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Matrix Doomsday movie reviews and ratings; Forced return to the world of zeros and ones

BingMag.com <b>Matrix</b> <b>Doomsday</b> <b>movie</b> <b>reviews</b> and <b>ratings;</b> <b>Forced</b> <b>return</b> to the <b>world</b> of <b>zeros</b> and ones

After 18 years of waiting to see the re-confrontation of humans and machines, finally the fourth part of the Matrix movie series called The Resurrection of the Matrix, December 22, 2020 (1 D 1400), reached cinemas around the world and at the same time was shown on the streaming service HBV Max and became available to all moviegoers online.

Wachowski sisters (formerly Wachowski brothers After the release of the third installment of the popular film series The Matrix Revolutions in 2003, they ruled out the possibility of making a fourth installment of the series, believing that they had shown everything they needed to do in the previous three films, but As soon as the third part was released, there were always rumors about making the fourth part of this series, and the production company, which had made various offers to the Wachowskis but had been rejected each time, intended to hire another writer to fulfill this long-held dream. Self-fulfillment but realization This event was delayed until 2019.

Finally, in 2019, the production of the next part of the Matrix series was approved, and this time Lana Wachowski started directing this part without her sister and with the help of other people as writers. . Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann Moss reappeared as Neo and Trinity, but the Corona pandemic delayed filming and feared the project would be abandoned, but at the urging of actors and others, filming finally took place in November 2020. In this film, as we have seen before in the trailers and news of this part, some of the main characters of the film series are back, but this time with the role of other actors, such as Yahya Abdolmatin. 2 as Morpheus and Jonathan Gerfa as Agent Smith. It is positive and out of 53 reviews on Metacritic website in two days, it received 31 positive reviews, 18 midpoints and 4 negative reviews from critics. On the other hand, the audience score is decreasing day by day, from a score of nearly 7 out of 10 on the first day to a score of 6 at the end of the second day on the IMDb website. Raton Tomitoz's total reviews are similar to Metacritic's, and the film was able to get a score of 66 out of 100.

Whether the fourth installment of this popular and transformative franchise has been able to stay true to the main components of the series or not?

Score: 91 out of 100

Maybe it's time or luckily that "Spider-Man: There's No Way Home" should be the biggest and only movie in the world that "The Resurrection of the Matrix" is screened, it is present. Both films have huge budgets and several episodes have been made for both series that have nourished our collective memory. One is like poison and the other is like antidote. One popular proof is the claim that even the greatest stories can tear our imagination apart. Another is a very honest and amusing reminder that we can only get rid of the stories that have made our lives smaller by seeing them through the lens of zero and one that has kept them going. We versus them, the truth versus the permissible. "Matrix Resurrections" is one of the few blockbusters that asks what else there is to say. This is one of the most daring and clearly one of the most humane sequels to the movie series since "Last Separation" for the Star Wars franchise.

This movie is only appealing to fans who are eager to see Rabbit Hole How far does he want to go? Someone who is looking for something more than the Matrix is not only unlucky, but also exposed to an experience that plays with their expectations for more than 2 hours, without fulfilling even one of them.

Matrix tell us about the real world in the new millennium? Where does the basic premise of "shared reality" no longer seem right? These are questions that the Resurrection of the Matrix will more or less answer, but the real beauty and excitement of this film is how it forces its audience to ask themselves these questions.

On the other hand, this is the film. It is not a continuation of the previous story, but a vision of the future that has been formed for us over the past two decades. The Resurrection of the Matrix is a film that bridges the gap between truth and legitimacy, past and future, and choice and illusion. The film, on the other hand, focuses on the love between Neo and Trinity to show with devastating sincerity how love is the best weapon we can have; In a world full of war and conflict, we are all caught in a vicious circle.

The Hollywood Reporter - John DeFor

Score: 70 out of 100 If you loved the first part of The Matrix and hated the other two parts, or maybe the previous two parts could not satisfy you, you better watch this movie and enjoy it.

If you You are one of those people who believe that the previous two episodes are examples of mental mythology that have been neglected, maybe the resurrection of the Matrix of your heart will break. While the film does not pretend that those great events did not happen in previous episodes, it does not see the need to blow the minds of viewers with new ideas and technical innovations. This movie is more of the kind of movies that Hollywood wants the most; Films that enrich the need for the film industry to constantly return to our familiar stories. We are the world. He is a successful gamer whose greatest achievement is a trilogy called The Matrix. Part of Thomas Anderson's existence is that these games are in fact stories he has lived through, but he has allowed those around him to convince him that he is mentally ill, but a tempting offer from his current partner has burdened him. It no longer leads to building a sequel to The Matrix.

But gradually, with a bit of nostalgia, we return to the real world with Neo. Where the survivors of the previous war between humans and machines have learned how to deal with those who once quarreled. However, humans are still stuck at very low levels on Earth. On the other hand, Carrie Ann Moss, who had a colorful presence in the movie poster, is also here, but it seems that she has also been programmed again and has become a mother with two children named Tiffany, and Neo is trying to convince her that life Recalled that they had been partners before. From now on, saving Trinity becomes the only goal of the film and causes us to stop chasing the key makers, fortune tellers, and architects of the Matrix world who have stalled the previous two episodes. Along the way, the puzzle pieces arranged by Lana Wachowski and the authors redraw some of the main three characters, but this time it seems that they have only succeeded on paper and have not been able to form the content they want. On the other hand, the action movie is lovely all over, even if you have seen them all before, but it is not as attractive as the Smith agent who appeared in the body of others. Bolt Time has been added to the film more and more, but not for its cinematic excitement but to make the neo-fat gain. And tried desperately to believe that they were good, I'm still eager to watch this episode a second time.

BingMag.com <b>Matrix</b> <b>Doomsday</b> <b>movie</b> <b>reviews</b> and <b>ratings;</b> <b>Forced</b> <b>return</b> to the <b>world</b> of <b>zeros</b> and ones

Variety - Peter DeBrooj

Score: 60 out of 100

For years, Warner Bros. Studios dreamed of making another installment of the Matrix franchise. But the Wachsuki sisters, who are the architects of this classic cyberpunk film, which was mostly about how the rules were to be bent and resisted, resisted the pressure and insisted that they had said everything in the previous three films. Let's not forget that at the end of the third film, Neo sacrificed himself, Trinity died, and humans were rescued from virtual shackles, and this is where the hope for the continuation of the story comes to a standstill. But Matrix Resurrections, which is more like an add-on package for the franchise rather than an update, comes into play and rewrites the Deja Vu concept not as a bug but as a feature of the brand.

New is an interesting work, but like the previous two episodes, it does not seem as eager to achieve its goal. While the previous two films tried to break the sound barriers of our minds, with those Bolt-time sequences, the highway sequence and the final battle of Neo, this film completely abandons innovation. Instead, it relies more on the familiar elements of the franchise and gives us additional information from within the emotional world that has always been lacking. In general, Lana Waschuki does not add much to the franchise, but on the other hand she is careful not to make things worse.

By reviving the main characters like Neo and Trinity and some other characters like Agent Smith And this time, Morpheus, along with other actors, the Resurrection, once again depicts his latest iteration of the simulation hypothesis, a hypothesis that Ilan Musk put to life, stating that video game technology will evolve to the point where you may in the future Live them.

When it comes to film space, there is no mention of the film's phosphorescent glow inspired by old monitors. Of course, at the beginning of the film, signs of these symbols are seen in green, and the survivors are looking for signs of neo and Trinity on these obsolete screens. But compared to the black real world that is protected from robot attacks in The Matrix Revolutions, the real world is more colorful and detailed, but the great irony of the Matrix resurrections is that they are once the product of being a pioneer. It was charming, it's worth it today for its nostalgia. But this work, far from that radical atmosphere, is caught up in a justification for its existence today, rather than finding a way to take fans to the next level.

Screen Daily - Tim Grierson

Score: 40 out of 100

18 years after the Matrix Revolutions, Lana and Chusky are back in the rabbit hole only to find themselves lost in a sequel that is devoid of the imaginative mindset and routine of previous films. They had turned the franchise into a founder of transformation. The film again finds Neo in a delegation that leads a rebellion against the machines that have crucified humans. But the film's self-consciousness, which reflects a reflection of previous sequels, only gives us the feeling that the film is just like a recycling. Despite the presence of stars such as Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann Moss in this episode and their reunion, this film is more reminiscent of those long, non-focused sequels that, like this new episode, only tarnish the reputation of the first film./p>

Resurrection spends most of its 150-minute time devoting itself to architecture, rather than looking for the film's formerly confused puzzles. If the original 1999 film had balanced its extraordinary showing with philosophy and questioned the nature of truth and authority, its sequels, Reloads and Revolutions, were a waste of their time and further expanded this dark and dull world. While they were unaware of the spark of the original idea of the first film. Unfortunately, The Resurrection of the Matrix has taken the same path, and most of the time it has not been able to get the breathtaking and beautiful action scenes out of the water, which are really the turning point of this franchise. Even part of the theme of the film is the reference to information from the past to the present, and we see flashbacks from the previous trilogy that reflect the events of today, but nevertheless this trick does not help the story much, and it is more of a reminder that How original and new these events were in the Wachsukian world.

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