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Malignant is the scariest movie of the last few years

BingMag.com Malignant is the scariest movie of the last few years

Anyone familiar with the concept and content of the White Check movie will understand what a malignant movie is like. James Vaughn brought millions of dollars in profits to Warner Bros. by making Aquaman franchises and summonses, a success that gives a filmmaker complete freedom to do whatever he wants in his next projects, and Vaughn made the most of that freedom. He used it to make as much violence as possible and made the scariest studio film of at least the last decade.

Warning: In this text, the story of the malicious film is revealed

Malignant is inspired by the Italian horror genre Jalo and is a terrifying film co-written by Accla Cooper (author of Hell Festival) and is like the one behind the video in your neighborhood You will find 1986.

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Malignant is a low-cost, violent action film with a stunning action that the director has created from a combination of dichotomous, fast-paced, and angry worlds. Needless to say, what goes on in the film's brutal ending, but the film itself takes a lot of effort to do so. So it's worth discussing and we need to talk about its importance. The malignant ending is surprisingly beyond the expectations of any audience.

But what is the gist of the story: During Malignant, Maddie Michelle (Annabel Wallis) witnesses horrific murders by a giant named Gabriel, a ghost Who moves like an angry scarecrow and can only communicate by spreading his thoughts on nearby electrical equipment. Eventually, Maddie realizes that Gabriel is the name of her imaginary friend who had a child. He orders Maddie to do terrible things. As a child, his parents considered him a troubled child (Maddie was adopted as a child and was in a research institute). Van der Badakhim seems to offer a special and new style in this genre. In fact, Gabriel is just another part of Maddie's character, forcing him to kill different people against his will.

BingMag.com Malignant is the scariest movie of the last few years

The film's final and final revelation is a bit harsh. Maddie's sister, Sydney (Maddie Hesson), searches the archives of an abandoned research center and finds that Maddie was born with a living parasitic tumor that, according to Dr. Florence Weaver (Jacqueline McKenzie), is a more severe version of teratoma. This tumor is located in his body and brain and is so strong that it whispers thoughts in his head and sometimes controls his body. The doctors did their best to remove Gabriel, but part of the tumor had to stick to Maddie's brain in order for him to survive. Decades later, a horrific physical confrontation with her abusive husband, Derek (Jake Abel), reawakens that part of her brain, and Gabriel goes to the doctors and people who tried to remove him from Maddie's body and brain for revenge. To be clear, this tumor has actually physically abducted Madi's body. Gabriel moves very badly in Malignancy, because he himself is a fashionist who walks backwards, and Gabriel's deformed face protrudes from the back of his skull. Horror shows the last few years. Maddie, who is being held in a cell at the police station, encounters several other prisoners, and Gabriel is provoked and comes out from behind his skull. With full control over Maddie's body, the monster causes her to reverse, with her face gently protruding from behind the skull, her elbows fully bent, and her legs moving back and forth simultaneously. In this massacre, Gabriel massacres everyone in the cell and every policeman in the building, and this scene is a training class for the rest of the directors to learn how to make a film on the fine line between horror and humor. In a crazy way (like Aquaman), Van uses a little studio to frame Gabriel's movements. Gabriel goes from frame to frame and kills different people. He is like a circus monster in Tim Burton's fantasy works. The film is grotesque, nauseating, and of course very, very funny, and if you attribute that hilariousness to the ignorance of Van and the studio, then you certainly know nothing of the strong combination of horror and humor. Everything in this movie is pre-planned.

In the third scene of the movie, the audience will probably remember what Van said in the second trailer of the movie, and when they see the movie, they will feel that Warner Bros. He had prepared the best possible way to watch the movie. "You have to seize the opportunity," Van said. If you do not do this, you will end up building the same old thing over and over again. I think the audience is thirsty for a new and different work. "

BingMag.com Malignant is the scariest movie of the last few years

This is absolutely true, Because the last film of Summoning, the Devil Made Me, was a repetitive and unfortunate work. The third installment of the One series, which began in 2013, follows the same formula of perpetual fear and there is no innovation in the film. This is primarily because of director Michael Chavez. Many people have forgotten that what made the first Summoning movie (and Conspiracy movie in 2010) so creative was the fact that it was old-fashioned scary techniques like night ghosts, thin, noisy boards, and flickering lights that had been around for years. Were not used, turned. Summoning was so successful that it became a special genre, and like any other franchise, it became increasingly boring. That's why there should always be a place for horror-like works in the horror genre that have an interesting plot twist and bear no resemblance to other studio films. The idea for this film is so innovative that viewers talk about the potential of the film becoming a franchise for a variety of reasons. Thus, James Van and even Jordan Peel, who has less horror in his repertoire, are, in fact, replacing Wes Crown the Great, who knew better than anyone how a style or format would inspire audiences and when a genre needed it. It has to be recovered.

Of course, malignancy itself can become a franchise. Maddie's victory over Gabriel is the end of his personal struggle. He realizes that despite his previous failed marriage and the presence of a parasite in his brain, his body belongs only to himself, and all the power that Gabriel gave him, in fact, belonged to him. At the end of the film, Gabriel is captured in Madi's mind prison, but the interesting thing is that this ending shows the return of this creature. However, building a hypothetical future of the sequels should not detract from the enjoyment of the current film. Malignant is an extraordinary and supernatural film that was released at a low cost by a large studio. This is a victory in itself.

Source: Screenrant

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