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The last duel; What happened to each character in real life?

BingMag.com The last duel; What happened to each character in real life?

Ridley Scott's last duel is based on a true historical account of the last legal court duel in French history. Starring Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Judy Kamer and Adam Driver, the film uses this major event to explore the complex mechanisms of gender, sexual ethics, and medieval female agency. At the end of the film, it is clear who won, but the true stories of these characters do not end there. Follows Judy Kummer). In a few years, the two carousels become rivals to Jacques Le Grace (Adam Driver) and become hostile to him.

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Le Grace's friendship and close relationship with Kenneth Pierre El Ncon (Ben Affleck) lead to two caricatures leaving their inherited lands and titles to Le Grace Slowly Later in the story, Margaret accuses Lou Grace of rape, and Jean de Carouge invites him to a trial through a fight.

The film clearly shows the outcome of the duel, but the story , Leaves unanswered questions about the details of the case and the fate of the characters after the end we see on the screen. The events of the story are shown to us once and from the perspective of the three characters involved in it (Jean de Carouge, Jacques Le Grace and Marguerite de Carouge). Details change every time. Sometimes a scene is repeated with slight differences, and one of the most interesting views belongs to Margaret and the real story of her rape and her experience in the later legal stages and before the final duel between the two knights. In the end, the two carousels win the duel, and Lou Grace's death records his guilt before the eyes of the law. Margaret is brought to justice, but her struggle with the political outlook of the day leaves her with a bitter sense of victory.

Sir Jean de Carouge

In 2001, Carouge married Margaret de Tiboville. Her marriage was controversial. The two caravans had a hidden motive. He wanted to acquire the valuable possessions and lands of Ano Lefacon, which had previously been in the possession of his father-in-law and which had now been purchased by Kent and given to Lou Grace. Kent asked his cousin, the king, to formally support his claim to ownership of the land. The fight drove the two caravans away from the court, and he became known as a violent and jealous man. In 2005, two carousels went to Scotland as part of the invasion of England. The campaign failed, but the two carousels prospered in the war. To begin. Knowing that his wife's statements alone were not considered sufficient and that the Deputy Chief Justice, Ken Pierre, was not in favor of him, he decided to forgo a criminal trial and instead seek a legal duel with the King. So the case went directly to parliament. Historically, the outcome of a duel was considered the will of God, and whoever won was the one who was right. The victor was greeted and marched through the streets of Paris, followed by Margaret to celebrate the victory in the newly built atmosphere of Notre Dame in those days. Two carousels in real life, after the end of the last duel, were rewarded with a lot of money and a place in the royal family. He was soon chosen as the King's bodyguard, similar to the King's Guard in Game of Thrones, a title that was accompanied by huge grants and increased social status.

He served in this honorary position for many years. And witnessed the fall of King Charles VI to madness and the rise of the Ottoman threat. He was part of the French army in 2017, which was sent to Central Europe as part of the new Crusades. He went south to Ottoman territory. There they fought the army of Sultan Bayazid in the city of Nikopolis. In the midst of the battle, the warriors and the army of Karuzh were probably captured and killed by Turkish cavalry in a corner. Although the exact end of her life is not known.

Margaret de Carousel

BingMag.com The last duel; What happened to each character in real life? Margaret de Tiboville (a very different character from Violin with Kummer playing Eve) was the only daughter of Robert de Tiboville. Robert was a wealthy Norman lord who was considered a traitor for his support of the King of France in land disputes with Britain. Her contemporaries have described Margaret as young, beautiful, good, sensible, and humble. His father arranged for his marriage to Jean de Carouge, who was much older, in the hope that he would restore his family's reputation, and at the same time, two Carouges married Margaret after the death of his first wife, in the hope of inheritance. In January 2007, Margaret claimed that Lou Grace had attacked her at her mother-in-law's palace and that she had entered the place with the help of Adam Lowell when she was alone at home. He stated that Lou Grace had proposed to him and when he heard the answer, he violently raped the woman and threatened her not to tell anyone about the incident. Margaret was silent for several days and then trusted her husband, and her husband summoned a circle of courtiers to listen to his wife. Margaret's decision to talk to others was unusual at the time. Her claim was considered weak because there was no evidence and people were reluctant to accept a woman's statement. Also, because of her father's notoriety, many considered Margaret a liar, and without her husband's support, she would never have been able to take the case to court. Probably as a result of the rape, a child who was several months pregnant, traveled to Paris to testify against Lou Grace. Defendant tried to disprove her claim, but Margaret's unwavering defiance was seen as strong evidence that her allegations were true. Since the parliament could not reach a final verdict, a throne-style martial court order was issued, which left the judgment to God on paper.

If her husband won, the couple would be released, but if He died, Margaret was burned alive as a false accuser. Eventually, two carousels killed Lou Grace in a battle on December 29, and Margaret escaped this fate, proving that she was true to God. Margaret later had two other children and settled in Normandy and Paris, enjoying the special status she and her husband received after the duel. She probably lived several years longer than her husband.

In the following centuries, following the events shown in the film, many skeptics questioned the court ruling, claiming that Kamer's character should be burned alive. Been. One common misconception is that Margaret was wrong about the identity of the man who attacked her. Despite these allegations, Margaret's testimony was complete and perfect, showing that she was certainly not mistaken about the identity of her assailant, and the document of this testimony, which contains more than a thousand words in Latin, remains in the National Archives in Maris to this day. .

Jacques Lou Grace

BingMag.com The last duel; What happened to each character in real life?

Lou Grace, an educated man who was described as physically imposing and seductive, was a follower of Count Pierre El Ncon. He was a popular figure in the court and ruled over a large part of his lord's estate and ancestral possessions. He had a close friendship with Matt Damon in the past and was even chosen as his son's godfather. His intimacy with the old Kenneth caused the two carousels to be often overlooked, and their friendship and relationship deteriorated, and with the death of the two carousels' son, the situation worsened and their family ties were severed. Ano Lefacon's valuable assets were given to Le Grace, and two carousels tried to take possession of the assets after his marriage. During the conflict, they became rivals and enemies of each other. Carouge, he argues, did not appear in court. When the case was transferred to the king, Le Grace hired Jean-Louis Cook, France's best lawyer. The film changes the scene of the trial and removes certain details. Lou Grace, for example, disputed Margaret's allegations that she was in the palace that week, and called witnesses who testified that she was present on the day of the incident in a town 25 miles from the rape site. He also claimed that two jealous carpenters had threatened his wife to lie in revenge for Lou Grace. Lou Cook's notes from the case file indicate that the lawyer was skeptical of his client's innocence, but despite two logical testimonies, he admitted in writing that no one really knew the truth of the matter.

Jacques Lou Grace lost the duel and was found guilty. During the battle, two carrots, severely wounded in the thigh and losing blood, managed to throw their opponent to the ground, plunging his sword into Lou Grace and killing him. After the duel, Lou Grace's naked body was turned over in the city and hung on the Gibbet Montefacon. 2110/27/13561-5.jpg ">

One of the screenwriters, Ben Affleck, in the last duel, plays the role of Pierre El Ncon, who was one of the richest barons of France, which at that time was more like a series. It was ruled by feudal kingdoms. He was the cousin of Charles VI and had a close royal relationship with him. Kenneth Pierre sacrificed himself in 1363 as one of the hostages sent to England in exchange for King John, and did not return to France until 1370.

Of course, Pierre as the third son, after the arrival of the brothers His elder brother inherited the entire estate of his father, including the family estates of Jean de Carouge and Jacques Le Grace. He gained more ground by marrying Countess Marie Chamilar. He was known for his habit of pleasing his loved ones, such as Jacques Lou Grace, with generous gifts, and of course he had several mistresses and at least one illegitimate child.

As shown in the last duel, Kent Pierre defended his friend during the trial, acquitting Lou Grace of false charges and accusing Margaret of making false allegations. The two caravans appealed directly to the king, inviting Lou Grace to a court duel, and the count's sentence was overturned. Kent remembered his friend well after Lou Grace was killed in the battle, and as a retaliatory act, continued to thwart the efforts of the two caravans to buy land and expand his influence in Normandy.

Source: Screenrant

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