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Macbeth tragedy; Denzel Washington in a spectacular adaptation of Joel Cohen

"The Tragedy of Macbeth" is Joel Cohen's new film, which has been widely acclaimed by critics these days after its screening at the 2021 New York Film Festival. English has inspired the language.

Joel Cohen has always directed films with his brother Eaton Coen, and the two brothers are remembered as the makers of some of the most iconic films of the past few decades. This is the first film one of these brothers has directed without the other accompaniment. Has been served.

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Macbeth tragedy tells the story of a Scottish lord who is convinced by three wizards that he will be the next king of Scotland ; He has the support of his ambitious wife in achieving this goal.

A look at the collection of reviews written about this film shows that all critics have had a satisfactory view of the film. A review of the collection of reviews collected on the Ratna Tomitoz website, which amounts to 22 reviews, shows 100% satisfaction of the critics. Also, 12 reviews have been collected on the Metacritic website, all of which were positive and recorded a meta score of 90 for this film. Have been published.

BingMag.com Macbeth tragedy; Denzel Washington in a spectacular adaptation of Joel Cohen

Guardian - Peter Bardshaw

Score : 100 out of 100

What is the purpose of making another adaptation of Macbeth? It hasn't been long since Justin Curzel's great realistic adaptation of the play starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard. Well, it can be said that making another adaptation can always be relevant if a film like this fascinating and visually brilliant cinematic work fails. Directed by Rough and Frozen.

Macbeth Tragedy frames the drama in a theatrical and stylized way (a terrifying agoraphobic experience in which bodies and faces emerge from the thick white fog). The real language of the play is restored. In fact, the film is quite natural and not as a kind of artificial interpretation similar to the crime dramas of the 1930s and 1940s.

Hollywood Reporter - David Rooney

Score: 90 out of 90 100

Angry and relentless, sentimental and radical, Joel Cohen's simple take on Macbeth's play quickly gained the status of one of the boldest modern adaptations of Shakespeare's plays. The Macbeth tragedy is a powerful and very clear retelling that captivates the audience with its stylized design and masterful black-and-white imagery, evoking the black-and-white texture of the works of Carl Theodor Dreyer (a prominent Danish director).

This visual aspect evokes The presence of a French cameraman by Bruno Delbonel may seem as necessary as the presence of good actors in the film. In this way, the metaphysical elements of the plot, the black magic and the density of time are all somehow woven into the aesthetic taropod of the film. Of course, the same can be said of Stephen Deschamps, the designer of the Macbeth tragedy scene, who set up Scottish landscapes in Los Angeles studios; A scene with harsh, cold exteriors, awesome palaces reminiscent of the geometric architecture of Giorgio de Chirico's supernatural paintings with their long, deep shadows that look menacing as if they want to devour the characters./h2>

Score: 90 out of 100

In 18 films he co-starred with his brother Ethan, Joel Coen has proven time and time again for him like almost any filmmaker Independent of the last fourteen years, the world of cinema, the visual world of the work, has some fetishistic aspects. The Coen brothers' obsession with storytelling through carefully organized imagery in which each scene is carefully framed, the scene design is similar to that of three-dimensional replicas, and the camera's placement, slices, and space dynamics all create a process similar to a graphic novel. And intensifies; For the Coen brothers, this seems to be the main reason for the filmmaking.

It is no surprise, then, that Macbeth Tragedy is an adaptation of Shakespeare's play, which is the first solo film directed by Joel Cohen (the opening work of the New York Film Festival). Quinn approaches the subject in much the same way, with the same visual obsessions. All of this has the intoxicating clarity of a nightmare. At least for me (and I say this as a true lover of the aesthetics of the Coen brothers' work, although I love only half of their work), it is amazing how physical, witty, expressive, and all-encompassing the film's images are.

Macbeth tragedy recorded in black and white in the dimensions of 1: 1.19, the aspect ratio of the final period of silent cinema, which makes an almost square frame. Just as this image evokes the past of filmmaking, Coen's images, created in collaboration with cinematographer Bruno Delbonel and stage designer Stephen Deschamps, give you the feeling that you are moving into one of the happiest seasons in the history of cinema./p>

You may be thinking, "Well what?" Even music videos know how to take famous cinematic images out of their context and throw them into a postmodern blender. But in Macbeth Coen tragedy, he does not just repeat the image of old films. He also recreates the space, the spirit that flows beneath the surface of the image and its mental state with the shadows dancing on the castles as if they have emerged from fairy tales; Space that rises and where a ray of light can reflect a character's state of being. With outstanding performances by Denzel Washington and Francis McDormand, professional cinematography and impressive stage design, Joel Cohen's Macbeth tragedy can hardly be considered a story told by a idiot (referring to part of the play: "Life is a story told by a fool, full of anger and uproar." But in fact, the film could have used more outrage and used a better idea to show it. . The film definitely meets all the criteria of a work of art. But Joel Cohen, who is working for the first time without his brother Ethan, has no record in the world of drama and theater. Unlike Kenneth Branagh, who has successfully turned several plays into films, or Ian McClellan (who was the screenwriter and actor of the successful Richard III film in 1995), Cohen does not accept that Shakespeare can have both intellectual and entertaining elements.>

The end result is respectable, of course, but it seems that it seeks to seduce certain fans of the Coen Brothers cinema and a certain group of cinema enthusiasts, rather than motivating the main body cinema audience.

Source: Screenrant

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