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Korean composite game set; The most popular series in the world these days

BingMag.com Korean composite game set; The most popular series in the world these days

The Korean series "Squid Game", which is one of the newest products of Netflix network, has gained astonishing popularity in the world these days./p>

This TV series is a trailer of the survival subgenre; In Seoul, people who are in financial trouble or under heavy debt enter a series of simple and childish games; Games in which the final winner receives a prize of about $ 38 million, but losing the game has dire consequences and leads to death.

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The composite game has a high build quality, but it is difficult and annoying to watch from some angles; An episode of the series has been released in 9 episodes and has been made available to Netflix viewers. This series has similarities with several other movies and series such as "Battle Royale", "The Hunger Games", "Black Mirror" and "Parasite".>

The most popular Korean TV series

BingMag.com Korean composite game set; The most popular series in the world these days

Although Netflix Network He expected the series to be a success in South Korea, but what actually happened after the series was released was far beyond initial predictions. The series was released to users on September 17, 1400 and became the most popular network series in the United States in just 4 days; Faster than any other non-English language series ever aired on Netflix. It is currently estimated that the series has been viewed by more than 82 million Netflix subscribers worldwide. If we want to compare this statistic with the situation of traditional TV channels, we will come across a strange statistic: the game audience consisted of a total audience of 18 to 49 years old, who watched 40 popular series and programs of last year on TV channels. Recently, a senior Netflix executive predicted that if the current trend continues, the series will soon become the most-watched program in the history of the network.

It has been the topic of the day in recent weeks. Google search trends and hot social media debates have also focused on the series.

The series has become so popular that fans can watch TickTock videos to learn how some of the tools used in the series And related or serial-inspired products sell quickly. In South Korea, compound gaming itself has become so popular that a local Internet service provider has complained to Netflix about the bizarre increase in bandwidth consumed by users.

Autopsy of compound gaming success strong>

BingMag.com Korean composite game set; The most popular series in the world these days

can be seen behind the sudden success of this new Korean series, the efforts of Bella Bajaria, head of the global section He saw Netflix take over last year, overseeing the production of original and original language content in 40 countries.

65% of Netflix's 209 million subscribers live outside the United States and Canada. , This network has multiplied its foreign investments. In South Korea alone, Netflix has spent $ 700 million from 2015 to 2020 to make 80 movies and series, and is set to spend another $ 500 million this year. The network is estimated to have contributed about $ 4.7 billion to the Korean economy. " To be able to tell their stories in the most original way possible. After doing so, we found that dozens of collections such as the French "Lupine" and the Spanish "Money Heist" found audiences around the world. "We knew about the compound game that it would be widely acclaimed in South Korea because the director had a bold vision, and Korean dramas were well received throughout Asia."

"In the United States, watching Korean dramas has increased by 200 percent, and watching non-English-language series has increased by about 71 percent since 2019."/h2>

BingMag.com Korean composite game set; The most popular series in the world these days

The current 9 episodes of this series present a picture of hundreds of South Korean citizens who They belong to some kind of marginalized sections of society. A father on debt, a factory worker, a fugitive from North Korea and the like; Those who compete in a children's game hope to win a grand prize of about $ 38 million. The losers are killed and the rich who pay for the game watch this bizarre battle over human lives associated with a seemingly simple game.

As can be seen, the storyline is closely linked to social status. And it comes at a time when South Korean citizens, as one of the richest countries in Asia, are dissatisfied with the deepening of class divisions; Dissatisfaction, which of course is not limited to South Korea, and is probably based in many European and American countries, and has made the film's internal themes interesting to a wide audience around the world, in addition to the suspension and tension of the storyline.

Who is the creator of the series and how did you get this idea?

BingMag.com Korean composite game set; The most popular series in the world these days

The series' director, writer and creator, Huang Dong Hyuk, directed the 2011 film "Silenced" about sexual abuse. The historical drama "The Fortress" produced in 2017 has been another work of this artist's career. Both films were great successes; Between the two, of course, was the comedy-drama "Suspicious Girl", which was not only one of the most successful films in South Korean cinema, but also adapted and remade in seven other countries, including Japan and China. In an interview with Variety website, Huang Dong Hyuk mentioned that the production process of this series has been long and very stressful. As a result, it does not intend to continue for the time being, or at least in the very short term. But some viewers and critics have accused the series of borrowing too much from the concepts of some other survival films. In response to the criticism, Huang Dong Hyuk notes that his initial notes for the project, which was supposed to be a feature film, date back to 2008. "I confess that I have been inspired by Japanese comics and animations over the years," he said. When I started, I was in financial trouble and spent a lot of time in cafes reading comics such as The Royal Battle and The Liar. I imagined how I would feel if I participated in these games. "But the games seemed too complicated, and I focused on using children's games for my project." "I wanted to write a story that is an allegory of modern capitalist society, something that depicts intense competition, somewhat like the intense competition of life itself. Of course, I wanted to use the kind of characters we've all seen in real life. The story as a survival game is entertaining and of course a human drama. The games are very simple and understandable. "This makes the audience more focused on the characters to get involved in interpreting the rules of the game."

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