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The Japanese movie star became the best film of the National Critics Association 2021

BingMag.com The <b>Japanese</b> <b>movie</b> <b>star</b> <b>became</b> the <b>best</b> <b>film</b> of the <b>National</b> <b>Critics</b> <b>Association</b> 2021

The movie "Drive My Car" won the most important awards of the National film Critics Association of America this year. The director of this Japanese work, Ryosuki Hamaguchi, was also selected as the best director of 2021.

Winning these awards made my car continue the current process of winning numerous awards from various circles and associations. Hamaguchi's latest film was nominated for best Picture of the Year by the Los Angeles film Critics Association and the New York film Critics Circle.

  • My Car Wins best Critics Association Awards in 2021

In addition to winning best Picture, best Director, best Actor, and He also won the best screenplay. Along with this year, who starred in this year's National Critics Association, Spielberg made "West Side Story," Jane Campion directed "The Power of the Dog," and "Petite Maman" directed by Petite Maman. Celine Siam was present in various sections as the next election of the members of the association. Selects from among the most important US film and entertainment publications; Members, among whom we sometimes encounter prominent independent filmmakers. The Los Angeles Times reviewer and columnist Justin Chang is currently chairing the association.

Any film released in 2021, whether in theaters or on streaming platforms Eligible to participate in the voting of the elected members of the association. Unlike many other similar groups and circles, the National Association of Critics does not have a candidate selection process and only determines the final winners by voting.

In addition to selecting the best film or artist in each category, The number of votes in the next two ranks is also determined, and the number of votes and the proximity of the works to each other can also be checked. Last year, "Nomadland" was named best Picture and "First Cow" was shortlisted with only two less votes. In 2019, the Korean film "Parasite" won the award. Both films eventually won best Picture at the Academy Awards.

  • Land of the Displaced was named National film Critics Association's best film of the Year
  • Selected Engel as best film of 2019

In the years when the Association selects a foreign film as the best film, it will not win the best Non-English Language film category. This year, too, due to the selection of the non-English-language film, Drive My Car as the best film of the year, as in 2019, no winner was selected in the best Non-English-language film category.


best movie

  • Winner : Drive My Car
  • Next Positions <: Little Mom, Dog Power

best Director

  • Winner : Ryosuki Hamaguchi (Drive my car, wheel of fortune and fantasy)
  • Next positions : Jane Campion (dog power), Celine Siam (little mom)

best Actress

  • Winner : Penelope Cruz (Parallel Moms)
  • Next Positions : Renate Rinso (Worst Person in the World), Alana Heim (Likrish Pizza)

best Actor in a Leading Role

(Drive My Car)
  • Next Positions : Benedict Cumberbatch (Dog Power ), Simon Rex (Red Rocket)
  • best Supporting Actress

    • Winner : Ruth Nega (Passing) li>
    • Next Positions : Ariana Debus (West Side Story), Jesse Buckley (The Missing Girl)

    best Supporting Actor

    • Winner : Andersh Danielsen Lee (Worst Person in the World)
    • Next Positions : Vincent London (Titan), Michael Fist (Story) West Side), Cody Smith-McPhee (Dog Power)

    best Cinematography

    • Winner : Andrew Drews Palermo (Green Knight) )
    • Next Classes : Eri Wenger (Dog Power), Siombo Mokdiprom (Memories)

    best Screenplay

    • Winner : Ryosuke Hamaguchi (Drive Me Car)
    • Next Positions : Pedro Almodvar (Parallel Mothers), Paul Thomas Anderson (Likrish Pizza)

    best Nonfiction film

    • Winner : Escape (Jonas Poohr Rasmussen)
    • Official Next : Processes on, The Velvet Underground

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