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Is the era of TV sitcoms over?

BingMag.com Is the <b>era</b> of TV <b>sitcoms</b> over?

We have been hearing the news of Sitcom's death for a long time. According to Warren Littlefield, two former NBC executives, people have believed that the Sitcom era is over since the early 1980s. In 1999, Entertainment Weekly officially announced the death of Sitcom. In 2005, Victoria Wood spoke about it. Over the past decade and a half, there has been a lot of talk about Sitcom's death and the end of the comedy series, and its announcement has become more like an annual event than a serious statement. But what if we are really close to Sitcom's death this time?

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There are several reasons to support this claim, some Which shows why Sitcom is no longer as strong as it once was and can no longer dominate television as it did decades ago. In this period and time, a new style and model of popular comedy has found. A kind of series that is both comedy and drama. Stories that tell both funny and funny situations and all the sad and upsetting moments. Online movie and TV streaming services and giants like Netflix are increasingly shaping our tastes and shaping our TV viewing habits to their liking. Now, most viewers around the world are looking for series that can watch their episodes one after the other without interruption, and so-called "bungee watches". sitcoms are not suitable for this viewing style due to their episodic structure and the fact that each episode has a separate story and ends in the same episode, which is why online platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and Apple prefer to go for comedies that follow straightforward stories. The logic of the previous part. At the awards ceremony, they no longer pay much attention to sitcoms and do not have a separate section for the best sitcoms. Newer series, such as WandaVision, have taken a critical look at Sitcom, focusing on its weaknesses to highlight its artificial nature and unrealistic situations and stories. This new approach to comedy and sitcom is seen more and more in the series, and it shows people more and more the old age of sitcom and its ideas and subjects.

British sitcoms are no better. There are no more floods of sitcoms, and the ones that are built usually end without noise or are canceled. Of course, none of the issues we have raised so far indicate that people are no longer interested in watching sitcoms. Although large online platforms and online distribution giants are no longer willing to build sitcoms, they spend a large amount of money each year buying the rights to distribute popular sitcoms. Netflix, for example, paid $ 500 million for the Seinfeld franchise, and HBO and Max paid $ 425 million to continue broadcasting Friends on the platform for years to come. In 2018 and 2019, Friends was announced as the most watched series on online streaming services in the UK. On the other hand, two years ago, the American version of "The Office" became the most watched series in America. Old-fashioned sitcoms have always attracted a lot of viewers, but over the years, younger audiences seem to have taken an interest in the series as well. The sitcoms released in the 1990s and 2000s seem to sound like classical rock music. sitcoms that have been the pinnacle of their genre and are constantly referred to by future generations.

BingMag.com Is the <b>era</b> of TV <b>sitcoms</b> over?

, It 's too early to give up on new sitcoms. Right now, the most successful English comedy series are being made with the traditional and permanent criteria of Sitcom; A specific and unique situation and place, a group of actors and strange characters, each of which has its own distinctive and typical characteristics, and the story line that is different in each part and ends at the end of the same part. The jokes of these sitcoms are designed like before. The situations are usually cartoonish, and we find that each dialogue is deliberately written in a way that makes us laugh.

If comedy series are still made in the style of sitcoms and do not feel outdated, then it can be concluded that Sitcom is not dead yet? Perhaps. But we must not forget one basic point. All the new systems that have been built and are being built over the years, look at the current situation and their basic and important parts and structure are different from the old systems. We now have a mix of genres in sitcoms, and their stories are designed to suit the tastes of today's audience.

Over the past twenty years, we have had many successful sitcoms. But why the talk of Sitcom dying and losing its position? This is probably due to the changing nature and definition of Citcom. The sitcoms that have been created and distributed over the years are not like what we have seen before. The kind of sitcom that was recorded in a scenic scene in front of a live audience and had a laughing sound, and its comedic situations were vivid and often exaggerated, seems to go down in history.

When viewers around the world come up with fascinating phenomena They got acquainted like the Office series, their tastes changed. Now they were faced with a comedy series whose situations were similar to real and everyday life and whose characters did not try to be "funny" on purpose. They were themselves and the audience laughed at their reality. Office was created under the influence of the popularity and pervasiveness of reality shows, and that was the reason for its success. Now the audience became acquainted with a kind of situational comedy that was very earthy and tangible, and even the location and location of its filming was designed to evoke the same feeling. Instead of a decorative scene that looked like a theater, they were faced with an environment that resembled real environments around them. And instead of hearing the recorded laughter of the audience on stage every two minutes and remembering that none of this was real, they saw a series made like a TV documentary in which the characters are aware of the camera.

BingMag.com Is the <b>era</b> of TV <b>sitcoms</b> over?

This also affected the nature of jokes and comedy situations. The previously created sitcoms maneuvered on momentary and exaggerated jokes and did their best to get loud laughter and long cheers from the audience on stage. Because of this style and genre of comedy, it could not last until today. When series like Office added a touch of reality to comedy, they felt different from previous sitcoms. Now, instead of seeing mostly positive and cartoonish situations, the viewers follow stories that resemble their own real lives, and in which bitter, shocking and even annoying situations are seen.

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can not be ruled out and said that TV sitcoms are over and is a dead style. This volume of change shows that part of it is still alive and well in our day. But if we want to talk about the traditional style of sitcoms and just consider it, we can say that the comedy genre no longer has a buyer and today's viewers have more expectations. If a new sitcom is to be built with the same formulas, it will fail and will not attract much viewers. Audiences prefer to watch the top-notch version of the traditional sitcom, Friends, rather than sit down with a handwritten version that has nothing new.

Source: The Guardian

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