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Kristen Stewart with Princess Diana for the Oscars (Venice Film Festival 2021)

BingMag.com Kristen Stewart with Princess Diana for the Oscars (Venice Film Festival 2021)

Early Feedback Spencer's Christine Stewart is considered an Oscar nominee. Kristen Stewart is likely to have a dream awards season ahead.

The actress plays Princess Diana in Pablo Lauren's Spencer, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival 2021 on Friday. It shows that the 31-year-old actress can achieve her first Oscar nomination, because she portrayed this famous and influential character well with her admirable and beautiful role as Princess Diana.

Alex Billington tweeted that the actress had a 100% chance of winning an Oscar and wrote: "Kristen Stewart is in her best shape. Spencer is a wonderful and exciting story about a woman who can not breathe and is not comfortable and realizes that she must be freed from the shackles of the monarchy. "I don't think Spencer is Lauren's best work after the film." It shows his sadness and depression well and nails the audience. Her acting is like a musical performance, heartwarming and melodious. "

Kyle Buchanan, who writes for the New York Times, cites Stuart as the lead actor in the film, which illustrates Diana's multifaceted life well:" The longer the movie goes on, the more we realize Stuart's genius. Stuart is one of the few people on the planet who is involved with the paparazzi and is constantly on their radar, and even in this respect, he is somewhat comparable to Diana herself. Diana never wants to leave her room in the movie, and Stewart has definitely experienced that feeling. "It doesn't matter if he fights them or not, there is no way he can win."

"She is a woman who has to wear beautiful clothes and suffer from loneliness and distance at the same time, but Kristen Stewart plays Princess Diana very differently from Natalie Portman as Jackie."

BingMag.com Kristen Stewart with Princess Diana for the Oscars (Venice Film Festival 2021)

This film, which will also be screened at the Telluride Film Festival this weekend, introduces Stewart as a real person and a symbol of misery that must be met with the sufferings of marriage. Get along with Prince Charles (Jack Firth) and spend the holidays at Sandringham Palace. The royal family attends the usual Christmas festivities, but Diana suffers from an inner turmoil and is constantly daydreaming about the events of her fateful few days to come. It could be a Stewart ticket to an Oscar nomination. He has appeared in major commercial films such as Twilight and acclaimed dramas such as Sils Maria Clouds and Personal Shopper over the past few years, but has not had much success in any of them.

The title of Princess Diana has expressed its initial reactions. The film premiered at the Venice International Film Festival and is scheduled to be released to the public via the Neon Broadcasting Service on November 5.

Spencer Film Critique

Jazmin Lucky

"Spencer is an absolute masterpiece. "The film creatively and uniquely depicts the Princess's personal life, and the powerful performance, breathtaking images and, above all, its heartwarming story, existentialism and horrific tragedy engage the audience."

Owen Gleeberman

"Kristen Stewart has a stunning appearance in Spencer, Pablo Lauren's masterpiece about Princess Diana."

Adam Salomons

"From the beginning to the end of the film, my eyes were watering and then I sat down to write the most positive review I have ever made."

Rafael Motamayor <"Spencer is sad, melancholy, as well as a lofty and delightful tribute not to the princess, but to the woman whose life was very short." Kristen Stewart is a strong actress who should be relied on more. "

David Ehrlich

" Right now all I have to say about Spencer "Kristen Stewart is a genius, Claire Matton is a genius, and Johnny Greenwood, who has already proven himself, created one of the best soundtracks of all time."

Hollywood Deadline strong>

"Kristen Stewart portrays Diana's private life well in the great and royal drama of Pablo Larin."

Guy Lodge

"Spencer is so structurally, formally, and rhythmically consistent with Jackie's film that he must surely somehow create another biographical trilogy about princesses by making another film. The next best choice is Princess Britney. "

Ruben Nepal

" Kristen Stewart and Penelope Cruz give two of the best performances at the Venice Film Festival to date Provided. "Stuart painted a fascinating and sad portrait of Princess Diana in Spencer."

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