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Marvel shows why the Avengers do not trust Shanghai

Iron Man and the Avengers recently proved in Marvel Comics that they do not trust Shanghai. In Shanghai Comics No. 5, Tony Stark secretly hires Red Dot and his crew to do a trick and sell the stolen Iron Man armor to Shanghai. Then, after several incidents, he tells the Avengers that they can not trust Shanghai or the Five Arms Association.

Warning: In this Text, Story of Episode 5 Shanghai Comics Leaked in Marvel

In the current Marvel Comics sequel, Shanghai is trying to get the Five Weapons Association To rebuild and turn this evil organization into a good group like before. Shanghai's father previously ran the Five Weapons Association, and the hero is eager to prove he can turn it into a better group.

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throughout the series, He fights with the heroes, but he has a good reason for doing so, because he tries to protect the cosmic cube from falling into the wrong hands, and he also wants to free his mother from the negative zone (after penetrating the Wonderful Four Lab). Shang Chi then tries to stop the sale of one of Iron Man's armor, but is unaware that all of this has been set by the Avengers.

Produced by Triona Farrell and Travis Lanham, Shanghai welcomes Red Dot Group's offer to sell Iron Man armor to the Five Weapons Association. Shanghai then escapes after stealing the armor (baiting the armor). Tony Stark comes on the scene and wonders why the Shanghai Authority is trying to buy his armor through underground arms dealers. Shanghai then tells Tony after an epic battle with Iron Man that they did not intend to steal the armor, but wanted to return it to Iron Man.

BingMag.com Marvel shows why the Avengers do not trust Shanghai

Iron Man kneels down and asks Shanghai to accept his apology, which Shanghai does. However, when Iron Man returns to the Avengers, it is revealed that he had hired Red Dot to trick and deceive Shangchi, believing that Shang Chi was lying about the theft and pointing to the lost cosmic cube of clothing. Iron Man concludes that the Shanghai Five Weapons Association has stolen the cosmic cube and moved it to other continents. The Avengers are not wrong about the stealing of the cosmic cube by the Five Arms Association. However, Shang Chi is not to blame. Previous cases have shown that Saber's brother, a Shanghai ally in the Five Arms Association, stole the cosmic cube to free Lady Iron Fan after his arrest. Shanguchi told the truth and said he had not stolen anything, but Saber's brother's actions made him look like a liar. Without his knowledge, the avengers distrusted him. However, the Avengers' distrust of Shanghai is misplaced. He has always been by their side. In fact, Shanghai has only one traitor in its ranks.

Source: screenrant

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