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Is the young Morpheus in the Matrix 4 trailer?

BingMag.com Is the young Morpheus in the Matrix 4 trailer?

In The Matrix Resurrections, two characters, Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie Ann Moss), return to the stage. , But will Yahya Abdel-Matin II play the role of the young Morpheus? However, the key characters of Agent Smith and Morpheus are not present either. With Persian subtitles)

  • Matrix Chronicle; A complete description of the world of the Matrix from the time of peace to the domination of machines
  • Despite the non-confirmation of the return of these two characters, there are rumors that they are present. There are frequent references to the presence of the young Morpheus with the artist Abdul Matin II in the fourth part of the film. Clearly, not everything is clear, but will the character of the young Morpheus in The Matrix: The Resurrection be highlighted? In the Instagram post of an account that publishes the news of the trailers, the presence of Abd al-Matin II in the role of Morpheus was confirmed and there was no doubt about this for months. In a scene from the movie, Morpheus, wearing his special clothes and glasses, gives Neo a red capsule and says "flight time".

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