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The last duel; Everything we know about Ridley Scott's epic and vengeful film

BingMag.com The last duel; Everything we know about Ridley Scott's epic and vengeful film

A knight is forced to continue his trial to fight for justice when his wife is raped by his friend. This film is the story of the last legal duel in the history of France. The Last Duel is an epic historical drama directed by leading filmmaker Ridley Scott.

The film stars Matt Damon, Judy Kamer, Adam Driver and Ben Affleck. Damon and Affleck also co-wrote the screenplay with Nicole Holofsner (author of Can You Forgive Me?).

  • The true story of the last duel; What is Ridley Scott's film about?
  • Why did Ben Affleck and Matt Damon wait so long to work together again as writers?
  • Ridley Scott disappointed everyone with his latest duel (Venice Film Festival 2021)

The last duel is full of proud actors and has a powerful human story, all of which make this film a spectacular work. Therefore, it is not bad to get acquainted with all the details that have been revealed about this project so far, including the release date, story plot, characters, trailers and other parts.

Trailer of the last duel

The trailer of the last duel movie was released on July 20, 2021. This video introduces the main characters and outlines the original plot of the film. It also shows more information about what happens during the duel. As the release date approaches, more trailers may be released, but for now, this trailer itself is very attractive.

When will the last duel be released?

Who are the actors of the last duel?

The last duel of prominent actors in It has main maps. Matt Damon, Adam Driver and Judy Kammer play the main characters in the story, and Ben Affleck appears as a supporting character.

Other cast members in the film include Harriet Walter , Nathaniel Parker (actor of Inspector Linley), Sam Hazeldin (actor of Hitman), Michael McElhaton (actor of Game of Thrones), Alex Luther (actor of Damn World), Marton Choukas (actor of Equalizer), Zeliko Ivank (actor of Injuries) ) And Clive Russell (Game of Thrones actor).

Has the last duel received good reviews?

The last duel after its first appearance in Venice received mixed reviews, scoring 67 on Raton Tomitoz at the time of publication. Criticizing the Venice Film Festival's works for Collider, Rafael Motmayor described the film as a brilliant one, giving it a negative rating and praising everything from the series of performances to the epic scenes of the struggle.

He wrote: "This The film is about a duel to the death of a woman raped by two prominent people. "At first there was a lot of skepticism about the film, but the latest duel with a complex and delicate script, extraordinary performances that are at the level of an acting class and excellent medieval fight scenes, all these ambiguities are forgotten.">

Who are the characters of the last duel?

BingMag.com The last duel; Everything we know about Ridley Scott's epic and vengeful film

In the last duel, Matt Damon plays Jean de Carouge. Carouge is a high-ranking knight who owns property in Normandy and is one of the men who take part in this historic duel, and the story revolves around him. Harriet Walter plays Carolez's mother, Nicole de Bouchard.

Adam Driver plays Jacques Lou Grace, opposite the duel. Lou Grace was a friend of Carousel until he was accused of raping Carougie's wife, Margaret. He goes on to claim his innocence, even when confronted with the possibility of death during the trial. Margaret accuses Jacques Lou Grace of rape, but since there is no other witness, he himself is accused of perjury and baseless allegations. Her husband sees duel as the best way to achieve justice, and in the end, Margaret's life is just as endangered. Nathaniel Parker plays Margaret's father, Sir Robert De Tiboville. Sam Hazeldin also plays Margaret's cousin Supper de Bois. Affleck was originally set to play Lou Grace, but decided to hand over the lead role to Kenneth instead.

In addition to these characters, Martin Choukas as Crespin, Michael McElhaton as Bernard Latour and Alex Luther as King Charles VI.

When was the last duel filmed?

After France, production was scheduled to go to Ireland, where filming lasted from March 23 to March 30, 2020. At this stage of production in Ireland, scenes from the film were to be filmed in Country Meath, Bektio Abbey, Cairo Castle, County Tiprari and a number of other locations throughout Dublin and Wicklow County.

However, Outbreaks of coronary heart disease and travel restrictions in Europe forced the studio to postpone filming indefinitely until filming resumed in late September. The production process finally ended in Ireland on October 14, 2020.

Is the last duel based on a true story?

Yes, the last one The duel is actually based on real events. All the characters in this story were real people, and the narrative of this historic duel between Jean de Carouge and Jacques Le Grace has been extensively written by historians and real and legal scholars.

Rape of Margaret de Carouge, The duel was the trigger, but Jean de Carouge and Jacques Le Grace already had long, bloody backgrounds in real life. Historians have argued that land disputes, money, and Kent issues The old man had caused a great deal of controversy long before this real crime and the trial of the two men. Carousel was a Norman knight who had many disagreements with his master, Pierre Alnson. Lou Grace was a wealthy man and a favorite of Kent, whose differences made him Carousel's rival. countinued. The rape story took these differences to another level and opened a new window for the two men to try to destroy each other. We do not know how much of this historical story is shown in the film, but I must say that this story is not as simple as it seems. They considered many complexities. According to reports, the screenplay was written from three different perspectives to fully administer justice to each of the main characters.

Matt Damon said in an interview: "There are two knights and also a lady named Margaret have. So Ben and I wrote masculine perspectives, and Nicole Holofsner added a feminine perspective. This is how the film's storyline is written. For the first time, another adaptation of the liver book was supposed to be made in 2015, directed by Francis Lawrence and written by Sean Grant, but the project was eventually canceled. The production studios gave the green light to make this current adaptation in July 2019. This book has also been the basis of the documentary drama for the BBC of the same name.

Where and when does the story of the last duel take place?

BingMag.com The last duel; Everything we know about Ridley Scott's epic and vengeful film

The last duel was set in France in the 14th century and exactly in 2007. At that time, trial was no longer a common practice. Of course, it is said that burning a woman because of a false claim of rape was a normal norm at the time. Therefore, it can be said that this period of history was a dark period in the history of France.

What is the plot of the last duel about

Contrary to what It seems that the last duel in the movie The Last Duel is just like the tip of an iceberg above the water. The film's true story is about a complex conspiracy and politics in which the life of a young woman is in the middle.

The story begins when Margaret de Carushe claims to have been raped by Jacques Lou Grace. Unfortunately, due to the lack of evidence, the case is closed and Margaret is accused of lying. In those days, the crime of making a false claim was arson. Her husband, Jean de Carouge, takes the case to the king and asks for a dispute to be settled through a trial by war. Have a good idea of how to conduct a combat trial. Two people involved (or their representatives) fight to the death in a duel. The winner is accepted as the chosen person of God and the side of truth. This is a classic example of authoritarian ethics, or in other words, justice belongs to the one who has the greatest stick. The stages of this trial are completely legal and logical, aren't they? "It's the brutality of France in the 14th century, and it was directed by Ridley Scott, a leading filmmaker and a four-time Academy Award nominee."

The film will be an important work that is worth watching. So mark your calendars and polish the swords you have made since the Renaissance. You should not miss this movie.

Source: Collider

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