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Lorenzo Vigas' new film captivates critics (Venice Film Festival 2021)

BingMag.com Lorenzo Vigas' new film captivates critics (Venice Film Festival 2021)

Lorenzo Vigas, who won the 2015 Golden Lion for Remote Film, has returned to Venice with another film about an orphaned Mexican teenager. Who finds a man who thinks he is his own dead father.

Lorenzo Vigas is a Venezuelan director, screenwriter and producer. In 1998, he directed the Expedition documentary series in Venezuela and later various other documentaries and commercials. Vigas made the short film Elephants Never Forget in Mexico in 2003, produced by Guillermo Arriaga and screened at the Cannes Film Festival. Vigas won the Golden Lion for Best Film at the 72nd Venice Film Festival with his first feature film, The Lion of the World. Did not (Venice Film Festival 2021)

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  • Box New Movie on September 6 at The Venice International Film Festival was screened, but the exact date of its public and wide release is still unknown. However, the film is expected to hit theaters by the end of 2021.

    The film follows the story of Hatzin, a teenager from Mexico City who collects the remains of his father's body in a mass grave in northern Mexico. Has been found, is traveling, but an accidental encounter with a man who bears a striking resemblance to his father casts doubt on Hatzin and gives him hope of finding his father's true whereabouts.

    In this project, actors like Hernan Mendoza, Hatzin Oscar Navarreta as Hatzin Liwa and Christina Zolota as Norita. Interestingly, Navarrat shines brightly in his first feature film experience, directed by Vigas. They have expressed their views on it, which we will summarize here.

    BingMag.com Lorenzo Vigas' new film captivates critics (Venice Film Festival 2021)

    Excerpts The Box

    The Guardian's Jean Brooks

    's film is efficient and well-targeted. He manages to keep the audience on the twists and turns of the story.

    David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter

    It has been attacked by greed and corruption.

    Guy Lodge from Variety

    This is a short film that has a great impact on the minds of the audience. .

    Nicholas Bell of Unicinema

    Vigas coldly thinks of a situation that is different from the violence and murder of the remote film, and in this film, the witness We are ordinary, everyday events that cause a cold panic. It is what it should be. The audience in this film should not expect any balance and proportionality. And at the same time fascinating, it seems so simple and concise that one can not imagine how the director made such a work.

    Source: rottentomatoes

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