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Is the dune a successful work? Description of HBO Max box office sales and hits

BingMag.com Is the dune a successful work? Description of HBO Max box office sales and hits

Evaluation of the success of the movie The Diamond, apart from the approved sequel programs, is practically summed up at the box office numbers and the statistics of Achba and Max visits to this vast science fiction epic. Dennis Villeneuve's The Dune was a highly anticipated film, and director Blade Runner 2049 has been working on the project since 2016. The star cast, bizarre filming locations, and Hans Zimmer's music have given Warner Bros.'s distributor a huge budget for the film, all of which are the driving force behind the immediate success of The Dune.

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Frank Herbert's main novel, following David Lynch's relatively unsuccessful attempt to tell Herbert on the big screen, is considered a poisonous playground for directors. Lynch tried to balance a planetary show with an effective story, but given the limited time of the 1984 film The Dune, it conveys a bit of a sense of urgency. Villeneuve acted wisely in dividing the story of The Dune into two films, the same space that the wider central world of the Dune needs. Experts praise the film's ambition and ability to provide an exciting visual adaptation of its complex source. The box office figures for The Dune are still significant, and the film could signal the beginning of the commercial success of future works in the post-Corona era.

How much did the Dune cost and how much should the film sell? strong>

BingMag.com Is the dune a successful work? Description of HBO Max box office sales and hits

According to reports, the budget and costs for the production of dunes are about It is estimated at $ 165 million. However, this figure is lower than for projects of similar scope, such as Avengers: The Ultimate Game or Pirates of the Caribbean: Riding on Unknown Waves. However, the marketing of the dune was really extensive and cost another $ 135 million before the film was released. This brings the total cost of the dump to $ 300 million, which is a very good threshold for the film to pass the box office worldwide, and especially given the daily release of the film on HBV Max, we can say that the chances of its success are very high. This success (if it happens) will be in the cinematic landscape after the Corona epidemic, and Warner Bros. will certainly be very happy with this financial achievement and will prepare to build on the continuation of this potential sci-fi franchise.

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BingMag.com Is the dune a successful work? Description of HBO Max box office sales and hits

The number of views of this movie on Achbio Max, like its box office numbers, has been amazing. Samba TV figures obtained by Variety show that the dune was viewed by 1.9 million American families during the opening week period on the HBV Max platform. Dune's performance in its first week is far more impressive than that of veteran works such as the Zack Snyder Justice League, which was visited by 1.8 million people. In this respect, The Dungeon is second only to Achbio and Max after Suicide Squad, which was seen by 2.8 million families in a one-week period, and Warner Bros. executives should consider the number of viewers due to the film's specific style and fewer fans. The dungeons in HBW Max are still up to date.

In addition, these numbers are not estimates for all individuals in each family. Considering these numbers and multiplying them by the average number of viewers per account, and considering the average ticket price in the United States, and considering regular visits and IMAX, it should be said that the dune could have been in its opening week in a period other than the Corona epidemic. , To almost double the current number. Both?)

BingMag.com Is the dune a successful work? Description of HBO Max box office sales and hits

The dungeon is under pressure even as its overall budget is reduced It was too much to achieve success, as the sequel depended entirely on the success of the first film. This was a heartbreaking confession from the studio to many audiences, and fans feared that Telemasa 2 might not be made and that the story of Paul Atrides (played by Timothy Shalami, the Golden Box Office star) would remain unfinished. However, this did not happen, and Themase 2 recently got the green light from Warner Bros. and Legendary Studios and is set to hit theaters in October 2023. Warner Bros. Chairman Toby Amrish is the exact reason. "Dennis Villeneuve has made a film that is visually extraordinary and emotionally effective, as evidenced by the critics' critiques and the box office sales," he said. So it seems that the production of dandruff has two different reasons. The commercial success of Dandelion has clearly made Warner Bros. and their colleagues eager to return to Arakis, and of course in Amrish's sentences we have seen the breathtaking nature of the final product.

The play and the appeal of the work as a movie are all a guarantee for making the story of Dwarf 2. Most of these issues were related to Legendary Pictures, which provided 80% of the production costs. So they may not be willing to re-invest in the project if the first film fails, despite Villeneuve plans to produce two films at the time of signing the contract. 2 What does it mean for box office and Max

BingMag.com Is the dune a successful work? Description of HBO Max box office sales and hits

The success of The Dune at the box office is rightly seen as a sign of a resurgence of cinematic work, but the effects of Dennis Villeneuve's epic film on the box office and Max Achievement are a bit more subtle. Cinema tickets are sold under certain conditions, and it is unlikely that the film will immediately reimburse its production costs and make a profit. Instead, DellMass's better-than-expected sales performance demonstrates the franchise's resilience, and Warner Bros. hopes that Dodge2 will continue to make up for the remaining budget deficit over the two-year period. In this way, the success of The Dune is measured by its longevity and the franchise's ability to sell, and we must also consider that the film is now ready for the upcoming awards season.

The answer to the question of whether the Dune 2 It is a matter of whether or not it is shown in duplicate in HBO Max and cinemas. Warner Bros. had already announced that this release model was only for 2021. Of course, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures undoubtedly made good use of the inclusion of the dune in HBO & Max to create excitement about the release of the film during the Corona epidemic, but the diversity of the dune means that they will be seen by viewers on the platform. , Will not need. Instead, audiences can watch the world and the future of the dungeon first on the big screen and then watch it continue to air on HBO Max after the movie window closes.

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