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9 Marvel movie actors who must return in the form of new characters

BingMag.com 9 Marvel movie actors who must return in the form of new characters

One of the most interesting features of Marvel's cinematic world is its cast. Some actors have appeared unexpectedly in this franchise, and these films also feel loyal to their actors.

Actors like William Hurt or Tim Roth can disappear for years and suddenly return to a prominent place in Marvel cinema. Appear. However, even with this trend and style, there are still some prominent actors in the franchise who are not in the series due to the death of their characters or other factors, and it seems that they will not return to this epic any time soon.

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But thanks to Michelle Yue and Jama Chan, who previously appeared in Marvel Cinemas and now play new roles in Shanghai and The Legend of the Ten Rings and the Immortals, It turns out that the actors in this franchise are not limited to just one role, and there are all kinds of possibilities for certain actors to come back and play roles in new episodes of this vast epic of Marvel's cinematic world. With that in mind, it's time to take a look at the nine actors who have already appeared in Marvel's cinematic world. These people have to follow in the footsteps of Michelle Yue and Jama Chan and reappear in a new role in this cinematic world.

9. Ralph Inson

BingMag.com 9 Marvel movie actors who must return in the form of new characters

Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket Raccoon leads Drax and Groot to free Peter Coel and Gamora from the clutches of Yundo and other looters, and in the midst of this, viewers are amazed at Ralph Inson's spectacular performance as one of the looters' pilots. He has two lines of dialogue in this film and his time is very short, and none of the producers of Guardians of the Galaxy could have imagined that he is dealing with an actor who, due to his brilliant acting in independent works such as The Wizard and the Green Knight, It becomes famous. With his charming voice and exciting acting, Inson deserves another prominent presence in the Marvel movie world. He can play a normal role in this franchise, but we hope that wherever he goes, he will be allowed to maintain his natural outstanding voice.

8. Glenn Close

BingMag.com 9 Marvel movie actors who must return in the form of new characters

Glenn Close in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy appeared as Nova Prime, one of the main options for more presence in this franchise. After all, Marvel's cinematic world is now moving steadily toward the cosmic background, and there will certainly be more opportunities for Nova Prime to return with Glenn Close. However, in the years since the original Guardians movie, Close has not been seen in the series even once. It was even announced that he would appear in a scene from Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but this was not the case. If Nova Prime is not going to return to this franchise, then it would be better for the makers to bring Klose back as another character.

He first appeared in a cosmic film in Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this time he can Play as a new character in one of the ground adventures such as Blade or Captain America's next adventure. In any case, it does not matter where he appears, but it is time to use the full potential of Close, in one of the most important and fixed roles in Marvel's cinematic world.

7. Michael Stalberg

BingMag.com 9 Marvel movie actors who must return in the form of new characters

Michael Stalberg with his game In various films, such as A Serious Man and Call Me by Your Name, he has impressed ordinary viewers and film critics. Stolberg's only outstanding and good performance in Marvel's cinematic world was in the supporting role of Nicodemus West. In Dr. Strange, he was the rival surgeon of this great wizard, but his character was left out. This role is too small for an actor like Stalberg. It's time to give this man another chance in the Marvel movie world, and Stolberg is so versatile and versatile that he can handle any role. If the builders needed a guide, a villain, a comic or any other role model, Stolberg could live in that role. Anyone who has seen a movie like Shirley knows that Stalberg deserves something better than a one-time role in Dr. Strange.

6. Donald Glover

BingMag.com 9 Marvel movie actors who must return in the form of new characters

Many speculations about Donald's choice Glover as Spider-Man appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man, which was so intense that it led to the creation of Miles Morales' character in the comics, and Glover, in a thought-provoking response, played a short role in Spider-Man: Homecoming and He appeared in the form of Aaron Davis. Glover proved his charm in two scenes in the film, and even hinted at the character's nephew, Miles Morales.

And perhaps he could appear as another version of Davis, the Proverb in later works. To date, Glover has not acted in any of Marvel's other cinematic works. If there are no plans for him to reprise his role as Davis, then it is not bad for the makers to use Glover in another role in this franchise. This versatile actor can play any role (superhero, comic, superhero, etc.) and it is surprising that this talent was only a small part of the movie Homecoming.

5. Jeff Bridges

BingMag.com 9 Marvel movie actors who must return in the form of new characters

Jeff Bridges in the first movie Iron Man portrays Obadiah Stein, and the acclaimed actor, among his countless other accomplishments, can claim to be the first negative character among the thousands of villains in Marvel's cinematic world. Bridges played an interesting role as Stein, but the very obvious death of the character at the end of Iron Man shows that he will not return any time soon, as this would change the multiverse equations. However, this should not prevent Bridges from appearing in another role in Marvel's cinematic world.

Since the first Iron Man film, many things have changed, and several vast new spaces into this realm and fictional world. (Such as the farthest points of space or other dimensions) have been added. These realms could provide untold opportunities for Bridges to return to Marvel in the form of completely different and new characters. He was one of the key members who really connected the elements of Iron Man at the beginning of Marvel's cinematic world, and it 's time for Bridges to reappear in the series.

4. Sterling Key Brown

BingMag.com 9 Marvel movie actors who must return in the form of new characters

This American actor, He began to shine in American crime fiction films: People vs. Jay Simpson and This Is Us, and took his career to the next level by playing the role of Injubo in Black Panther. In a small but important role as Kilmanger's late father, Brown made the most of his time, but his certain death ensures that Injubo will not return to the series any time soon. Brown's presence in the Wakanda epic may be over, but that doesn't mean his own presence in Marvel's cinematic world should end. Surely there is a place for Brown and his art in presenting dramatic monologues in future productions of Marvel's cinematic world, and perhaps a place where he will have more opportunity to play than he did as Injubo.

3 . Tadanobu Sato

BingMag.com 9 Marvel movie actors who must return in the form of new characters

None of the group members The Three Warriors did not do much in Thor's first three films, especially since Taika Vaititi directed Thor: Regnarok. Hogan, meanwhile, was the most unlucky to play Tadanobo Sato, as he was unpleasantly removed from the story at the beginning of Thor: The Dark World. Reducing the number of three fighters in the story was a clumsy decision that wasted Sato's talent altogether. Hogan was killed by Hela and now is a great opportunity to bring Tadanobo Sato back as a new character. It is better for him to be an earthly character so that he does not intersect with Thor. The characters of The Three Warriors have never been prominent figures in the Marvel movie world, but if Sato is cast in a new role, he can perform well in this franchise.

2. Dale Dickey

BingMag.com 9 Marvel movie actors who must return in the form of new characters

Tony Stark in attendance In Tennessee, in Iron Man 3, he meets the mother of a dead soldier, played by Dale Dickey. Dale Dickey, who had won the admiration of everyone with his role as a complement to the Burning Winter movie, also plays a wonderful role in this role, and in the short time of his presence, he plays the role of a helpless and tired person. It may seem strange for this character to return to Marvel's cinematic world, but instead, there is no reason why Dickie could not be back in the franchise as a new person. Perhaps it would be better for him to appear in this series in a different role from the characters from the poorer southern regions that he usually plays. Maybe he can play a powerful cosmic character in one of the Guardians of the Galaxy or Captain Marvel movies. Given Dick Dickey's high talent, there are many options for his role-playing.

1. Andy Sarkis

BingMag.com 9 Marvel movie actors who must return in the form of new characters

Andy Sarkis in two appearances She played the role of Ulysses Claw in Avengers: Age of Ultron and The Black Panther, and the Black Panther marked the definitive end to her character. Claw will not return, but that does not mean that there is no way for Circus to return to Marvel's cinematic world. Unlike many of the actors on this list, Sarkis is a master of motion capture performances. This style is another form of acting that allows him to play a new role in the Marvel movie world. Circus could play a motion capture role in works such as Guardians of the Galaxy or Thor. Not only can this style be the key to the actor's return, but it also gives Circus the opportunity to do something he has never done in the Marvel movie world. Using this skill, Sarkis has created popular characters such as Gallum or Kaiser and could be a useful person in future works of the Marvel movie world.

Source: collider

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