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"Knight of the Moon" series; Add nightmares to popular superhero stories

BingMag.com 'Knight of the Moon' <b>series;</b> <b>Add</b> <b>nightmares</b> to <b>popular</b> <b>superhero</b> stories

"Moon Knight" once again proved that a series that is made a decade after the creation of Marvel's cinematic world can also bring classic ideas and concepts. Change and redefine. The fifth part of the first season, called "Hospital", has just been released, which introduces the audience to different aspects of Mark Spector's character and leads the main story in a completely new direction. The tone and performance of the fifth episode are among Marvel's iconic stories. While popular superhero stories are often full of tragedy and end with the rebirth of a hero, Mark Spector (Oscar Isaac)'s rebirth knight is a complete tragedy.

* Warning: In the continuation of this article, a part of the story of the fifth episode of the Knight of the Moon series will be revealed.

The fifth episode will further explore the origins of Mark Spector and Steven Grant and why Creates a second character to protect the brand. At the same time, it refers directly to the role of Mark's abusive mother in shaping her future and her way of thinking, which ultimately leads her to bloodshed and to become a fist of revenge. A superhero like Iron Man was created when a tragic event left Tony Stark introspective and changed his behavior. On the other hand, a superhero like Captain America volunteered for a dangerous mutant experiment and hoped that the result would save millions of lives. In the case of the Spector brand, however, everything is different; Stark's moral compass leads him to dangerous situations, and Mill Steve Rogers confronts him with his kind of struggle and life.

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BingMag.com 'Knight of the Moon' <b>series;</b> <b>Add</b> <b>nightmares</b> to <b>popular</b> <b>superhero</b> stories

In one of the key scenes in the fourth episode of Mark Spector, a mercenary who is severely wounded by his friend's betrayal and left in the sands of Egypt, drags himself to the Temple of Blood to commit suicide and end his life full of grief. Give. This decision is not at all strange considering Mark's background and guilt for his brother's death; In fact, he spent most of his life making up for his mistakes, putting himself in danger, and it did not matter to him whether he survived or died. When Khuns gives him a chance to become a hero, he is still hesitant, but in the end he decides to do good deeds on the ground as the knight of the moon and Khuns's hand, and to make up for past mistakes.

What the audience and of course Steven was seen as an outside observer, it was that Khons deceived Mark from the beginning; Originally he was just looking for a new avatar, Mark did not matter to him and did everything he could to accept his offer. Khuns resorted to Mark's desire for change and used his injured psyche to carry out his decisions on earth. He even assured Mark that he was a worthy candidate, but in the first part I saw that he threatened her many times with Leila and said that he was definitely a better avatar than Mark. Steven saw the obvious deception of the moon god in the past of his other character, but Mark himself admitted that he may have wanted more power because he felt that the only thing he could do well was murder.

BingMag.com 'Knight of the Moon' <b>series;</b> <b>Add</b> <b>nightmares</b> to <b>popular</b> <b>superhero</b> stories

But what makes the moment of the birth of the Moon Knight from Mark's body even more sad is that it bears a strong resemblance to the birth of superheroes such as the Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor and ; A broken person who becomes a better and stronger version of himself, with the glorious music he plays in the background and finally the bloody ceremonial armor that wraps around the brand, but the sad thing is that the disguise of the knight of the moon is created by deception and coercion. Instead of being released, he was imprisoned in another prison.

The Knight of the Moon is one of Marvel's unique superheroes who is not a perfect human being at all, but is extremely vulnerable at certain times in his life. Mark and Steven, who are in fact contract killers, tried to make up for the past and change their uncertain future. Without blood, they had another chance to be more than just a murderer. Hopefully, once again, when Mark is forced to wear the Knight of the Moon, he will do so not as a defeated assassin but as a man who wants to confront the invaders and protect humans.

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