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Kristen Stewart on the path to prosperity; From Gregory to Spencer

BingMag.com Kristen Stewart on the path to prosperity; From Gregory to Spencer

Kristen Stewart rose to fame almost a decade ago as the star of "Twilight" movies, and for many audiences, There will always be a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire. Last month, the actor said in an interview with the Sunday Times that he probably has a maximum of "five really good films" in his artistic career. This irony immediately inspired blog posts and social media jokes that said that all five films were probably the same as the Twilight Five. Stuart did not name any of the films he had in mind, but there was an inevitable opportunity for Internet users to plow through the actor's early filmography.

However, when a franchise about the vampires playing baseball was released, Cinema experts spoke ill of Stewart's melancholy mood and nervous energy. "Stewart had only two states: insensitive and a little more insensitive," Claudia Puyg wrote in USA Today. Critic Richard Roper wrote of him: "He is so insensitive that one wonders why these supernatural beings are so insane." YouTube users made videos of a scene where he bites his lips in an extreme and nervous way. And the fact that Stewart, in front of the public eye, brought with him the same hypocritical torment, a bit of ingratitude that did not help, did not help the atmosphere. Stewart was the star of the franchise that made her the highest-paid actress at the age of 22, but she did not appreciate the chance she had at home.

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BingMag.com Kristen Stewart on the path to prosperity; From Gregory to Spencer

Today, Stewart is away from social media and He only gives details of his personal life to trusted interviewers. This strategy has helped him during his almost two decades of career in Hollywood. But his apparent concern for fame has not gone away. She is one of those rare actors who has transferred her love and hate relationship to people to her roles with a meticulous look - and is now flourishing because of this.

With her role as Princess Diana in " Spencer, Pablo Laraine's feature film, reveals this inherent tension. Stewart does not, in fact, present the image of the deceased royal figure in the minds of the people, but interprets his soul and portrays a woman who, at the same time, hates the burden of interest and inclination, and at the same time hates it. Has conquered. Although Stuart downplayed the comparison between his own experience as a celebrity and Diana, in this film he fights the inherent horror of the star in the most explicit way possible. The unexpected, and mischievous choice beyond her expectation for the role of Diana is of the same kind as the narrative of the intersection of life with art that is valued by the award committees. Since the film's first screening at festivals, Stuart has received some of the best reviews of his entire artistic career for his role in the film. Critics have written that he is "one of the most exciting actors working today," with "the ability to mesmerize the camera even in moments of stillness."

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BingMag.com Kristen Stewart on the path to prosperity; From Gregory to Spencer

But what about the "Twilight" movies? it has been changed? First, he has now emerged from the vicious circle of celebrities who saw adolescent anxiety as his weakness. His name is no longer on the list of "most hated celebrities"; Instead, the headlines say, "It's time to dump her and move on." She is a good actor. Second, Stewart has several influential independent roles in his repertoire, such as a supporting role in the critically acclaimed 2014 film Still Alice, directed by Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, starring Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin. (She plays the daughter of a university professor, played by Julianne Moore, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease.) , Again in a supporting role alongside Juliette Binoche, for which she received the Csar Award, the French equivalent of the Oscar. (In this film, he plays the role of the director of the actor's acting programs, played by Binoche, who accompanies him in the turmoil of the actor's artistic and personal life, and is disappointed and leaves him somewhere.) That change of direction after the films "Twilight" He took on a new form, even in the maps that characterized the same dryness of his former designs; His mourning was now "softened," and his numbness was interpreted as "cold-blooded consciousness."

BingMag.com Kristen Stewart on the path to prosperity; From Gregory to Spencer

Stewart has since appeared in films that turn the inner turmoil of troubled characters into repulsive external tensions. Bella in "Twilight," like Maureen in "Personal Shopper," is Stuart's second collaboration with Asayas for viewers like a whiteboard. Both are characters set in a supernatural story, and both are established by Stewart's subtle touch. (In "Personal Shopper", which premiered in 2016, she plays Maureen Cartwright, the personal purchaser of a celebrity who has the ability to communicate with ghosts and wants to connect with her twin brother, who recently died there. .)

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BingMag.com Kristen Stewart on the path to prosperity; From Gregory to Spencer

Actors and filmmakers tend to use old fingerprints Ignore themselves - or join the wave of collective ridicule, as Stuart co-star Robert Pattinson did with "Twilight" - but Stuart looks at his past differently. As an actor, he seems to enjoy exploring the meaning of fame and influence, a common denominator found in works such as The Runaways, Seberg and now Spencer. It seems that the negative attitude of the people towards him only led to the tendency of the characters that the audience rejects them because they do not understand them properly.

Plays while under the auspices of AFBI and the Co-Intel Pro spy project. In the 2010 film "Fugitives", he appeared in another autobiography, directed by Floria Seagizmondi, with Dakota Fanning, which tells the story of the formation of an American rock band of the same name in the 1970s in a period when girls' guitars were not common. Play electronics.

Thus, Stuart's career development is not a process of escaping the Twilight franchise or the way he plays in the series. In Spencer, he seems to fully understand the fact that his creations are inextricably linked to the audience's old perceptions of his work - and he has accepted it. "She is a strange combination of things that seem to have no match," Stewart recently said of Diana. This statement can also be true of Stuart himself.

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