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Is Fargo movie based on a true story?

BingMag.com Is Fargo movie based on a true story?

Fargo 1996 is a masterpiece by Joel and Ethan Coen that begins with a very special disclaimer: "The film is based on a true story. The events take place in Minnesota and in 1987. "At the request of the survivors, the letters are changed and the rest of the story is told exactly as it happened, except for the names of those killed in the incidents." But what is the real story? Was Fargo really based on real events or did they deceive the audience?

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    Since this film belongs to the Coen brothers, it is easy to guess that the criminals in Their work will not be successful and everything will get out of hand quickly, especially when a clever and very clever police detective named Marge Ganderson takes over the case. After Gayar kills an officer, a rift develops between him and Carl, and Jerry becomes even more frustrated with his wife's return. If the Coen brothers had not done so well in creating bitter humor in the strangest and most violent scenes, the conditions of the film would have been catastrophic. Jerry's attempt to extort money has a shocking result, Carl regaining consciousness in the shredder is also one of the most terrifying and famous scenes in the film. All of this raises the question of whether the story really claims to be true, which is a negative answer for most scenes in the film.

    BingMag.com Is Fargo movie based on a true story?

    In honor of the 20th anniversary of the film's release, Ethan Cohen said in an interview with HuffPost in 2016 that the film was discredited only for a specific section. He said his goal was only to make a film with a genre based on reality, adding that making a film in the genre of reality does not require a true story. The Coen brothers wanted the film to have a stinky, dirty atmosphere of crime drama, even if the events mentioned did not exist at all. However, the Coen brothers made several references to the true story, so the title of the true story was not a lie. The idea of the murder with a chopstick was inspired by a real murder that took place a decade before the release of Fargo in Connecticut. A man named Richard Craftes has been arrested for killing his wife and using the device to hide her body. In an interview with Hoppest, Joel Cohen said that Macy's character was almost inspired by a General Motors employee who circumvented and embezzled the company's financial rules by clearing the serial number of some cars. Much like the scam that the film mentions and Jerry was involved in before the hostage-taking. The disenfranchisement that takes place in the first scene of the film, which tells the story based on reality, is in fact a kind of trickery and deception of the audience. The series is actually inspired by the original film and aired in four seasons on the Ofix network. He is buried under snow in the film and is shown again in this series. One of the most obvious connections is that each episode of the series begins with the same title in the original film, which states that the film is based on a true story. The letters have been changed at the request of the survivors. With the exception of the names of those killed in the incidents, the rest of the story is told exactly as it happened. The only thing that changes from season to season is the date and place of the scene, because Fargo Golchini's TV series goes to different times and places to tell a new story each season. Holly, like the original film, emphasizes the reality of each episode using a disclaimer, but most of the events are not true.

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