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Is it scientifically possible for "Don't Look Up" to happen?

BingMag.com Is it <b>scientifically</b> <b>possible</b> for 'Don't <b>Look</b> Up' to happen?

In the movie "Don't Look Up", all scenes of which are filled with biting criticism against today's society and the surface media. And foolishly, two astronomers, Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Kate Dibiaski (Jennifer Lawrence), discover that a very large comet is moving toward Earth, and in six months it will hit our planet and cause a catastrophic global catastrophe. Extinction of all living things on Earth.

  • Do not Look up; Critics Praise Leonardo DiCaprio for New Comedy The dumb and ignorant boss, who also happens to have a son (Jonah Hill), leaves, but no one takes them seriously. Until the president gets involved in a sex scandal and uses this asteroid to divert people's attention from his own scandal. Eventually, they devise a plan to stop the asteroid and prevent it from hitting the Earth, ending the lives of all humans and other living beings.

    Do not Look up. They believe that the film is too crowded and noisy, but others say that the film is right and proportionate, and they play their part effectively. Regardless of the critics' comments and ratings, the film addresses a number of important issues, including how we will react to the end and possible extinction of our species, and more importantly, whether this is likely or even imminent. To answer this question, we spoke with Dr. Amy Minser, the film's scientific advisor.? Amy Minzer was previously a NASA researcher in California and now teaches planetary science at the University of Arizona, which specializes in studying and researching asteroids and meteorites, especially those coming to Earth.

    When we interviewed Dr. Mines during a video interview, we found out that some time ago, an asteroid named 4660 Nereus, which was about 335 meters long, passed by Earth at a distance of 2.4 million miles.

    <"It's a near-Earth object," says Dr. Minzer. These meteorites and asteroids usually pass by the Earth at various distances and it is not uncommon, so it is not unlikely that one of them will hit the Earth. "But in this case, especially before the interview, the crime was large and we knew it was moving, and it was not at all likely to hit the ground, which is a good thing."

    Of course it is a good thing. , But our main question was whether other celestial bodies like this one would come to us, and whether one of them might eventually hit Earth? Like the story we did not see in the film above?

    "Such encounters are very rare," says Dr. Minzer. But for example, in the case of this mass, especially when we talked about it, it was a meteorite about which we had information, and for this reason we know where it is and what path it is taking, and we are examining its direction of rotation. But there are many objects in space that we do not really know their exact location. We have not discovered them yet. "So we have to work hard and discover these objects and find out which ones are of alarming size."

    Adam McKee, director and writer Took. Dr. Minzer says that as soon as Adam Mackey explained his ideas to him, he told him that he was "very excited" to help Mackey and give him any information he needed.

    BingMag.com Is it <b>scientifically</b> <b>possible</b> for 'Don't <b>Look</b> Up' to happen?

    Dr. Amy Minzer

    Dr. Minzer about his role and responsibilities in the film "We talked about all aspects of this film," he says. I really liked to participate in different parts of it and express my opinion. From the stage design to the main idea of the story. We argued to see what the mass was, whether it was better to be an asteroid or a meteorite or a comet. How do we highlight the themes we want to portray in the film, things like the importance of science and the denial that afflicts societies and the impact that this denial has on the world's scientific culture? We all explored the story and the different dimensions of the story together.

    They decided what kind of celestial body would come to Earth based on realistic ideas. Considering aspects such as the size, speed and energy level required for such a mass to cause a global catastrophe and threaten the entire planet, Dr. Minzer says: "I deliberately chose such a mass. A comet with a long periodicity that comes from parts beyond the solar system. Such objects are really fast and accelerating and they are huge and scary. "We designed the comet you see in the movie, partly inspired by the NEOWISE comet that our team discovered last year." We discover they pass close to the Sun because they are really fast and travel very fast For example, we discovered the same comet NEOWISE in late March, and it was in early July that we realized it had passed close to the Sun. "That's why when in the movie, after the discovery of the comet, they say we have six months to hit the ground, it is a tangible time and it is designed to be close to reality." Show an asteroid as a comet because "comets are really big and huge, especially those that have a long period of rotation and move at an incredible speed. Such a crime was appropriate for the story of the film, and it is undoubtedly one of the objects that we are actually looking for and should take care of. "Although it is very unlikely that one of them will hit the ground." They also added about the subject of the story. All they tried to do was tell an instructive story (albeit in the language of comedy and satire) of a dangerous dilemma. To conclude on a number of difficult scenes. Somewhere in the film, DiCaprio's character finally expresses his true opinion. We talked a lot about him, and I told him, "Here you have to put yourself in the shoes of all scientists because our voices need to be heard, and we feel that no one is paying attention to what we are saying. "So it's better to throw everything out and not control your emotions." He said to me several times, "Say whatever is on your mind," and I would say whatever I wanted to say. "We really tried to put all the necessary emotion into this particular scene."

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    They were similar to what we see in the movie. For example, when DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence throw themselves into fire and water to let the illiterate president and his idiot chief know what a strange danger lies in wait, or when they want their important information on a TV show hosted by Cate Blanchett and Tyler Perry. To share. When we see the film, it looks like a caricature, but it is enough to Look at life far and wide to see that these situations are not far from reality at all.

    Understand, because it is also important for everyday life. Even if we do not think about it or think about it, science dominates almost every aspect of our lives. It is always effective, and it shows us how the world works. The physical laws of the universe are something that is relevant to every single person on earth. That's why it's important for us all to know how the different things in this world work. "If not, we can not make the right decisions." We see politicians and other influential people pretending for a long time that this huge celestial body is not going to hit Earth. This creates funny situations in the film, but it seems painful and bitter when we Look at the real world around us. We have seen and still have seen similar approaches during the Corona epidemic. There are still people who think that Corona and its vaccines are a big conspiracy and refuse to be vaccinated, or openly deny the existence of such a virus and are not even willing to put a simple mask on their face.

    Dr. "I have encountered such situations several times during my career," says Munzir. I know many of my colleagues have had similar experiences. When you see scientists being pushed aside, now, either because of conspiracy theories or personal motives, it's not in anyone's best interest, because scientific processes, despite their problems, are our best choice for dealing with events and the best ways to answer questions. They leave. "

    Although you do not Look up, there is no happy ending and the human race is being destroyed, but Dr. Minzer says something that frightens him more than any meteorite, asteroid or comet, and the nights It keeps him awake, it's a disbelief in science and knowledge.

    If we constantly observe the state of celestial bodies and know their rotation and motion and their dimensions, we can find a way to prevent it. But I think the bigger and more fundamental problem that keeps me awake at night is that human societies often become distrustful of science and turn to strange beliefs. "We all need to know more about science and knowledge." This is not what I mean by my profession. I want to say that we, as a society, need to know enough about the science and knowledge of things so that we can use the necessary tools, be able to think correctly and find logical and practical solutions. This is the way we can make the best decision possible and solve many problems. A society must be educated that thinks logically and scientifically. We really need this. "

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