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Kasper; 5 tips about this nostalgic movie that does not fit with reason

BingMag.com Kasper; 5 tips about this nostalgic movie that does not fit with reason

This always happens. You go back and watch one of your favorite childhood movies from years or even decades ago, and along with the onslaught of nostalgic memories, you have questions that you can't stop thinking about, and maybe feeling crazy. The same is true of Casper, especially in the run-up to Halloween, when families may be showing old films to their children. This experience sounds like a good idea most of the time, but there are a few things about Casper that can not be ignored.

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Of course, note that the points are about Starring Christina Ritchie (after the Adams family) and Bill Pullman (before Independence Day), the film is not a critique of the film or a superstitious comment at all, but comes from a love of the film. Many old Casper fans still love this movie and watch it from time to time to keep their old memories alive.

1. As a supernatural therapist, James Harvey does not seem to believe in ghosts. The plot of Casper's film is that a greedy heir named Carrigan Crittenten (Katie Moriarty) owns a huge, abandoned, ghostly mansion that he inherited after the death of his father. At first he is not interested in this property, but when he finds out about the treasure that is hidden somewhere in the house, he changes his mind. To solve the ghost problem of the house, Crittenden contacts James Harvey (Bill Pullman), a supernatural therapist who specializes in selfish ghosts who seek to resolve their unfinished problems in the afterlife. You might think that Harvey believes in ghosts, right? They get acquainted. Kat does not believe in ghosts, so he faints from the shock. As a ghost expert, his father loses control and behaves as if he were seeing a ghost for the first time. It can not be said that the script of the film is bad, because the sequence and the actors themselves become the most ridiculous scene in the whole film, and it is clear that the problem is not just the story of the film.

2. Craigan Crettenden remembers his plan immediately after becoming a ghost

BingMag.com Kasper; 5 tips about this nostalgic movie that does not fit with reason

One of the most important ghost rules that comes up again and again throughout Casper is that wandering ghosts cannot finish their unfinished business in the world because they have no memory of their pre-death life. Elsewhere in the film, Casper even tells Kat Harvey that he has been wandering around the mansion for years without knowing who he is or why he is stuck on the property. The same thing happens with James Harvey. He dies after falling into a well, after Kat reminds him that he has a daughter and convinces him to enter the Lazarus machine (Casper's father made it years ago in an attempt to resurrect his dead son. He remembers his previous circumstances.

But that is not the case with Craig Kritten. He becomes a ghost and goes to Casper's father's house to steal what he thinks is a valuable treasure. Almost as soon as she becomes a soul, Crittenden remembers everything about her life, her motives, and her greed. However, the villain comes to his senses and realizes that Casper's treasure, gloves and baseball are not gold bags.

3. Why did Amelia Harvey become an angel if all other people who died became one soul?

BingMag.com Kasper; 5 tips about this nostalgic movie that does not fit with reason

Throughout the film, it is revealed that the ghosts follow the rules set for them, but one of the biggest confusions of the whole film is the last part, in which Kat's mother and James's wife, Amelia, Harvey (Amy Burnman, the famous actress in the movie Amy Judgment) is born to talk to everyone as an angel. Without a strange head, without white, and without the ability to deform like other ghosts, he is just an ordinary angel. He was loved very much alive but does not explain how he was able to return as an angel or why he did not look like other spirits with those round heads, without human features and the ability to become a pillow or turn humans into Rodney Dongfield. It cannot be said that Casper's film has any respect for the audience's intelligence, but it seems that the ending is a bit difficult.

4. Why should the ghost world be ruled by Cinderella rules?

BingMag.com Kasper; 5 tips about this nostalgic movie that does not fit with reason

He comes to the mansion, rewards Casper for being a good spirit, and makes him a Cinderella dealer, meaning that Casper becomes a real boy (played by Devon Sava) and then gets to know Kat more, but Instead of the usual midnight respite, Amelia gives Casper a respite until 10 a.m. (probably even ghost babies should go to bed early), after which she becomes a ghost again.

But the question remains. There remains no answer as to why Amelia and Casper should play by the rules set out in Cinderella's story in the first place. If Amelia (as an angel who appears practically out of nowhere in a very attractive red dress) and Casper (who can literally turn into inanimate objects and pass through walls) can do whatever they want, then why should they? Follow certain rules? Are they the ghost and family version of Walter Sobchak from the great Lebowski film?

5. At the end of the film, Casper and Kat Harvey behave as if they have a normal relationship with each other.

BingMag.com Kasper; 5 tips about this nostalgic movie that does not fit with reason

During the film, a lot happens between Casper and Kat Harvey that leads to a friendly and friendly relationship between them (after the spirit of Devon Sava returns). When Casper first encounters Kat, he captures and moves the events of the film, and then does everything he can to be with the girl. With all that said, it seemed natural for the two to have a friendly relationship before the end of the film, and when their friendship reaches its peak, we see a great magical moment that every teenager who watches the film dreams of experiencing. At the same time or another time, it nurtures in its head. As soon as Devon Sava becomes a ghost, it is as if none of the previous moments have happened. It was as if his proper connection to the coat and all the emotions behind it were just the appearance of the work. It was as if they were just pretending and then each going their own way and going home.

There are many things about Casper that do not make sense, but in any case, it should not be worth it. Let's not forget the family and friendship in 1995, which is amazingly fun to watch even in adulthood.

Source: cinemablend

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