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Legends adapted from the "Tell me a story" series

Kevin Williamson began screenwriting with Scream. He terrified the genre in the early 1990s after a new twist and popularized clichd humor in the cinema. Scream as a massacre film directed by Wes Crown He was having many deconstructions in his womb. The film was a huge success, and Kevin was a popular writer for many years. In addition to Jig 2, he also wrote the screenplay for the film. Educational staff. The Vikings: Vallaha We Know
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  • He played an important role in shaping Steve Miner's Halloween H20 screenplay It was a movie for the popularity of today's sequels. Dawson Creek's successful teen drama is also one of his most important works in the field of screenwriting. Although both of them were tired of the chaotic production process of Cursed Werewolves, Williamson has been very active for the past 20 years. In addition to the screenplay for Scream 4, he also played an important role in the series Memories of a Vampire.

    BingMag.com Legends adapted from the 'Tell me a story' series

    He also The creator of the serial world, Tell Me a Story, was on the CBS network, which presented a contemporary picture of famous legends. The series aired in two seasons between 2018 and 2020, and despite the low attention of critics, attracted many fans around the world. Despite the series' adaptation of legends, one of the criticisms is that the theme of most stories is changed in such a way that the main story is transformed and indistinguishable.

    Each chapter consisted of three adaptations of different legends. The first chapter of a story Tell Me was a new story about Hansel and Gretel, three piglets and a red cape. The episode Red Riding Hood is the story of a teenager named Kayla (Daniel Campbell) who moved to New York with her father to live with her grandmother (Kim Catral). The wolf of the story appears in the form of his new teacher named Nick (Billy Magnusson) and the two have a romantic relationship. In episode three piglets, a man whose fianc takes revenge for stealing people killed in a pig mask, and in Hansel and Gretel, we see the story of a sister helping an addicted brother who is caught up in the consequences of an unintentional murder.

    In the second season, the series retained some actors such as Paul Wesley and focused on new characters and storylines. This chapter tells the story of music director Rebka Parvit (Carrie Ann Moss)'s three eldest children, each of whom the siblings create a new story from the original legends. Ashley (Natalie Allen Lind) is the protagonist of the story inspired by the demon and the darling, her beloved singer is severely burned in the fire and enters into a love affair with her personal bodyguard named Bio. In The Sleeping Beauty, the author (Paul Wesley) falls in love with a woman other than her fianc (Audet Annabelle), and the episode Cinderella tells the story of a girl named Simon, played by Ashley Medco, whom Jackson Parvitt falls in love with. .

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