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Is the series "Vikings: Valhalla" based on historical events and real people?

BingMag.com Is the <b>series</b> 'Vikings: Valhalla' <b>based</b> on <b>historical</b> <b>events</b> and <b>real</b> people?

"Vikings: Valhalla" depicts the final years of the Viking Age and shows some key events in Viking history, but the series is historically It is not very accurate and it is very different from reality. Broadcast on TV in 2013.

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The series initially started as a mini-series, but the first episodes were so well received that the series decided to have six seasons. Produce it, and finally, the series ended in 2020. The Vikings first told the story of the legendary Scandinavian warrior Ragnar Lutbrook (played by Travis Fimel) and his travels and raids with his Viking brothers, but as the series progressed, the story became more about his sons, Bjorn, Obe, and Howitzer. Sigurd and Ivar concentrated.

They became a series of champions after Ragnar's death in the fourth season. The "Vikings" series explores the early years of the Viking Age, which began with the invasion of Lindisfarne. But six chapters is not enough to tell all the thrilling stories of the time, and so the series was introduced as "Vikings: Valhalla." (Played by Sam Corlett), Friedis Ericksodoter (played by Frida Gastauson) and Harald Sigurdsson (played by Leo Sutter) embark on a journey that takes them to the heart of the oceans and battlefields. They go from Katgat to England to the Pagan Temple in Uppsala. In fact, we've seen some of the key events in Viking history, such as the St. Bryce massacre and the fall of the London Bridge, in most episodes of the first season of Vikings: Valhala, but not all of them are historically accurate, so here are some Note these differences

The Story of Friedis Erickson

BingMag.com Is the <b>series</b> 'Vikings: Valhalla' <b>based</b> on <b>historical</b> <b>events</b> and <b>real</b> people?

What has been said about the story of Friedis Eriksdotr is mostly based on myths, but it is believed that he was a real character and the daughter of Eric Moghermz. Two versions of Friedis's story are quoted in epics that are very different from each other. In the Greenland epic, she is described as Leaf's sister. In this legend, Friedis returns to Vinland without a leaf and deals with two Icelandic men named Helgi and Finbogi. The plan was for them to travel to Winland together and share all the profits, but when they got there, there was a rift between them.

Eventually Friedis asked them to. To leave his house because the house belonged to him. Eventually the two brothers and Friedis formed separate tribes and made peace with each other, but when Friedis returned from the brothers, she told her husband that they had beaten her. Freddis called her husband a coward and asked him to take revenge or he would divorce her. So her husband gathered his men and killed the two brothers and their tribe while they were still asleep. As Friedis's wife refused to kill the women in the camp, he himself picked up an ax and killed each one of them. Freddis threatened to kill anyone who knew about the killings, but when they returned to Greenland, Leif finally realized what had happened.

He did not deport him, but he did something to make his children a little more prosperous. The second version of the story is embedded in the epic of Eric Moghermez, who portrays him as a fearless warrior and Leaf's half-sister. Friedis was pregnant when she traveled to Winland with Leaf, but when the natives attacked them, the pregnancy did not stop her from fighting them. While all his men were fleeing, Friedis confronted the enemies alone and worked to make the natives retreat. But Friedis's story in Viking: Valhalla does not mention the epics he created through his conflict with Christians.

The fall of the London Bridge

BingMag.com Is the <b>series</b> 'Vikings: Valhalla' <b>based</b> on <b>historical</b> <b>events</b> and <b>real</b> people?

In "Vikings: Valhalla", it was shown that the fall of the London Bridge occurred due to Leif's very detailed plan. Because Canot (played by Bradley Freigard) and his army tricked King Edmund (played by Louis Davison) and his soldiers into crossing the bridge so that they could destroy them. The plan was successful, with Leif, Harald, Liu (Lua Richter) weakening Paul, and Olaf Haraldsson (played by Johannes Hoikor Johansson). And his men tied parts of the bridge to their ships and destroyed it. In real life, however, the London Bridge collapsed for a variety of reasons, with Leif playing no role at all. It was rebuilt because he wanted to speed up his forces against Swan Fork, Kanut's father. One of Skaldick's stories shows that the bridge was destroyed by Olaf in 1014 with the aim of partitioning Danish forces besieged in London and South Warwick, and, as shown in the series, had nothing to do with revenge for the St. Bryce massacre. p>

King, Kanout from England

BingMag.com Is the <b>series</b> 'Vikings: Valhalla' <b>based</b> on <b>historical</b> <b>events</b> and <b>real</b> people?

Kanut falls Paul London was able to take over England and his throne, but in real life it happened differently. According to the Peterborough Chronicle, Canot arrived in England in 1015, and the Wessex, ruled by the Atlerde dynasty, surrendered just as it had been years before, as Connott's father had done. Canot later conquered Northumberland, while Edmund remained in London and was crowned king after Atlerd's death. Part of his army later besieged London, Canot sailed to Essex, destroyed Mecca, and in 1016 met with Edmund to determine the terms of the peace. They agreed that all of England in the north of the Times would be part of Canot, while the south (along with London) would be under Edmund. The English throne passed to Canot after Edmund's death. Within a few weeks, Edmund died and Canot was crowned King of England.

Death of King Edmund

BingMag.com Is the <b>series</b> 'Vikings: Valhalla' <b>based</b> on <b>historical</b> <b>events</b> and <b>real</b> people?

Speaking of the death of King Edmund, we must say that the manner in which this incident took place in" Vikings: Valhalla "was different from real life. Edmund Ironside (given this title because of his resistance to the invasion of Canot) died on November 30, 1016. Although little is known about the exact location of his death, it can be said with certainty that it happened in London.

There are various stories about what caused Edmund's death: Henry Huntington He had mentioned that he had been stabbed several times during defecation, and Jeffrey Guimar had mentioned the same, but he said that a steel bow had been used as a weapon to kill Edmund. It is generally believed that he died of battle injuries or illness, although he was most likely killed, but little is known about this.

Jarl Hakon And Hakon Erickson

BingMag.com Is the <b>series</b> 'Vikings: Valhalla' <b>based</b> on <b>historical</b> <b>events</b> and <b>real</b> people?

in "Vikings: Valhalla" Katgat learned that her husband had been murdered by Christians because she never gave up her pagan beliefs. Jarl Hakon was considered the first black ruler of the Viking world, but in fact it can be said that this character is derived from the character of Hakon Erickson, although there is a big difference between the two. Hakon Eriksson was a Norwegian nobleman and governor who was in fact a servant under the rule of King Kanut. He ruled from 1012 to 1015 as a Danish subject until Olaf Haraldson proclaimed himself king. Hakun then fled to England, where Canot introduced him as Kenneth Worcester. He died of a shipwreck in the late 1029s or early 1030s while traveling on a Pendland Firth.

Leif Erickson 's beliefs

BingMag.com Is the <b>series</b> 'Vikings: Valhalla' <b>based</b> on <b>historical</b> <b>events</b> and <b>real</b> people?

Since Chapter 1 of "Vikings: Valhalla" focuses more on the characters, it may be part of the story. Leaf Erickson is also mentioned. According to the epic, Eric Moghermez spent some time at the court of the Norwegian king, Olaf Trigoson, before converting to Winland, where he converted to Christianity. Leif was on his way to the Greenlanders to introduce Christianity to them, but suddenly a storm forced him to leave and take him to Winland. "Vikings: Valhalla" mentions that in the future this part of Leif Erickson's story will also be considered and it will be shown that he receives a cross from a little girl who thought he was dying, and at least this result It turns out that this cross will save him and Liu.

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