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Lord of the Rings; 6 big differences between movies and books

BingMag.com <b>Lord</b> of the <b>Rings;</b> 6 <b>big</b> <b>differences</b> <b>between</b> <b>movies</b> and books

The Lord of the Rings triangle is one of the greatest and best achievements in the history of cinema and one of the most successful triangles ever made. It grossed nearly $ 3 billion worldwide and won 17 Oscars, including Best Picture for the third installment in The Return of the King. The success of Peter Jackson's films is such that they often overshadow the source of their adaptation, Tolkien's novels, which in themselves are considered one of the best and perhaps best fantasy works in the history of literature and are the model for all authors in this genre.

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When making a cinematic adaptation of a book, they always have to make choices and make creative decisions to decide what parts of the book to keep and What sections should they leave out? Often these choices lead to differences from the original book and source. In the following, we are going to point out the same differences between the book and the movie The Lord of the Rings.

1. The feeling of the elves

BingMag.com <b>Lord</b> of the <b>Rings;</b> 6 <b>big</b> <b>differences</b> <b>between</b> <b>movies</b> and books

either in the opening scene of the film, which shows the great war against Sauron, or The serene and pleasant Rivendell, or the forest of Lothlorine, the elves we see always behave in a mysterious manner mixed with sorrow. They fight the Lord of Darkness with seriousness and power, are glorious in the Council of Elrond (where the fate of the free people of Middle-earth is to be decided), and when they hear the news of Gandalf's fall, they sing and sing an influential song in his mourning.

But in the book

Although in the book, the elves have their own dignity, character and mystery, but many times they are depicted happy and cheerful: happy songs They sing and joke with their guests and are generally cheerful and witty creatures. The first group of elves to appear in the book are singing and laughing, constantly joking with Frodo and his companions. In Rivendell, the elves joke that they can not tell the difference between a mortal human and a mortal hobbit, saying, "From the point of view of a sheep, the rest of the sheep look different."

Appears in the movie elves, probably in Lothlorine. In the film, Haldier A says that one of the ring's companions was breathing so loudly that he could "shoot him in the dark." In the book, after this, there is a pleasant laugh among the audience, and Legolas continues: "But they also say that we do not need to be afraid. "They have been aware of our presence for a long time." It is up to them to break the ice between them and to talk more easily.

2. Sauron's huge and flaming eyes

BingMag.com <b>Lord</b> of the <b>Rings;</b> 6 <b>big</b> <b>differences</b> <b>between</b> <b>movies</b> and books

Sauron in the Lord of the Rings triangle is the embodiment of pure evil and the power of evil against the heroes The story is set and they are trying to destroy it. In the opening scene of the film, which takes place thousands of years before the main story, we see Sauron's body destroyed. But his soul persists and finds a new embodiment in the form of a large, flaming eye, an eye that sits on top of a black-and-white tower, always looking for a single ring that dominates his entire realm.

But in the book

there are constant references to "Sauron's eye", but it is clearly used as a metaphor and not a real eye. In fact, the term Sauron's eye in the book refers to his influence and presence, and that with his all-encompassing and shocking power, he can see beyond things and dominate them. Sauron's eye is a symbol painted on the shield of his followers, but it is nothing more than that and it is only a symbol. In the mirror of Galadriel, Frodo sees Sauron's eyes looking for him, and in The King's Return there is a passing hint of red light above the Barad-distant tower. But there is never a hint that this is an incarnation of Sauron. In fact, the only description we read of Sauron's appearance in the book is from Gaul. In a conversation between Frodo and Galm, Galm says, "He [Sauron] only has four fingers on his black hand, but that's enough."

This probably indicates that Sauron has a physical form and appearance. , And probably tortured Galm himself. Whatever shape, appearance, or body Sauron had in the book, it was not the big, glowing eye we saw in the movies.

The age of Freud (and his social status)

BingMag.com <b>Lord</b> of the <b>Rings;</b> 6 <b>big</b> <b>differences</b> <b>between</b> <b>movies</b> and books

They are intimate, and the deep friendship between Frodo and Sam is one of the best and most powerful aspects. The three films are Lord of the Rings. In the film, all four hobbits appear to be the same age and class. Their clothes are similar, and they often sit together and have a drink. They have fun and sing and eat and sleep, but the difference in their social status in the book is quite obvious, and this is something we do not see much in the film. Elijah Wood was 20 years old when he played Lord of the Rings, but Frodo is 50 when he leaves the Shire. Mary and Pippin, however, are 36 and 28 years old, respectively. (Of course, the Hobbits have a different age of puberty and reach adulthood around the age of forty or fifty.) There was only one child at this time. Although the four Hobbits are good friends, Frodo is more mature and mature in the book than we see in the film.

The relationship between Sam and Frodo is even different. In the book, as in the film, the friendship between Sam and Frodo deepens and becomes stronger throughout the story, but the social status of the two is quite different. Frodo is more like a Victorian aristocrat, and Sam is his gardener/servant, devoting himself and his life to serving Frodo. At the beginning of the book, Frodo and Sam have a relationship similar to that of a wealthy wealthy man with a cook or his servant.

Using the Army of the Dead

BingMag.com <b>Lord</b> of the <b>Rings;</b> 6 <b>big</b> <b>differences</b> <b>between</b> <b>movies</b> and books

Attacking Minas Tirith is one of the most dramatic and exciting parts of the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. It has many ups and downs and traps the spectators' souls in their chests, and often pulls the protagonists and good characters of the story to the brink of destruction and defeat. At the last moment of despair, Theoden arrives with Rohan's troops and saves the city and changes the course of the battle, but just when everyone thinks victory is over, Haradrim arrives with auxiliary forces and giant olefins and disrupts the situation. . But in the height of despair, Aragorn arrives with the army of the dead and cleanses the city of all orcs and hostile evil forces.

But in the book

Aragorn and his companions come to Minas Tirith's aid in times of need and desperation, but the army of the dead does not appear in the scene. The Gray Caravan, consisting of the sons of Elrond and a group of fellow Aragorns, are those who mobilize and come to help the city. In the book, Aragorn also goes to the cursed spirits for help, but these spirits are released from their bondage after defeating Ambar's fleet. After that, the gray caravan takes over the ships and rushes across the river with the help of Minas Tirith. But the army of the dead and the army of cursed ghosts never take part in the battle against the city.

5. Clear Shire

BingMag.com <b>Lord</b> of the <b>Rings;</b> 6 <b>big</b> <b>differences</b> <b>between</b> <b>movies</b> and books

At the end of the third part of the Lord of the Rings, the return of the king, Sauron is defeated and Aragorn is conquered as king. In Minas, Tirith is crowned, and the Hobbits return to Shire as heroes, a shire that is exactly the same as it was before they left. Shire at the end of the film is a quiet and painless place that is considered a lovely habitat for hobbits and nothing bad is happening there.

But in the book

after That Sauron Fails We still have six more detailed chapters in the book, six chapters that have different adventures. In fact, at the end of The King's Return, we find that there is still another great enemy: Saruman. Although Saruman's powers are waning and he is no longer as great as he used to be, he is still a serious threat. Saruman took advantage of the absence of Frodo and his companions and did his best to destroy the Shire with a group of his filthy novices and lead his people to corruption. Defeating Saruman and clearing Shire of the devastation and corruption he has committed is one of the important parts of concluding the book. In this chapter, Tolkien touches on what the Hobbits have been fighting for throughout the story: Shire and his people. In the Shire cleansing season, we see how easily this peace can be changed, and if the hobbits are not aware, evil will penetrate deep into their peaceful city.

6. Saruman's death

BingMag.com <b>Lord</b> of the <b>Rings;</b> 6 <b>big</b> <b>differences</b> <b>between</b> <b>movies</b> and books

Speaking of Saruman, we must say that the final fate of this wizard is another difference Great between movie and book Lord of the Rings. Finally, Saruman's story depends on the version of the film you have seen. In the released version, Saruman disappears after the end of the two towers, which also caused anger and frustration among Christopher Lee, who plays Saruman. But in the longer version of The King's Return, we finally see this character. Gandalf, Theoden, and Aragorn talk to Saruman, who is standing at the bottom of the Ortank Tower, until Grima Vermutang stabs Saruman in the back, and Saruman falls from the top of his tall tower. It falls on a sharp piece of wood that protrudes like a spear. It's not over and he still has a lot of work to do. After being defeated and ousted from Eisengard, Saruman goes to Shire, where he uses his influence to establish a government based on fear and corruption, destroying all the good things in the city. But when the heroic hobbits return to their homeland, they start a revolt against Saruman, and in the end Saruman is killed. In the book, Grima turns against Saruman and cuts his throat. Grima himself is killed by archers while escaping. This chapter of the book does not appear in the third film of the Lord of the Rings. In the book we read:

"A gray haze formed around Saruman's body, and it rose and rose like smoke rising from a great fire. A faint icon cast a shadow over the hill. He paused for a moment and looked west. "But the wind blew from the west, and the gray fog set in, and finally perished and vanished." Expelled from the West.

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These choices and differences are always necessary to make a cinematic adaptation of the novel, and the two mediums and media cannot work exactly alike. Ideally, a good film adaptation can capture the best and most important parts of a book, visualize it in the best possible way, and bring to life things that before were just words and ideas. Some of the differences raised in this article are intended to create a more engaging narrative or a more enjoyable story. Some of them go back to the creative decisions and tastes of the creators.

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