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Marvel's new superhero thrives at the box office (Box Office of the Week)

BingMag.com Marvel's new superhero thrives at the box office (Box Office of the Week)

The movie "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" in its first week of release with sales beyond Expected to be at the top of the box office charts. They liked Marvel Studios more than expected, and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings sold $ 71.4 million in its first three days of release, surpassing Marvel's other superhero film, ahead of Fast and Furious 9. Second on the list of the best openings in North America during the coronavirus world.

  • Shanghai and the Legend of the Ten Rings; Everything we know about Marvel's new superhero movie

The Mojo box office announced the international sales of Shang-chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings last weekend at $ 56.2 million, bringing the film's total revenue to Worldwide, it reached $ 127.6 million. To date, a score of 71 out of 100 has been recorded for Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings in Metacritic based on 49 reviews. Thirty critics have taken a positive view of the film, and only two critics have rated Shang Chi's adventures poorly. At Ratnatomitose, the film received a score of 92 out of 100 based on 243 reviews. Chi is based on Marvel familiar meters and criteria, but in a few minutes it will be its own film. Daniel Carton's new handiwork is very different and better than previous superhero films. "The film provides many avenues for continuing and making new versions, following the principles of the Marvel superheroes, but with all these interpretations, it has its own magic and characters." In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), it was written by David Callaham and stars Simo Liu as Shang Chi, Tony Liang as Mandarin and Aquafina for an unspecified role. The Shang-Chi Adventures is not the first major corporate effort to make a superhero movie or TV show based on martial arts in recent years. The series did not achieve much success due to many problems, including weak and incomplete struggles, storytelling, and even overly positive heroism and clichd narration, but Marvel Studios believes that relying on its successful experiences in the world of superhero films is interesting. It has given attention to cinema lovers. This genre of struggles and the story of the salvation of Eastern heroes has always been very popular around the world. $ 5 million from the box office has settled for second place in the table. During its 10 days in the international market, Candyman sold $ 10.9 million, and Mojo's box office reported total revenue of $ 50 million worldwide, slightly lower than expected. Jordan Peel, co-director of "Go Out" and "Anne" with Wayne Rosenfeld and Nia Duxta, has written the new Kennedy script directed by Nia Daxte, starring Yahya Abdel-Matthew II, Theona Press, Nathan Stewart-Dumart and Jarrett. .

BingMag.com Marvel's new superhero thrives at the box office (Box Office of the Week)

so far in Metacritic Ratnatomitosis and IMDb scored 72 out of 100, 85 out of 100 and 64 out of 100, respectively. Variety critic Owen Gliberman wrote in part of his note for Candyman: "The new Candyman refers to the original film's plot as a fantasy and mischievous puppet show to tell his audience that Doxta's work is a real work, while the previous film , Has been a legend. "There are more traces of Candiedman 2021 drama than the events of Essler, and in addition, the filmmaker has well addressed a number of social concerns."

3,885 theaters sold $ 8.7 million in the United States, ranking third at the box office this week. The Mojo box office has announced the film's international gross of $ 147.4 million to date, bringing the total sales of Walt Disney's new work to $ 239 million after 24 days of release.

There is a real world inside a video game. In the Free City video game, Guy (played by Ryan Reynolds) is a happy, loving young man who leads a normal, healthy life. He drinks coffee in the morning, is a bank teller, and walks with his best in town. But one day, while passing by Molotov's daughter (played by Judy Kamer), he falls in love with her at first sight, and this is the beginning of the exciting events of the story, and suddenly Guy begins to rewrite his character plan and becomes a rebellious and rebellious man in the game.

For IMDb, Ratnatomitosis and Metacritic scored 77 out of 100, 82 out of 100 and 62 out of 100, respectively, indicating that we are dealing with a typical action-comedy film, probably due to its cheerful atmosphere. And the state of the world in recent months has been well received by moviegoers at the box office. , Has taken the fourth place in the table. The high popularity of the characters in this animation among teenagers and the lack of other interesting animations in American cinemas are the most important reasons for the success of the box office. The Mojo box office also announced the animated box office revenue of $ 50.3 million after 17 days, bringing the total sales of "Claw Patrol: Movie" to $ 80.6 million worldwide.

Jungle Cruise starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt sold $ 3.9 million in its sixth week of release, settling for fifth place in the chart. With a budget of $ 200 million to date, the blockbuster film has grossed $ 100.5 million and $ 86.9 million, respectively, at the US box office and international markets, and has yet to recoup, according to the figures!

The Jungle Tour is based on the charms of Disney Parks. In this film, Dwayne Johnson plays the captain of a boat named Frank. The story of a jungle explorer is that Frank, along with Lily and his brother McGregor, are on a mission to find a magical tree that has healing powers. But this is not an easy task, and in this way they have to fight with the wild animals and their German rivals. It has been recorded to show that the general public, critics and film lovers alike, have a moderate view of exploring the forest. Alternate Ending critic Tim Brighton wrote in a note to the film: "Jungle Touring does not talk about significant concepts, but many parts of the first half are fun and entertaining." In another critique of The Journey in the Jungle, Al-Iskander of The Patriot Ledger described the film as "nonsense that has been surprisingly wasted little time." This movie with Johnson and Blunt is exactly what the viewer expects. "

BingMag.com Marvel's new superhero thrives at the box office (Box Office of the Week)

" Don't Breathe 2 "in the fourth week of its release is one step down from last week and is in the sixth place in the box office. The horror film was released last week in 2,176 theaters in the United States and sold $ 2.2 million to bring its total worldwide revenue to $ 40.7 million.

It takes place seven years after the first film, and now the old man is holding a young orphan girl who has survived a house fire. They live a quiet life together until a few young criminals kidnap the girl. Now the blind man has to go to the kidnappers' house to save his adopted daughter, and this is the beginning of the exciting events of the story. The film is directed by Rodo Siges. In the previous film, Siges co-wrote the screenplay with Fed Alvarez, and now, in his first directing experience, he has taken the helm of the second version of Breathless.

48 out of 100 and 51 out of 100 were recorded for this film, which shows that the critics do not consider Nafs 2 to be a weaker effect compared to the first film. "Despite all the scary opera and often fruitless moments of the second half of the film, Don't Breathe 2 is not as compelling as the first film," veteran Variety critic Owen Gliberman wrote in a note to the film. "Although Breathless 2 is overall satisfying, there is no sign of genius or innovation in it." The top 10 best-selling films in the United States remained, grossing $ 1.2 million over the past weekend, ranking seventh at the box office. Directed by Liesel Tommy and written by Tracy Scott Wilson, the film is based on the life of American singer Arta Franklin and stars Jennifer Hudson (lead role), Forrest Whitaker, Marlon Vianz, Karen Clark Shred, Audra Mac. Donald, Mark Maroon, Titus Berges, Saikon Sangbloo and Haley Kilgore were mentioned. Franklin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2010 and eventually died in 2017. In addition to the arts, he has been active in the civil rights movement. In both ratatomenitosis and metacritic databases, a score of 63 out of 100 was recorded for this film based on 104 and 34 reviews, respectively. In the meantime, however, some critics have found the treatment of music to be interesting, citing Jonathan W. Hickman as an example: "Respect respects music. "Every single performance is unique and engaging, and it breathes life into the solid melodrama story of the film." Many moviegoers and analysts expected the film to sell more than $ 120 million in its first month in the US, but the new DC movie sold just $ 54.4 million in the past 31 days, grossing $ 108 million at the box office. Suicide has sold just $ 162.5 million worldwide after 31 days of release. For the 2021 Suicide Squad, IMDb, Metacritic and Ratnatomitosis have been rated 76 out of 100, 74 out of 100 and 91 out of 100, respectively. "The new Suicide Squad is better than the previous version in every way," Telegraph critic Robbie Colin wrote in a note to the film. "If you are unhappy watching the 2016 selection squad, it is not bad to know that the new film has a colorful and dazzling world, and at the same time it is cruel, which has emotionally significant points in it." The official story of the Suicide Squad is as follows: "Criminals from the DC world join a secret special group in prison to prepare for their new mission, but they have to go through difficult trials to begin their work"

BingMag.com Marvel's new superhero thrives at the box office (Box Office of the Week)

"The Black Widow" starring Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pew is back in the bestseller list America is back. The superhero film sold $ 748,000 in 750 theaters in the United States last week, ranking ninth. The story of the Black Widow takes place between the events of "Captain America: Civil War" and "The Avengers: Eternal War". Following the events of "Captain America: Civil War", Natasha Romanov is left alone and persecuted by the government for disobeying the Sukovia Agreement and helping Steve Rogers, and goes to Budapest, where new things await her. Also in the form of a flashback, new facts about his Russian origins and his military training are shown at the Red Room base. Has announced $ 182 and $ 186.9 million. In addition to being shown in theaters, the film is now available on the Disney Plus online service, and if it were not, the sale of the Black Widow would probably have crossed the $ 500 million mark in eight weeks.

Metacritic and IMDb scored 81 out of 100, 67 out of 100 and 69 out of 100, respectively, for the recent Black Widow Adventures, which show that we are facing an acceptable superhero effect. "I'm happy to make a special film for the Black Widow; Because this character, played by Scarlett Johansson, deserves an independent film. "Along with its strengths, including the good acting of Florence Pew, the film also suffers from weaknesses." Piotrowski dropped one place from last week to $ 552,000, making him the tenth best-selling American film of all time. 100, 68 out of 100 and 86 out of 100 have been recorded, which shows that we are on the side of a remarkable horror film. "Night House takes ghost stereotyping to the next level and, in a fascinating and surprising way, confronts the genre stereotypes," said Derek Smith, a critic for Slane Magazine. Movie Name Week Screening Weekend Sales General Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 1 71.4 71.4 Candyman
Candyman 2 10.5 39 Free Men
Free Guy 4 8.7 91.8 Paw Patrol: Movie
PAW Patrol: The Movie 3 4 30.3 Jungle Cruise
Jungle Cruise 6 3.9 105.6 Do not breathe 2
Don't Breathe 2 4 2.2 27.9 Commemoration
Respect 4 1.2 21.9 The Suicide Squad
The Suicide Squad 5 0.9 54.4 Black Widow
Black Widow 9 0.7 182.5 The Night House
The Night House 3 0.5 6.2

* Sales figure is based on millions of dollars.

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

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