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6 Marvel characters that Ryan Gosling has to play

BingMag.com 6 Marvel characters that Ryan Gosling has to play

Marvel movies and TV series are expanding day by day, and it is very likely that each of the Hollywood stars will enter this glittering world. Almost every famous actor you can think of has either been offered a role in the company's films or will be faced with these tempting offers in the near future. In this article, we examine the possibility of Ryan Gosling in Marvel films.

Ryan Gosling is a talented and first-rate actor whose works have a real and serious atmosphere, and at first glance, the possibility of his presence in Marvel superhero films is far from Mind you, but with a glance at the films "Drive" and "Blade Runner 2049", we realize that it happens to have the potential to play superhero roles.

It is interesting to know that Gosling could have done in 2014 Accepting the offer to play Dr. Strange to enter the Marvel movie world, but this did not happen and Benedict Cumberbatch won the role; So maybe if Marvel comes up with a more tempting offer this time around, he could finally get Mr. Gosling into his glittering world. Let's take a look at Ryan Gosling.

6- Werewolf by Night >

BingMag.com 6 Marvel characters that Ryan Gosling has to play

Many audiences remember Ryan Gosling with real and somewhat serious roles, but don't forget that At the beginning of his acting career, he had a special interest in horror works, such as the series "Are You Afraid of the Dark" ("Are You Afraid of the Dark") and the movie "Frankenstein and Me"; However, this Canadian star has enough potential and experience to play one of the characters of Marvel horror comics, and this character is none other than Jack Russell, who introduces the night wolf.

The head of the night wolf for the first time Found in the second issue of the Marvel Spotlight comic in Marvel. This character has very interesting developments. The story is that Jack Russell, a seemingly normal and calm boy, realizes at the age of 18 that according to a family curse, when the moon is full, he turns into a strange and scary creature called a werewolf.

Marvel has decided to start adapting his scary comics, which will probably be well received. The Night Wolf is one of the characters that will soon enter the world of images and will probably be his first appearance in the series "Moon Knight"; So if this character attracts a positive audience, he has a lot of potential to appear in the Marvel movie world, and Ryan Gosling is definitely a good choice for this role.

5- Hercules ( Hercules )

BingMag.com 6 Marvel characters that Ryan Gosling has to play

Ryan Gosling From 1998 to 1999, he played the role of Hercules in the series "Young Hercules" and in many interviews he remembers this role well and considers it as one of the most respectable points of his acting career; Therefore, if Marvel approached him with an offer to play the role of Hercules, he is unlikely to receive a negative answer.

Hercules is one of the Greek myths that happens to be prominent in both DC and Marvel comics. . He is the son of Zeus (God of Gods) and is considered one of the most powerful characters in Marvel comics. Enough of his physical strength, he is more powerful than Thor and the Hulk! The role of Zeus appeared; So if he wants to continue the same process, it is not at all unlikely that the head of the big boy Zeus will be found in the Marvel movie world.

In any case, the simultaneous presence of Thor (Chris Hamsworth) and Hercules (with a possible presence) Ryan Gosling) is not something that ardent fans of this flamboyant world can ignore.

4. Dynamic Man

My Dynamics is in itself an attractive and complex role and without Doubt with the presence of Gosling, it will get better than it should.

3- Nova ( Nova ) <//>

BingMag.com 6 Marvel characters that Ryan Gosling has to play

Ryan Gosling proves his presence in science fiction with "Blade Runner 2049" - Fantasy is interested. Many audiences would love to see if this interest takes it to the galactic level or not! This character is one of the members of the intergalactic police known as the Nova Corps or Nova Corps, who regains their power after the other members of the group are killed, and now has to establish justice throughout the galaxy as a one-man army. Marvel fans have been waiting for Nova to appear at MCU for years, but since the character is set to appear in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie series and James Gann as director has never been interested in using it, Nova has a chance to appear in it. Lost the world of cinema.

The third part of Guardians of the Galaxy is about to be made, and there are rumors about the presence of Nova. If this is true, it seems that James Gann should seriously consider Ryan Gosling to choose the character of Nova.

2- Mr. Wonderful ( Mister Fantastic )

BingMag.com 6 Marvel characters that Ryan Gosling has to play

"First Man" was Gosling's first appearance as an astronaut, and now Marvel can take advantage of this experience and give him one of his most intriguing characters.

Has set foot on the moon. This character had two important characteristics; In the first place he was an intelligent astronaut and interested in science, who did not hesitate to do anything in this way, and in the second he was a man of a perfect family whose work prevented him from displaying his social skills. Both of these traits are present in The Amazing Mr. Marvel.

Dr. Reed Richards first appeared in the first issue of The Amazing Four in 1961. He is an expert scientist and the most intelligent man on the planet, whose special interest is to invent. Richard and three other friends are exposed to cosmic rays and mutate in his innovative rocket, creating the Amazing Group of Four. He became very flexible after the jump and became known as The Wonderful Mr.

The story of The Four Wonders was previously shown in cinemas, but Marvel intends to remake this fascinating film. Mr. Amazing as one of the four Wonderful bosses is one of the most important roles that should be given to an experienced actor, and Ryan Gosling is definitely a good choice to play this role.

1- Driver (> The Driver )

BingMag.com 6 Marvel characters that Ryan Gosling has to play

When I was looking for a character in Marvel Comics that would fit Ryan Gosling, I did not think I would come across a character who looked exactly like "Drive." Since he was able to play one of the coolest drivers in action movies and remained in the minds of fans as a movie driver, he is also a very good choice to play this role.

The driver of one of the characters It's X-Men comics. He is a cybernetic man who works for the Mutant Underground Support Engine and is responsible for driving on dangerous missions.

In any case, Marvel may return to making men's comics. X go and even insert it into the MCU. In that case, if the driver character is to be used, Gosling is a good option.

Our suggested list is over, what other roles do you think Ryan Gosling is suitable for playing in Marvel Cinematic World?

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