story of Beth Harmon's drama. We will soon find out if Taylor Joey can replicate his brilliance in last night's film in Soho. This film is one of the most anticipated films left for release in 2021.

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