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8 memorable dolls created by Iraj Tahmasb

BingMag.com 8 <b>memorable</b> <b>dolls</b> <b>created</b> by <b>Iraj</b> Tahmasb

Iraj Tahmasb is a capable and professional programmer. He has shown well that whenever he makes a program, he can make it popular. When we look at the volume of unsuccessful TV and home show programs, we just realize how difficult it is to build a popular and successful program.

Forgive the dolls, and that doubles your hard work. Working with dolls has its own difficulties and not everyone can succeed in such programs. We have had many unsuccessful examples of puppet shows on television over the years.

A well-represented doll. He attaches great importance to the quality of the work and the final result of his work, does not program in any way, does not copy, and values the audience of his work. It is precisely because of these characteristics that his work is liked and admired by the viewers.

Tahmasb's comfortable and intimate conversation with the puppets has become an integral part of his work. He sits in front of the puppets and talks to them warmly, giving the puppet an independent personality and identity for the puppets. Also, the precision in making the dolls, the attractive voice acting and the writing of sarcastic texts add to the attractiveness of the dolls. The popularity of these dolls among the general public has been so great that in a short time the tone of speech and the words of the dolls have become popular among the people.

Iraj Tahmasb to He has now created many puppet characters and has been able to keep many of them in people's minds. By reviewing the programs directed by Tahmasb, we find a trace of many popular dolls. Let's take a look at the popular and enduring dolls created by Tahmaseb to better understand the popularity and permanence of these puppet characters.

1. Red Hat

BingMag.com 8 <b>memorable</b> <b>dolls</b> <b>created</b> by <b>Iraj</b> Tahmasb

  • Voice actor: Hamid Jebli
  • Puppet director: Donya Fanizadeh

Few people before the movie "Red Hat and Cousin" He imagined that this puppet character would become so popular among the people. In the 1970s, when television programs were still ideologically dry, the presence of a witty character on the big screen was very popular.

A red hat in the form of a playful puppet He wanted to televise himself from the lower parts of the city, and his efforts to achieve his goal were to the liking of many people. Contrary to popular belief at the time, Red Hat had a playful, mischievous, and witty personality at the time when he wanted everyone to be dry, formal, and ironed.

Red Hat was not a schoolboy, he was expelled from school, and he was looking for success in other things. Sometimes he was not a talkative child, he sabotaged and answered the elders, and these were exactly the characteristics that made the red hat lovable.

Head to head, bold And the sweet tongues of the red hat were what the kids of the sixties needed, and they saw all these qualities in the red hat. The puppet mispronounced the words and spat at the host, making a strange noise. All of these traits have made the Red Hat character so popular. From teenagers in their fifties to children in their sixties and seventies, everyone remembers with a red hat, and this doll has become part of the sweet memories of their lives.

2. Cousin

BingMag.com 8 <b>memorable</b> <b>dolls</b> <b>created</b> by <b>Iraj</b> Tahmasb

  • Voice actor: Hamid Jebli
  • Puppet director: Marzieh Mahboob

This sweet and charming doll was no less popular than the red hat. A serious, gentle, and self-sacrificing puppet who was very convincing and self-sacrificing, and with his work he seemed to represent the working class. The cousin forgave him unceasingly and did not expect anything in return for his good deeds.

The cousin's cold and serious tone had become part of his identity as he spoke. It was as if he had nothing to do but do good and help others. This kind of simplicity and goodness was very lovable to the people. The cousin usually did not want anything for himself and all his goals were to help others.

Putting the cousin next to the red hat is one of the interesting parts of Tahmaseb's work. . Two dolls with opposite features that are considered as a kind of opposite to each other. Unlike the red hat that He was a talkative, playful, and willing puppet, his cousin a hardworking, quiet, and self-sacrificing personality, and he was willing to throw himself into fire and water for others. No matter how childish and playful the red hat was, the cousin was calm and down-to-earth, not childish.

They liked red. Whatever it was, the combination of these two dolls together creates a collection of funny and spectacular events that everyone enjoys seeing.

3. Distant family

BingMag.com 8 <b>memorable</b> <b>dolls</b> <b>created</b> by <b>Iraj</b> Tahmasb

  • Voice actor: Bahador Maliki
  • Puppet director: Mohammad Loghmanian

After the immense success and popularity of Red Riding Hood and his cousin, Iraj Tahmasb decided He added a few more puppets to make a TV show again after a few years. That is why Tahmaseb and his dolls came to people's houses during Nowruz and made the Eid holiday more attractive.

"He earned a lot, he was a distant relative." He was older than the other dolls, had a wife and children, and had a funny face with his model and mustache. The distant family, with that age, wife and children, the child inside was very active and was no less mischievous than the other dolls.

A distant family called He was far away, he misunderstood things, and sometimes his actions were contrary to reason and logic. Some of the behaviors and short sentences of the distant family, such as his jokes with the door and its belongings, had flourished among the people. Talking to a distant family with his wife under a blanket or doing some stupid things that seemed very wise to him was another subtlety in the character's success. Bahador Maliki's artistic voice acting also played a large role in the popularity of this puppet character. The popularity of the distant family increased to such an extent that in 1392 a political campaign was formed to invite him to the presidential election!

4. Liver

BingMag.com 8 <b>memorable</b> <b>dolls</b> <b>created</b> by <b>Iraj</b> Tahmasb

  • Voice actor: Kazem Siyahi
  • Puppet director: Isa Yousefipour

How can a donkey doll be placed among the people and Popular? It's definitely hard work, but Tahmasb and Jebli also had a solution for this puppet character. The liver was a dumb doll that considered itself more of a horse than a donkey. He was very sensitive to the name of the donkey and introduced himself three times as soon as he heard it.

It had also become part of his identity card. Another attraction of this puppet character is his singing and telling jokes. He described his jokes in such a way that only he would laugh out loud when he finished. Kazem Siyahi's voice acting also helped to make Jiger's character funny. The kind of tourist voice sat well on this puppet character and made it attractive.


BingMag.com 8 <b>memorable</b> <b>dolls</b> <b>created</b> by <b>Iraj</b> Tahmasb

  • :
  • Puppet director: Banafsheh Samadi

It is said that designing and adding a character to the red hat collection was Tahmasb's idea . The interesting thing is that after making the doll, everyone thought that Tahmaseb was looking for a thin and delicate sound for the puppet sound, but after various tests, Tahmaseb considered Mohammad Bahrani's voice suitable for this doll.

Interesting contrast between face and voice is one of the features of this doll. Some had other capabilities besides sound. He was fluent in English and spoke English well. Some English speaking with that kind of sound became one of the sweet moments of the program.

Language treated them. This kind of work had made some kind of sweet and lovable character, and very soon this doll was able to establish itself among the people.

6. Aqavi Hamsadeh

BingMag.com 8 <b>memorable</b> <b>dolls</b> <b>created</b> by <b>Iraj</b> Tahmasb

  • Voice actor: Mohammad Bahrani
  • Puppet director: Shima Bakhshandeh

And being seen was as successful as the other dolls. Mr. Hamsadeh was a kind-hearted and kind Shirazi who seemed to have been created for tragedy and tragedy.

Here, too, Mohammad Bahrani's art increased the popularity of this character. It became a doll. Prior to the recording, Bahrani tried to improvise the memoirs in order to maintain a sense of humor and freshness, and that is why his laughter was real when reciting the memoirs.

7. Mosquito

BingMag.com 8 <b>memorable</b> <b>dolls</b> <b>created</b> by <b>Iraj</b> Tahmasb

  • Voice actor: Kazem Siyahi

Few people thought that after Iraj Tahmasb left television and separated from Hamid Jeblai, he would get a guest program so quickly and become popular. Contrary to popular belief, a guest on Nowruz 1401 became one of the most watched programs on the home theater network, and parts of the program went viral on social networks.

Tahmasb He distanced himself from television, from conservatism, and produced his programs more boldly. One example of this audacity is the design of a mosquito doll. The mosquito craves biting and eating the blood of others at the party and adds to the humor of his character by saying ambiguous terms.

It does not matter to the mosquito who its prey is And he plans to hit her in any way he can. Mosquitoes have good scientific knowledge and are sociable insects, but it is a pity that in the face of humans, they can not restrain themselves much and only think of hitting the other side.

Sex Mosquito dialogues are written in a way that is close to sexual jokes, and the first thing that comes to the listener's mind when he hears them is the same kind of street jokes. The reason for the attractiveness of this character is also because of his reckless talking and duplicity of speech. Let's face it, here too, Kazem Siyahi has done a good job of sounding mosquitoes so that we can once again witness the creation of a popular puppet character.

8. Baby

BingMag.com 8 <b>memorable</b> <b>dolls</b> <b>created</b> by <b>Iraj</b> Tahmasb

  • Voice actor: Hutton Patience
  • Puppet director: Peyman Fatemi

We have said little about the sweetness and charm of this puppet character. Designing such a doll is the culmination of Tahmaseb's genius and intelligence. Among all the TV series, this child was the one who took over social networks on Nowruz and his videos were often shared on Instagram.

Child, a working child She is sweet and lovely and does not have much to do with her manners due to her life situation. The child speaks without compliments and very frankly, and in general he is a bad-mouthed child. This puppet character says whatever comes out of his mouth when he is angry, and he must be stopped by force.

Despite the child's awkwardness in dealing with others, he He behaves very magnificently and has a handful. The heart is kind and becomes friends with others very quickly. The baby has become one of the most lovable puppet characters with its cute and sweet gifts. Houtan Shakiba's performance in puppetry and Peyman Fatemi puppetry, which have made the child more attractive, should not be overlooked.

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