Is the original Demogorgon of Stranger Things still alive?

The new information revealed by the fourth season of the series "Stranger Things" about Eleven's powers suggests that the Demogorgon is likely. The original survived in the Upside Down world. Is the original Demogorgon of Stranger Things still alive?

The new information revealed by the fourth season of the series "Stranger Things" about Eleven's powers suggests that the Demogorgon is likely. The original survived in the Upside Down world.

Before "Stranger Things" introduced its audience to strange horrors like the Mind Flayer or snorers like Vecna. The main thing that threatened the city of Hawkins was the Demogorgon. Like most of the monsters in the "Stranger Things" series, the Demogorgon came out of the best horror movies, and the creators of "Stranger Things" inspired him from the movie "Jaws" directed by Steven Spielberg. The show's creators, the Duffer Brothers, describe the Demogorgon as: When the monster enters our world, it's like a shark entering the water. "Just like a shark, the demogorgon drags its prey to its home and eats it there." The monster inflicts many deaths on Hawkins before Elon and his friends trap and kill the Demogorgon. However, with what we've learned about Elon's powers, the Demogorgon may not be dead.

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The finale of Season 1 Titled "The Upside Down World," it showed Dr. Brenner and the soldiers at Hawkins Lab finally tracking down the kids and finding out that Elon and his friends are hiding in the town's school. Elon protects his friends from the attack of the soldiers, but very soon he runs out of energy and becomes weak. This also causes their group to get stuck. However, this is not the end of the story. The smell of the blood of the soldiers Elon killed draws Demogorgon to the school and massacres the remaining soldiers in a fraction of a second. Meanwhile, Elon, Mike, Dustin and Lucas hide in their science class. Finally, Elon uses the last strength left in his body to vaporize the Demogorgon. What seems to have caused the death of the Demogorgon and at the same time we see Elon disappearing. In the second "Strange Things", we see what happens to the popular little girl of the series. In the episode "Trick or Treat, Freak", it is revealed that Elon went to the upside down world and had to escape from the laboratory soldiers before returning to the real world. Now that we know Elon can open multidimensional portals and travel between the real world and the upside down world, the question of the Demogorgon's fate arises. Is it possible that Elon took the Demogorgon with him to the upside-down world?

Don't be mistaken, because you have seen the Demogorgon burn and turn to ashes, don't think that he is dead! To prove that such an event does not necessarily mean the death of the Demogorgon, we need to go back to the fourth season of "Stranger Things" and take a look at the episode "Massacre at the Hawkins Laboratory". Here we see Elon's past with one of the lab supervisors named Henry Creel. The one who no one except Dr. Brenner knows about his real identity and does not know that Henry is actually the first child who had mental powers and Dr. Roish conducted an experiment. Elon removes the small device embedded in Henry's neck and thus Henry can use his powers again and take his revenge on Dr. Brenner. But Henry does not go to the doctor himself, but takes revenge on Brenner by killing each and every child whose powers the doctor was developing in the laboratory. Henry was kind to Elon from the beginning and separated him from the rest of the children. So when this happens, he tells Elon that if he wants, he can join him so that the two of them can bring the world to its knees. But Elon does not want such a thing and does not accept Henry's offer. So there is no other way but to fight. Elon and Henry's brain teaser ends when Henry thinks he's winning. But Elon, recalling the few memories he has of his mother, rages against Henry with such extreme rage that he burns and perishes... in appearance. Is the original Demogorgon of Stranger Things still alive?

Henry was not killed, but suddenly thrown into the upside down world and for years He stayed there for a year. With his mental powers, Henry managed to make the upside-down world look like the Hawkins he remembered (and that's why time has stopped in the upside-down world). With the passage of time, the mysterious energies and the poisonous atmosphere of the upside-down world caused Henry to lose his human appearance and become what we now know as Vokana; Hawkins' new nightmare. The fourth season of "Strange Things" by Bahman showed that all the events of the series from the beginning until now originate from this story, and everything that happened (even the things we thought were unrelated) was influenced by his revenge. Henry's apparent death in Hawkins' lab just like death Demogorgon is at the end of the first chapter. Since Henry didn't die and was transferred to the upside-down world, is it possible that the same thing happened to the Demogorgon? Is Dolores trapped in a world of her own making?

What the return of the original Demogorgon to Stranger Things will mean and what will happen is beyond our imagination. is out "Stranger Things" has repeatedly shown that it likes to surprise its audience and is good at doing so. Although the fifth season will be the last season of the series, we can safely say that we have not discovered all the secrets yet. However, we must pay attention to several important points. First, as we learned from the children's conflict with the mind-slaughter, somehow all the creatures of the upside-down world are connected, or in other words, they have a collective consciousness; One mind for thousands of bodies. So come to think of it, even if the original Demogorgon does come back, it won't be any different than the other Bat Monsters or Demogorgons that have been involved with the characters throughout the series, as it will serve Vokana's purposes. Although this important point is true, in the second season, Dustin proved to us that the creatures of the upside-down world may, in some special circumstances, decide apart from their collective consciousness and do things that are only their own choice. And it is precisely this point that makes us speculate about the return of the Demogorgon. Because if this monster comes back wounded by Hawkins and the kids, maybe he wants to take revenge just like Henry and it will create an exciting side story.

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