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Midnight Ceremony Series; The most important unanswered questions, story holes and confusing elements

BingMag.com Midnight Ceremony Series; The most important unanswered questions, story holes and confusing elements

Mike Flanagan's Netflix miniseries examined many philosophical questions at midnight and left several story lines unanswered. p>

The story of this terrifying seven-part series takes place in a remote fishing community on an island with less than 200 inhabitants. A mysterious new priest comes to the city and strange things happen and the inhabitants consider these events as a miracle of God, so much so that when these hellish conditions disappeared, a large number of people were upset.

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Flanagan and his co-producer, Trevor Macy, have signed a general contract with Netflix following the success of Hill Conquest, and it looks like this investment for this The broadcast giant is profitable. The midnight ceremony creates a contrasting balance with determination, presents a strong narrative with a few sub-elements, and at the same time provides a platform for deep and unrestricted discussion about existence. Flanagan and Macy have consistently produced exciting and stunning work, and this series is probably the best of them.

However, with every mystery in the story, questions are solved and questions remain unanswered. The midnight ceremony resolved most of the issues raised, but there are some interesting twists and turns that require further investigation. But which episodes of the series seem vague?

Was Riley a psychic?

BingMag.com Midnight Ceremony Series; The most important unanswered questions, story holes and confusing elements

Zack Guilford as Riley in Mike Flanagan's Midnight Ceremony is probably the most hated character in the series. However, Riley ended the series with a sacrifice to save humanity. He constantly had dreams and illusions about a girl who had been killed while driving while intoxicated, and he regretted what had happened that fateful night. What happened to him, however, showed something completely different: Riley may have been a psychic.

Riley dreamed that a boat with two different occupants approached him, one dead and one Live. His delusions seemed divine, for he boarded a boat with Erin and then saw the girl he had killed on the other side of the boat. Many strange things happened on the island, which can be attributed to the contamination of the drink used by the inhabitants. However, Riley's delusions began before he returned to the island, which means that his dreams were something else.

Why did it take so long for Sarah to warn people?


Dr. Sarah Gunning, played by Anabit Gish, was perhaps the most disappointing person in terms of personality. Monsignor Parvit apparently disappears just before the seventh Sunday of normal time and then returns in the last week of Easter, a time span of about two months. He had not compared the notes with Erin Green to Kate Siegel, he did not notice what was happening around him. He witnessed blood burning in the sun, the sudden walking of a paralyzed patient, and the sudden disappearance of a 20-week-old fetus from Erin's womb. Add to that the fact that Sarah saw that her old and sick mother was getting younger every day, like Benjamin Button. So why did this good doctor wait so long?

Why did Paul's father give up so easily?

BingMag.com Midnight Ceremony Series; The most important unanswered questions, story holes and confusing elements

Paul's father started the series as a lively and persuasive man with a strong conviction, always playing Linklater. However, he appeared to have given up after returning to life after being shot in the head. The church that Paul's father built had become a place of bloody and mass ceremonies and events.

Paul's father was the man who caused all this to happen. He could have opened the chest of the vampire angel and killed him many times, but instead, the priest wanted to destroy all the people of the island in the name of faith. Was he so arrogant that he did not realize that creating dozens of hungry bloodthirsty people would backfire? Did Mildred shooting him in the head cause such a change in him? Nevertheless, Father Paul, seeing the catastrophe of the church, must understand that the whole world is in danger. Surrendering to the massacre on the island was a surprising and strange move by a priest who used to help everyone.

What happened to the angel?

BingMag.com Midnight Ceremony Series; The most important unanswered questions, story holes and confusing elements

When the midnight monster came to Erin to feed him Slowly, Erin cleverly used her last moments to break the creature's wings and disrupt her ability to fly. This bloodthirsty creature did not seem to notice the damage, which in itself is suspicious. But what happened after that?

Warren and Lisa (Anara Simon) last saw the creature flying to the mainland before sunrise, trying to find shelter. . The damage to his wings meant that the angel could not survive, but his vascular abilities could heal those wounds in time. Eventually, the angel's fate remained unclear. However, if a sequel to the Midnight Ceremony series is released, the answer will be clear.

Source: Screenrant

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