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9 male actors who have a chance to be nominated for two Oscars this year

BingMag.com 9 male actors who have a chance to be nominated for two Oscars this year

There are still 4 months left until the Oscars and awards ceremony, and some of the films that participated in this event have not even been released to the public. . But according to critics and the news from the Oscar-winning films, it is possible to predict which actors will be nominated for an Oscar this year. But there are also some male actors who have appeared in more than one film in the past year, and it is possible that they could be nominated for or win an Academy Award for both of their works. In the following, we will introduce these actors and have an overview of their plans. Our list is ranked from highest to lowest based on the probability of casting.

Adam Driver

BingMag.com 9 male actors who have a chance to be nominated for two Oscars this year

Movies: The Last Duel, Annette

The reason why Driver is the first on the list is that not only is he likely to be nominated for an Academy Award for "The Last Duel" and "Annette," but He has starred in another film this year that has not yet been released; "Gucci House" in the biographical genre and made by Ridley Scott. But since no one has seen Gucci House yet, we have put him on the same list for now. Adam Driver, who was nominated for an Academy Award in 2018 and 2019, is now set to try his luck at the 2022 Academy Awards with three different roles. His range of roles is so wide that it will probably make it difficult for the Academy to judge his work. From a stand-up comedian in the musical and romantic film "Annette" to the real character of Maurizio Gucci in "Gucci House", the world famous fashion giant with a sad fate, to a French knight who after being accused of rape, with a The duel is severely challenged in the movie "The Last Duel".

2. Timothy Shalami

BingMag.com 9 male actors who have a chance to be nominated for two Oscars this year

Movies: The French Dispatch Report (The French Dispatch, Dune)

Timothy Shalami is only 24 years old, but he has proven his acting prowess in Hollywood over the past decade. Although he has been acting professionally in cinema since 2014, in the last 7 years, he has acted in 17 movies and has 3 works in production. In the very early years of his arrival in Hollywood, Shalami was nominated for the Best Actor Award for his role in the romantic drama "Call Me by My Name" at the 2017 Academy Awards, and his name was included in the list of the youngest actors nominated for this award. Now, two very different films starring him are set to make it to the Oscars. The first is the epic and fictional film "The Dune", which tells a story 8,000 years later, on other planets. In this film, Timothy Shalami plays the role of a promised person who is supposed to be the savior of the people of his planet. His second chance at the Oscars, however, is in a comedy and drama film called "French Report", which has just started to be released in the United States, and as it is known from the news, Shalami plays the role of a character named Zafar Ali. Not many details of her game have been released yet, but the photos of her makeup that have been leaked to the media show a different character.

3. Coleman Domingo

BingMag.com 9 male actors who have a chance to be nominated for two Oscars this year

Movies: Zola and Candyman >

The interesting thing about this actor is that in none of the Oscar-nominated films, the actor is the main role and plays complementary roles. But Domingo's influence in these films is so great that it is not easy to ignore his acting. Although Coleman Domingo is best known as a writer and television director in the United States, he has been acting in Hollywood since the mid-1990s. He has won numerous awards at American domestic festivals for programming and serialization, and even has a Tony Award for his theatrical performance, but has never been nominated for an Academy Award. But the Corona virus epidemic may have benefited the actor a bit, as his 2019 film Zola is set to be judged at the 2022 Oscars. Also, "Candyman", which was ready for release in 2020, did not go according to plan, and with its release this summer, it is now one of the Oscar options. Domingo plays a protagonist in the horror film "Candyman" and a mysterious role in the black crime comedy "Zola" that cannot be identified as positive or negative.

4. Andrew Garfield

BingMag.com 9 male actors who have a chance to be nominated for two Oscars this year

Movies: Tick, Tick Boom and Tommy Fi Eyes (Tick , Tick Boom !, The Eyes of Tammy Faye)

Garfield is best known for his role as Spider-Man in the two episodes of The Amazing Spider-Man. But he began acting in British theater and television in 2004, and in 2007 starred in his first Hollywood film, Lions for the Lambs. Andrew Garfield received a lot of critical acclaim for his role in "Social Network." He also has a BAFTA Award and an Academy Award and a Golden Globe nomination. But this year, he is on his way to the Oscars with two films, both of which feature real people. Jim Baker in "Tommy Phi Eyes", an opportunistic and fraudulent priest who tries to empty people's pockets by broadcasting television programs. Andrew Garfield's second biographical film is about the life of Jonathan Larson, a young American composer who died at the age of 35 of a rare heart syndrome. Of course, in the first film, Andrew Garfield has a chance to win a supporting role in the award, and in the second film, which is supposed to portray the crisis of a famous young singer in his thirties, he is on the list of Oscar chances for the leading male role. The release of "Tick, Tick Boom" is starting all over the world these days.

5. Oscar Isaac

BingMag.com 9 male actors who have a chance to be nominated for two Oscars this year

Movies: The Card Counter, Dune

This Guatemalan actor is in the spotlight this year. She is currently airing the series "Scenes from a Marriage" worldwide, for which she will surely receive many awards next year. Isaac is also on the way to the Oscars in cinema with two important films; "Dune" is an epic and fictional work, and "Card Counter" is a crime film by Paul Schrader. Oscar Isaacs plays the role of Dukel Leto Atridis, the head of a family that must liberate the accursed land in the blockbuster film The Dune. Isaac's performance with Timothy Shalami is spectacular and could lead to a 2022 Oscar nomination for the actor. But Isaac's other film is in a completely different genre, and according to his critics, in "Card Counter" he presents one of his best games to date as a gambling veteran who is involved in a revenge plot.

6. Willem Dafu

BingMag.com 9 male actors who have a chance to be nominated for two Oscars this year

Movies: Nightmare Alley, The Card Counter)

We are facing an actor who has twice been nominated for Best Supporting Actor and twice nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards. Defoe also has two important chances at the Oscars this year, which should be added to his list of nominations, or finally this 66-year-old American actor can win an Oscar after 40 years of continuous acting. Willem Dafoe, along with Oscar Isaac, are the stars of "Card Counter". In this film, Defoe plays the character that Isaac is supposed to take revenge on, and this has created an opportunity for the two actors to show their abilities. But Defoe's other film is Nightmare Alley, which will be released within the next month. The film is a psychological trailer for a mysterious man named Stan Curley, in which Defoe plays the owner of a carnival that cheats people.

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7. Richard Jenkins

BingMag.com 9 male actors who have a chance to be nominated for two Oscars this year

Movies: Nightmare Alley, The Humans

The most experienced actor on our list is Richard Jenkins. He began his artistic career in theater and television in the mid-1970s and has won awards at various festivals in the nearly 50 years since his acting career. But the Academy Awards have twice nominated him for the award. Once for the movie "Visitor" in 2007 and again for the controversial movie "Shape of Water" in 2017. But now he is in two different roles on the way to this year's Oscars. The two roles, which have not yet been released to the public in the world and will be released in the coming weeks, but according to critics and media reports, can be guessed, 74-year-old Jenkins is one of the nominees for the Oscar and even the leading role and supporting role The man will be the Oscar 2022. In "Humans," he plays a godfather named Eric Blake, who leads his entire family to his daughter's house on Thanksgiving. But this is the appearance of the story. "Nightmare Alley" is another Jenkins film that puts him in the role of a rich gentleman alongside Willem Dafoe and other actors. A film with a story from a strange carnival with several actors on our list.

8. Bradley Cooper

BingMag.com 9 male actors who have a chance to be nominated for two Oscars this year

Movies: Nightmare Alley and Licorice Pizza (Nightmare Alley, Licorice Pizza)

Cooper is on our list with eight nominations, a record for nominations and no Oscars. He is one of the most expensive as well as the most lucrative actors in Hollywood right now who can guarantee the sale of the film. But after years of striving for acting, the Academy Awards have yet to award him a prize. Bradley Cooper will appear at the Oscars this year with two films, "Nightmare Alley" and "Licorice Pizza." Films that have not been released yet, but as you can see, from the beginning of our list until now, the three actors from the first film have a great chance of being nominated for an Oscar. Cooper plays the main role in "Nightmare Alley". He is a professional swindler who deceitfully leads people to a carnival. Cooper's second film, although not yet unveiled, has a different story than the summary of the story that was released. "Licorice Pizza" is about infidelity in first love. The love that takes place between two teenagers in the seventies. Bradley Cooper plays a real character in this film. He is a director named John Peters.

9. Benicio Delatoro

BingMag.com 9 male actors who have a chance to be nominated for two Oscars this year

Movies: No Sudden Move and French Report (No Sudden Move, The French Dispatch)

The last possible candidate for the 2022 Oscar on our list, once, twenty years ago, won the Oscar, and it remains to be seen whether this award will reach him again or not? Delutoro, a prolific Hollywood actor, is now set to compete for an Oscar at the age of 50 with two interesting roles. In the film "The French Report", about which we wrote earlier, Deltoro has a minor role. But the type of role and the power of his acting increase the probability of his candidacy. In this film, he plays the character of Moses Rosenthal, a convicted murderer who has become a famous artist. But "Forbidden Sudden Movement," whose only possible Oscar nominee on our list is Delto Toro, is a crime film directed by Steven Soderbergh about a number of unprofessional criminals who face a bizarre adventure. Bensio Delutoro plays a ruthless gangster in this film.

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