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Jack Nicholson has been named the greatest actor in the history of cinema

BingMag.com <b>Jack</b> <b>Nicholson</b> has been <b>named</b> the <b>greatest</b> <b>actor</b> in the <b>history</b> of cinema

Jack Nicholson is considered by most moviegoers to be one of the greatest actors in the history of cinema; Especially after his brilliant performances in big works such as "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", "The Shining" and many others. A true myth that is referred to as a cultural symbol. Nicholson's career is one of the most inspiring for the younger generation.

While Nicholson was taking his first steps in the film industry, he received a very good job in animation design from William Hannah and Joseph Barbara, but He did not accept it because he only wanted to be an actor. He wrote and started writing screenplays. Nicholson was soon able to return to acting after a while, this time becoming one of the greatest actors of his time, and one person inspired him throughout; Marlon Brando.

According to Nicholson, he was part of the first generation of Brando fans and found his performance on the silver screen stunning. "Marlon Brando is one of the greatest men of the 21st and 21st centuries, and we immortals have a duty to put aside trivial things and respect him," he said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. Nicholson refers to his childhood years, when he saw On the Waterfront twice a night, and Brando's play deeply influenced him. As a child, Nicholson did not know anything about Brando's particular style and Akning method, but he and those around him all knew that Brando was a special actor with a different style.

Although many other actors sought to use the acting style. They became famous, but Nicholson is sure that none of them came close to Brando's footsteps. "Other actors never argue about who is the best actor in the history of cinema, because the answer is clear; Marlon Brando. "

Nicholson turned down an offer to play The Godfather because his character had nothing in common with Marlon Brando and he preferred to wait for another movie like The Missouri Breaks. Still, it was very difficult for Nicholson to play in this film, because he felt mentally weak against Brando.

Before this film, Nicholson always had in mind the idea of working with Brando. He did, but when it came down to it, everything was different. Nicholson describes Brando's power over acting as follows: "He completely destroyed me." Nicholson claims he did not know what to say to those who did not understand Brando's greatness, because they were losing something that was painfully obvious.

Given Nicholson's astonishing growth in cinema, he Was able to live on Molland Street in Beverly Hills, near his childhood myth; The street was famous for the presence of the likes of Nicholson, Brando and Warren Beatty on Bad Boy Street.

When Brando died, Nicholson bought his house and planted plumeria flowers in memory of the legend. In his interview, Nicholson continues to discuss Brando as the best actor in history, stating that Brando is the best actor in history, having shone not only in big films, but also in films that did not perform well.

"In my opinion, almost everything this man has done has been revolutionary," he says. For me, Marlon Brando was the greatest actor in history. "This is a fact that was obvious to me." Nicholson also comments on Brando's extensive career. "Although he claims to be Brando's best work on the dock, his portrayal of Mark Anthony in Julius Caesar inspired many other actors who later starred in Shakespearean adaptations."

For Nicholson, Brando falls into the same category as Picasso. "As an artist, I put Brando on a par with Picasso," he says. I have seen Picasso's early paintings in the museums of Barcelona. "I have always believed that if you take Picasso's first painting and put it next to all the other works he painted until his death, you will find that some people can not be brilliant."

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