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Jerry Lee Lewis Review: The Enigma within the Mind: The Messianic Spirit of Rock and Roll (Cannes Film Festival 2022)

BingMag.com <b>Jerry</b> <b>Lee</b> <b>Lewis</b> <b>Review:</b> The <b>Enigma</b> <b>within</b> the <b>Mind:</b> The <b>Messianic</b> <b>Spirit</b> of <b>Rock</b> and <b>Roll</b> <b>(Cannes</b> <b>Film</b> <b>Festival</b> 2022)

The Coen brothers have temporarily parted ways to pursue charismatic characters whose souls are possessed by the devil. For Joel, it was a Film adaptation of William Shakespeare's famous play, Macbeth, and for Ethan, it's a documentary about one of the most iconic Rock music legends of all time.

"Jerry Lee Lewis: The Mystery Inside the Mind takes a quick look at the life of one of the Rock music geniuses, in a very Quinnian way, and the ups and downs of life show the Messianic existence in which the demons inside have led him in this direction.

BingMag.com <b>Jerry</b> <b>Lee</b> <b>Lewis</b> <b>Review:</b> The <b>Enigma</b> <b>within</b> the <b>Mind:</b> The <b>Messianic</b> <b>Spirit</b> of <b>Rock</b> and <b>Roll</b> <b>(Cannes</b> <b>Film</b> <b>Festival</b> 2022)

Ethan Coen with his wife Trisha Cook He has been with him.

The Coen brothers, who have made feature films together for years, and acclaimed films such as "No Place for Old Men," "Brother, Where Are You?" And they have "Fargo" in their record, this time they have decided to continue their journey individually, at least for a short time. Although Eaton has always been in the shadow of his older brother, but by looking at the critics' opinions, he has been able to show off his individual directing skills and, with his own intelligence, astonish you with this spectacular work.

Jerry Lee Lewis Movie Critique: The Mystery in the Mind

ScreenDale - Tim Greerson

Archival Documentary "Jerry Lee Lewis: The Enigma in the Mind" presents its central theme as a riddle, a Rock and Roll whose passion and demons have been the food of his volcanic music. In his first solo directing project, Eaton Coen used images from interviews and performances to create an image that is far from straightforward, yet gives an overview of what's about the 86-year-old legend.

Rock and country music fans are certainly interested in hearing the piano sound of a prolific musician, but it also arouses the curiosity of the audience, as Ethan Coen and his brother Joel, for years, have been They were the mainstay of the festivals.

Coen is not looking for a straightforward biography in making this documentary, although he does provide some basic facts about Lewis and how he became famous. Instead, the "riddle within the mind", as its title implies, is like a riddle, or rather, Lewis is like a riddle to be answered.

BingMag.com <b>Jerry</b> <b>Lee</b> <b>Lewis</b> <b>Review:</b> The <b>Enigma</b> <b>within</b> the <b>Mind:</b> The <b>Messianic</b> <b>Spirit</b> of <b>Rock</b> and <b>Roll</b> <b>(Cannes</b> <b>Film</b> <b>Festival</b> 2022)

During the 74-minute screening of this documentary," Inside the Mind "tends to overlook the issues rather than delve into them in more detail. Excuse me, but on the other hand, Quinn has gathered an important part of his subjects in this film. Films of his performances, especially at a critical juncture in the 1950s, continue to be the subject of debate and revelation, and Coen has cleverly documented these performances for almost the entire duration so that we can be fascinated by Lewis's unparalleled power.

The documentary concludes with Quinn's recent videos, which show him in a much more fragile state than the vicious cat of many years ago, noting that he lived longer than any of his contemporaries. It gives us a brief explanation of why this legendary artist was nicknamed The Killer and continues to amaze and confuse us.

Variety - Owen Gleiberman

BingMag.com <b>Jerry</b> <b>Lee</b> <b>Lewis</b> <b>Review:</b> The <b>Enigma</b> <b>within</b> the <b>Mind:</b> The <b>Messianic</b> <b>Spirit</b> of <b>Rock</b> and <b>Roll</b> <b>(Cannes</b> <b>Film</b> <b>Festival</b> 2022)

when he made a documentary as a project out of the ordinary Yes, and by the filmmaker who often makes feature films, there is a special curiosity and excitement to see the angle of view and the way this work is made. Although this documentary is purely about music, it does give Eaton a chance to show off his individual skills and he He succeeds in doing so, in a completely Ethan Quinn way: cleverly, with humility and blurred boundaries, but with an inner blow that will surprise you.

"Jerry Lee Lewis: A Mystery in Mind" He has used archival footage and interviews that have been done mostly on TV, and these days documentaries may want to surprise you with a large amount of such footage, but this documentary does not fall into that category. In other words, Quinn did not leave the house to interview some people who say enlightening things about Lewis, and most of these anecdotes are things that come out of Jerry Lewis' own mouth.

You might say This is easy or even lazy, but it is actually a relief to get rid of clutter. Eaton Coen is a great filmmaker and he has worked with his top editor, Trisha Cook, to combine different films with a pleasant taste, and this is exactly what you want, this documentary will make Jerry Lewis intoxicated and keep you going at the same time. Quinn also allowed these archival films to be played as long as he wanted, which usually includes an entire song, and said to himself, "How can you ignore these?" And, of course, he's right, and Quinn, by coordinating the Film with his personal pleasures, gives us pure extracts of the fun of rocky and rocky moonlit nights.

Guardian - < Peter Bardshaw

Coen has made an enjoyable documentary based entirely on Jerry Lewis' archival footage over the years and his interviews and performances that began with a stormy start. He begins in the 1950s. By showing the amazing images of the 1950s, Cohen portrays Jerry Lee as one of the most terrifying superheroes of Batman's adventures: Ridler, the Ridler whose long curly hair flies and plays the notes of music with those long, straight fingers. While performing his famous and successful song "Whole Lotta Shakin 'Goin' On", he throws his piano chair to one side, puts his foot on the piano and plays again.

Hollywood Reporter - John Defour

BingMag.com <b>Jerry</b> <b>Lee</b> <b>Lewis</b> <b>Review:</b> The <b>Enigma</b> <b>within</b> the <b>Mind:</b> The <b>Messianic</b> <b>Spirit</b> of <b>Rock</b> and <b>Roll</b> <b>(Cannes</b> <b>Film</b> <b>Festival</b> 2022)

If the documentary had not been directed by Cohen "Mystery in the Mind" deserved to be screened at a Festival that is less showy than Cannes, and documentaries like Tom Zeimani, who specializes in music and has made remarkable works about Lewis's contemporaries, Elvis and Johnny Cash, could dispel myth. To separate and follow his musical legacy, something we rarely see in this film. Let's say that celebrities who rely on the sofa of live programs often do not show their reality on TV. "Mystery in Mind" may be appealing to those die-hard Rock fans and those who should watch all of the Coen brothers' films. But if this is the Film that convinced Ethan Cohen not to give up filmmaking, it was something worth making.

Source: Looper

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