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James Bond defeats Venom with authority (Box Office of the Week)

BingMag.com James Bond defeats Venom with authority (Box Office of the Week)

"There is no time to die" as the twenty-fifth film of Agent 007 by overtaking "Venom 2" managed to reach the top of the box office table this week

Over the past few weeks, with the release of big and expensive movies around the world, more moviegoers have flocked to theaters. This Week Is Not a Time to Die With stunning sales in international markets, it has become the best-selling film in most countries. The gang's new adventure at the US box office has grossed $ 55.2 million over the past three days, with the Mojo box office announcing the film's $ 259 million gross in international markets, bringing its total sales to over $ 314 million in its opening weekend. Go.

  • James Bond's villains are rated from the least dangerous to the most deadly

so far in Ratnatomitosis and Metacritic for the film based on 303 and 65, respectively. The score is 84 out of 100 and 68 out of 100, which is slightly lower than expected. Of the 68 reviews in Metacritic for the 25th James Bond, 42 were positive, and 21 were mediocre. Two critics have called "There Is No Time to Die" a poor film. Just when the gang is about to get away from the conflict, his old friend and a CIA spy come to him for help in solving an important case. Following this request, the gang's case is opened to a kidnapping. In the continuation of the story, we find out that a mysterious terrorist is responsible for this, and the world is on the verge of facing a serious danger that it has never experienced before.

The role of the negative character of the film is played by Rami Malik and accordingly Normally, James Bond must try to stop this evil man and protect the world from possible dangers. Along with Craig and Malik, notable actors include Leah Seido, Naomi Harris, Anna de Armas, Ben Wishaw, Jeffrey Wright, Ralph Fiennes and Christoph Waltz.

Agent 007 is played by Kerry Fukunaga, best known for making the "Real Detective" series. The screenplay was also written by Neil Purvis, Robert Wade, Carrie Joji Fukunaga, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. It has even won important awards. He has played the role of James Bond more than any other actor and now he intends to say goodbye to the role of Agent 007 after the twenty-fifth film of this series, which is not the time to die. Recently, a black actress, Lashanna Lynch, announced that she would replace Agent 007 in no time to die, so that we could finally see the first female Agent 007 in color. (Venom: Let There Be Carnage) sold $ 31.7 million in its second week of release, settling for second place. "Venom: Let Carnegie Come" has also been released in European countries, and according to the Mojo box office, the superhero film grossed $ 43.9 million in its first days of international release, with total sales exceeding $ 185 million after 10 days. Slow.

The story of this film takes place three years after the events of the first part. When Eddie Brock is trying to make a name for himself again by reporting on a psychic serial killer named Coltus Cassidy who is on death row. Since Kasdie sees Eddie as a reflection of himself, he refuses to interview anyone other than him. During the conversation, Cassidy incites Eddie Brock to attack and bite his hand, swallowing a symbiote of Venom. Meanwhile, Detective Mulligan, unable to find the remains of Cassidy's victims, asks Eddie for help, and this is the beginning of the film's exciting events.

"Shang Chi and the Legend" Ten Rings sold $ 4.3 million last week, down one rung from last week to settle for fourth place at the box office. Marvel's new film has grossed $ 212.5 million and $ 189.5 million, respectively, at the box office in the United States and international markets, bringing its total revenue to $ 402 million. Overall, it garnered critical acclaim. To date, a score of 71 out of 100 has been recorded for this film in Metacritic based on 49 reviews. Thirty critics have taken a positive view of the film, and only two critics have rated Shang Chi's adventures poorly. At Ratnatomitose, the film received a score of 92 out of 100 based on 243 reviews. Chi is based on Marvel familiar meters and criteria, but in a few minutes it will have its own film. Daniel Carton's new handiwork is very different and better than previous superhero films. "The film provides many avenues for continuing and making new versions, following the principles of the Marvel superheroes, but with all these interpretations, it has its own magic and characters." In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), it was written by David Callaham and stars Simo Liu as Shang Chi, Tony Liang as Mandarin and Aquafina for an unspecified role. The Shang-Chi Adventures is not the first major corporate effort to make a superhero movie or TV show based on martial arts in recent years. The series did not achieve much success due to many problems, including weak and incomplete struggles, storytelling, and even overly positive heroism and clichd narration, but Marvel Studios believes that relying on its successful experiences in the world of superhero films is interesting. It has given attention to cinema lovers. This style of struggle and the story of the salvation of Eastern heroes has always been very popular around the world. In its second week of release in the United States, it managed to sell $ 1.4 million and was ranked fifth in the table. The film grossed $ 2.9 million in international markets over the past 10 days, bringing its total gross to $ 10.2 million. pulls. The young soprano is rising in one of the most turbulent periods in Newark City history; An era in which rival gangsters revolt and challenge the powerful Dimeo family in a city of racial strife. Meanwhile, Dicky Multisant, who has been arrested several times by law, tries to turn Tony into a powerful and influential gangster.

The film is set in Newark, New Jersey. Where Tony Soprano, following the example of his uncle, Dickie Multisanti, intends to change his life, and this relationship opens the door for both of them to violent currents. The film is directed by Alan Taylor, best known for "The Exterminator: Genesis" and "Thor: The Dark World." Among New York City's many acclaimed actors are Vera Farmiga, Alessandro Nivola, Corey Stoll and John Brenthal.

BingMag.com James Bond defeats Venom with authority (Box Office of the Week)

In Metacritic and Ratnatomitosis, a score of 60 out of 100 and 75 out of 100 has been recorded for this crime-drama film based on 45 and 154 reviews, respectively. "The New Yorkers Abundant is a clever and lively film that provides a useful account of how the world of the sopranos came into being," Owen Gliberman of Variety wrote in a part of his critique of the New York City Abundant. The main problem with this film is that it does not convince fans of the series about Tony's transformation. "The creators may think that Tony Soprano's journey from an ordinary Italian-American teenager to a dangerous gangster has been explored enough, but this payment is not enough for those who have returned to the soprano world after 14 years."

The story of the free man takes place in the real world and within a video game. In the Free City video game, Guy (played by Ryan Reynolds) is a happy, loving young man who leads a normal, healthy life. He drinks coffee in the mornings, is a bank teller, and walks with his best in town. But one day, while passing by Molotov's daughter (played by Judy Kamer), he falls in love with her at first sight, and this is the beginning of the exciting events of the story, and suddenly Guy begins to rewrite his character plan and becomes a rebellious and rebellious man in the game.

For IMDb, Ratnatomitosis and Metacritic scored 77 out of 100, 82 out of 100 and 62 out of 100, respectively, indicating that we are dealing with a typical action-comedy film, probably due to its cheerful atmosphere. And the state of the world in recent months has been well received by boxers at the box office. It sold $ 1.01 million in the United States over the weekend. The screenplay is based on the musical theater of the same name by Pask and Paul and Lonsen himself. The story of Eun Hansen Aziz is about a high school student who suffers from social anxiety disorder and gets involved in a strange story after one of his friends loses his life due to suicide. The interesting thing about the making of this film is the use of the cast of the original version of the theater in front of the binoculars. It has been recorded out of 100, which shows that we are not facing an impressive and good musical film at all, at least in the eyes of critics. Of course, film lovers consider the opposition to be somewhat unfair and harsh. For example, Charles McNalaty, a Los Angeles Times critic, wrote in a note to Eun Hansen: "Dear Heaters * Sorry, this movie is not a disaster! "This musical was definitely more appealing at the 2016 Broadway Theater, but the cinematic version, despite its weaknesses, is not so bad."

Usually hateful or angry.

The supernatural film "Lamb" directed by Waldmar Johansson is another successful new film this week. Lamb, starring Inquard Eckert Sigworthon, Nomi Rapas and Hilmir Asnar Goodnason, has sold $ 1.13 million in the United States over the past three days. The film tells the story of a couple named Maria and Ingvar who have no children, they find a mysterious newborn lamb on their farm and this incident affects their lives and gradually leads to their destruction.

BingMag.com James Bond defeats Venom with authority (Box Office of the Week)

Lamb in Metacritic based on 24 reviews Acceptable score of 70 out of It has a score of 100 and in Ratnatomitosis it has a score of 87 out of 100 based on 89 reviews. Rolling Stone critic David Fier described the lamb as the sweetest nightmare one can experience in waking up. With $ 710,000 at the US box office, the ninth place in the table is enough. In 45 days, Kennedyman sold $ 16.2 million in international markets and Mojo box office reported total revenue of $ 76.3 million worldwide, slightly lower than expected. Jordan Peel, co-director of "Go Out" and "Anne" with Wayne Rosenfeld and Nia Ducesta, has written a new Kennedy film directed by Nia Ducesta, starring John Abdel-Matthew II, Theona Press, Nathan Stewart-Dumart and Jarrell.

Metacritic, Ratnatomitosis and IMDb scored 72 out of 100, 85 out of 100 and 64 out of 100 for this film, respectively. Variety critic Owen Gliberman wrote in part of his note for Candyman: "The new Candyman refers to the plot of the original film as an imaginary and mischievous plot of evil puppets to tell his audience that Doxta's work is a real work, while the previous film , Has been a legend. "Kendiemann's 2021 drama traces more than what happened to Essler, and in addition, the filmmaker has well addressed a number of social concerns." "Metropolitan Opera: Boris Godunov" With sales of $ 387,000, it is the tenth best-selling film in the United States. This theatrical-operatic film is originally the work of Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky. The subject of this opera is Boris Godunov, the ruler of Russia, who was the tsar of this country between 1598 and 1605. Mussorgsky wrote Boris Godunov's screenplay in Russian, based on the play by Boris Godunov, Alexander Pushkin. To date, different versions of this opera have been performed.

The name of the movie Week of Screening Weekend Sale is not a general time to die
No Time to Die 1 55.2 55.2 Venom: Let Carnegie Come
> Venom: Let There Be Carnage 2 31.7 141.4 The Adams family
The Addams Family 2 2 10.1 31.2 Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ring
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 6 4.3 212.5 The Many Saints of Newark
The Many Saints of Newark 2 1.4 7.3 Free Guy
Free Guy 9 1.2 119.6 Dear Eun Hansen
Dear Evan Hansen 3 1.01 13.7 Lamb
Lamb 1 1 1 Candyman
Candyman 7 0.7 60 Metropolitan Opera: Boris Godunov
Met Opera: Boris Godunov 1 0.3 0.3

* Sales figure is based on million dollars.

Source: Boxofficemojo

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