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List of Cannes 2022 films; "Leila Brothers" represents Iran in the main section

BingMag.com <b>List</b> of <b>Cannes</b> <b>2022</b> <b>films;</b> 'Leila Brothers' <b>represents</b> <b>Iran</b> in the <b>main</b> section

The Cannes Film Festival 2022 is on its way and will be held again in the spring of this year from May 17 to 28. The names of this year's films were announced very soon and we just have to wait for the names of the judges of this competition, which, unlike every year, will be announced later than the names of the films.

This year, the 75th Cannes Film Festival , Freemo, the festival's artistic secretary, has promised to compete for 47 films that will be released next week. There are 18 films in the main competitions this year. Iran will also be present in the main part of this period with the film "Leila Brothers" directed by Saeed Roustaei. The film "Holy Spider", which tells the story of the serial killer of Mashhad, directed by Ali Abbasi and starring Zahra Amir Ebrahimi, is in the main part.

This year's film series is full of directors who have returned and re-entered the competition; David Cronenberg, Kelly Rijkaard, Claire Dennis, Arno Depression, Darden Brothers, James Gray, Hirokazu Kure da, Ruben Osland, Park Chan Wook and more. There are also titles whose presence in various sections of this year's competition was pre-confirmed. Like Elvis Presley's biographical film directed by Baz Lorman called "Elvis" starring Austin Butler as Elvis and the "Top Gun" sequel "Top Gun; Top Gun: Maverick will be out of competition with the long-awaited Tom Cruise.

One of the highlights of the Cannes Film Festival is the usually "stronger presence" of female filmmakers But the turnout for women at the 2022 festival is relatively low. Directed by Julia Ducorno. The grand prize went to Asghar Farhadi for "Hero" (A Hero) and Juho Kasmanen for "Compartment No. 6". Best Director went to Leos Carax for "Annette", while acting awards went to Rente Rinzo for "The Worst Person in the World" and Caleb Landry Jones for "Nitram". Best Screenplay went to Ryuske Hamaguchi and Takamasa Oh for "Drive My Car," which won Best International Film at the Oscars. The jury awards went to "Ahed's Knee" by Nadao Lapid and "Memoria" by Apichatpong Virastacol. See the full List of Cannes 2022 films in various categories below./p> BingMag.com <b>List</b> of <b>Cannes</b> <b>2022</b> <b>films;</b> 'Leila Brothers' <b>represents</b> <b>Iran</b> in the <b>main</b> section

Navid Mohammadzadeh and Taraneh Alidosti, actors in the movie "Brothers" Leila

Candidates for the main competition section of the 2022 Cannes Film Festival

  • Holy Spider - Ali Abbasi
  • "The Stars at Noon" - Clare Danny
  • "Leila's Brothers" - Saeed Rustaei
  • "Close" - Lucas Dont
  • "Triangle of Sadness" - Ruben Ostland
  • "Tori and Lokita - Brothers Have
  • " Showing Up "- Kelly Rijkaard
  • R.M.N- Christian Mungio
  • "Crimes of the Future" - David Cranenberg
  • "Frere et Soeur" - Arno Deplshin rong>
  • "Armageddon Time" - James Gray
  • "Broker" - Hero Kazo Kore-Ada
  • "Decisions to Leave" - Park Chan-wook
  • "Nostalgia" - Mario Martone
  • "Les Amandiers" - Valeria Bruni Tedeski
  • "Boy from Heaven" - Tariq Saleh
  • Hi-Han (Eo ) - Skolimovsky
  • Tchaikovsky's Wife -


  • "Retour a Seoul" - Dave Choo
  • "Beast" - Riley Keo, And Gina Gamel - USA
  • "Burning Days" - Amin Alper - Turkey
  • "Butterfly Vision" - Maxim Nakonceni- Ukraine
  • "Corsage" - Marie Cortez - Australia
  • "Domingo y La Niebla" - Ariel Escalante Meza - Costa Rica
  • "Joyland" - Saim Sadak, - Pakistan >
  • "Metronom" - Alexander Black - Romania
  • "Plan 75" - Hayakawa Chi - Japan
  • "Rodeo" - Lula Key Veron - France
  • "The Silent Twins" - Anjika Smosinska - Poland
  • "The Stranger" - Thomas Wright
  • "Sick of Myself" - Christopher Borgley
  • "Volada Land" - Helinor Palmason - Iceland
  • "Les Pires" - Lisa Acura, Roman Guerrero - France

Out-of-Main Film Festival 2022

  • "Top Gun: Maverick" - Joseph Kaczynski - USA
  • "Elvis" - Baz Lorman, joint production of USA and Australia
  • "Masquerade" - Nicolas Badous - France
  • "November" - Cedric Jimenez - France
  • "Three Thousand Years of Longing" - George Miller - Australia

Half Night Screening Cannes 2022 Festival

  • "Hunt" - Lee Jong-jae - South Korea
  • "Moonage Daydream" - Brett Morgan - USA
  • "Smoking Makes You Cough" - Quentin DuPio - France

Cannes 2022 Special Screening Films

  • "All That Breathes" - Shank Sun- India
  • "The Natural History of Destruction - Sergei Luzenista - Ukraine
  • Documentary "Jerry Lee Lewis: Trouble in Mind" - Ethan Coen - USA

Films for the first screening at Cannes 2022

  • "Outside Night" - Marco Bloccio - Italy
  • "Nos Frangins" - Rashid Boucharb - France
  • "Irma Vep" - Olivier Asayas - France
  • Dodo - Panos, Kotras - Greece

Source: indie wire

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