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Lucky and fantasy movie review; Three stories of accident, luck and love

BingMag.com <b>Lucky</b> and <b>fantasy</b> <b>movie</b> review; <b>Three</b> <b>stories</b> of accident, <b>luck</b> and love

The movie "Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy", also called "Coincidence and Imagination" (Coincidence and Imagination) It is known as a three-episode drama and is among the most acclaimed works of the current year. , Tells Three short stories focusing on human relationships and emotions. One of the characteristics of these Three stories, as it seems from the name of the film, is the characteristic of being accidental and the dependence of its events on luck. However, this aspect has not harmed the credibility and quality of the drama at all.

Hamaguchi is a Japanese director and screenwriter who has been working in the field of advertising for some time after graduating from university. The artist turned to directing documentaries after making several feature dramas during his early years. Hamaguchi received more attention with "Happy Hour," a 317-minute feature drama, followed by "Asako I & II," which premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival. In front of the camera.

BingMag.com <b>Lucky</b> and <b>fantasy</b> <b>movie</b> review; <b>Three</b> <b>stories</b> of accident, <b>luck</b> and love

It is not wrong to say that this Japanese director received the most attention and admiration possible This year, he has noticed with his two new films. He directed "Drive My Car" at the Cannes Film Festival 2021, which won critical acclaim for its best screenplay, while his other film, Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy, was screened at the Berlin Film Festival. p>

  • My Car Wins Best Film at the Los Angeles Critics Association Awards 2021

Wheel of Fortune and fantasy has been among the critics' favorite works this year. A look at Raton Tomitoz's website and a review of the 53 reviews written about the film show that 98% of critics are satisfied with this work. Also, the review of the reviews collected on the Metacritic website shows the serious praise of the critics. This website has collected 13 reviews, all of which were positive, and scored a score of 87 out of 100 for the film.


BingMag.com <b>Lucky</b> and <b>fantasy</b> <b>movie</b> review; <b>Three</b> <b>stories</b> of accident, <b>luck</b> and love

Stage Film - Rory O'Connor

Score: 100 out of 100

luck and fantasy is a kind of cinematic purse; A combination of Three stories focusing on Three different characters, each a little in love and a little lost. Directed by Ryosuki Hamaguchi; Emerging filmmaking from Japan that seems to have matured enough to date, and his work is fully compatible with such dilemmas. Follows Japan; One of the women intends to divorce her husband. After this film, Asaco 1 and 2 were released in 2018; An adaptation of Tomoka Shibasaki's novel about a woman who has an affair with a man and the man bears exactly the same resemblance to the boy the woman once loved; A story about twins that also demonstrates the surrealistic capabilities of the director's work. Now they have a literary spirit. Happy Hour is like a literary epic, Asako is like a short novel, and now it is a whirlwind of fantasy that is like a collection of short stories. The 42-year-old artist has also released his seventh feature film. He studied at the University of Tokyo under Kiyoshi Kurosawa and released his first film, Shoor, in 2008. The Wheel of Fortune and fantasy has two stories about contemporary times and a story about the future or perhaps a parallel time; This concluding episode is a smooth move towards a science-fiction work with themes about infatuation. The Wheel of Fortune and fantasy are perhaps the best films Hamaguchi has ever made.

New York Times - Manola Dargis

Score: 90 out of 100

Wheel of Fortune and fantasy is an impressive, shocking and unpretentious work that has delicately managed to draw the geometry of desire. In Three parts, the film shows men and women getting to know each other, talking, and by exchanging glances, confessions, and accusations, a cascade of words bridges them or draws a wall between them. Through these fervent preferences for longing for meaning, ex-lovers, lost intimacy, and a quest for escape. Japan is in the last decade. If you have not heard the name of this filmmaker, it is not surprising. The American market for non-English-language cinema has always been brutal, even before Corona was born, and the director's films have rarely been screened in limited theaters in the United States. But the director's name has been recognized at international film festivals, and both this film and his other stunning film, "Drive Me," were in the main section of the recent New York Film Festival (Wheel of Fortune and fantasy is one of the festival's grand prizes this year). Won the Berlin film).

If Hamaguchi was a not-so-different French filmmaker, he could have done more if he had produced more violent and bloody works, or in general, in a way that made him more visible. This will attract the attention of film distributors. This may not have happened, though, as the length of time of some of his works clearly served as a barrier. While Wheel of Fortune and fantasy is two hours long, his other film, My Car, is a three-hour work, and Happy Hour, an epic of minimalism, lasts more than five hours.

It is his intangible narrative and visual methods that do not conform to the current pattern of American independent cinema - with its dramatic problems, moral principles, and visual beauty.

BingMag.com <b>Lucky</b> and <b>fantasy</b> <b>movie</b> review; <b>Three</b> <b>stories</b> of accident, <b>luck</b> and love

Indywire - David Ehrlich

Score: 83 out of 100

Short stories are often respected as they deserve They are not, and the short films that the film industry sees as fundamentally worthless instead of thinking of a way to monetize them are not respected at all. Unless you're packing several short films into one movie to make it look like a feature film; Like Three young children hiding inside a large cat and standing on top of each other to look like an adult man. All Three stories are intertwined with a common interest in memory, accident, and profound truths that expose superficial lies. This work can hardly be placed in a specific category and category. It is more like a single film than a combination of Three short films. The final product is larger than the sum of the components of the work because Hamaguchi knows that the best short stories are not just a small version of the same long stories. On the contrary, the short stories he tells are very pleasing because they do not act in the style of long stories. A tool for seeing objects above the surface of the eye) and a panoramic view (a vast panorama of a space) are similar. It seems to suddenly find a different place with the power of reality. The comedy-romantic destiny of a Tokyo woman who falls in love with her ex-boyfriend's ex-boyfriend is not the only thing that happens to the people we see in the opening scene of the fantasy movie, but it's basically the reason why the whole movie is made in the first place. p>

Hollywood Reporter - Stephen Dalton

Score: 80 out of 100

Japanese writer and director Ryosuki Hamaguchi with his successful 2015 film Happy Hour Won wide acclaim and festival awards. But in his 2018 anti-romance film Asaco 1 and 2, which received rave reviews at the Cannes Film Festival, it seemed that it was no longer a matter of the narrow-minded and novelistic look behind the elegant five-hour epic. Fortunately, it seems that Hamaguchi has returned to the same magical property in his new work, Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy. The film is a contemporary three-part drama set in Tokyo. Each of the Three story plots is formed by chance, pairs, and echoes. A film full of a kind of melancholy and subcutaneous poetry. Hamaguchi's inner image of the anxieties of the middle class by the standards of modern cinema is an image that seems strangely human and often has references to Eric Roemer's depiction of the boredom of the Parisian bourgeois life.

Experience at world festivals and will also help restore Hamaguchi's high position in art cinema circles.

Guardian - Peter Bradshaw

Score: 80 Out of 100, Ryosuki Hamaguchi is a Japanese filmmaker I first met in 2018 through Asaco 1 and 2, and indirectly through the experimental film Domains, written by Tomaguaki Takahashi and co-starring Hamaguchi. Now the filmmaker has unveiled this innovative, playful series with brilliant and quite entertaining role-playing games consisting of Three stories. , Identity and design and the mystery of pleasure and desire. In this combination, a kind of European scent is inhaled; One of the characters in the film is a French language expert who reminds me of Emmanuel Carrer and Milan Kundera. Although there is no official connection between the various stories in the film (except for some thematic similarities) the mere proximity of these stories has created a pleasant cohesive combination.

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