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Is "Batman" better than "Dark Knight"?

BingMag.com Is 'Batman' <b>better</b> <b>than</b> 'Dark Knight'?

"Batman" directed by Matt Reeves is the best Batman movie after "The Dark Knight" by Christopher Nolan, but is it better than this 2008 film? Batman is a character who works in the shadows, and now all Batman movies are under the shadow of "Dark Knight", which is considered to be the best work about this hero since its release.

Warning: In this text, the story of" Batman "movie is revealed

Comparisons between" Dark Knight "and" Batman ", which is the first Batman live-action movie since" Dark Knight " Rises is considered to have increased in 2012. The film's commercials and marketing promised to portray a new and special character who, after the film's release, evoked Nolan's "Dark Knight" trilogy.

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Batman owes even part of his existence to Nolan He brought back the Batman character after the defeat of "Batman and Robin" and transformed him. "Dark Knight" went even further, challenging and changing the concepts of superhero films. The film defined a particular generation of comic book films and adaptations and had an even broader impact on the film industry. For example, the rules for awarding the Academy Award for Best Picture changed after the film did not win an Academy Award.

Of course, Reeves also has its own set of independent characteristics. The film is not just a copy or an attempt to repaint the story of Nolan's first Batman sequel, and the positive reviews and box office sales show that both critics and audiences alike were pleased. However, the 2008 film is the standard for this story. But is "Batman" better than "Dark Knight"? We have to check.

Batman's storyline has key similarities to the Dark Knight (but still different)

BingMag.com Is 'Batman' <b>better</b> <b>than</b> 'Dark Knight'?

Each Batman movie bears similarities to previous movies in terms of the nature of the character and the world in which he lives. There will definitely always be overlap, but apart from the inherent commonalities of this character, from his supporting cast to Gotham himself, there is an opportunity to add new twists to familiar concepts, and Batman does just that, and at the same time Now, it reminds viewers of previous concepts. Certainly some aspects of Batman are similar to "Dark Knight". There is a new socio-political context within the film (beyond the very dark and ingenious conception of this character that looks very similar to the "Dark Knight" conception) that is comparable to the "Dark Knight". For example, "Dark Knight" was created in the aftermath of 9/11, and these issues influenced Batman's plot, and especially the villainous character Ridler, who had the same headlines as before (Attack on Gotham at the end of the movie, certainly from Attack 6). January 2021 takes root in the Capitol) and shows its general behavior.

On a smaller scale, there are similarities between Ridler and the Joker (Heath Ledger) and how their maps are displayed. Both target high-ranking and corrupt Gotham officials in a way that is not only brutal but also shocking, and their actions take place outdoors. Both use news networks and videos of hostages to spread fear and news of their attack on the city, and both have plans that culminate in a massive attack on the city and its people, threatening its existence. But Batman, despite all this, is different from the Dark Knight. Reeves had long promised a film that would portray the world's greatest detective in a special way. With his neon noir drowning in the rain, he focuses on the mystery of the story. Nolan's film had few elements, but it was much more glorious in its epic themes and dimensions, and on the other hand, there is a certain intimacy (as much as one would expect from a $ 200 million film) in "Batman."

Comparing Batman Robert Pattinson with Batman Christian Bale

BingMag.com Is 'Batman' <b>better</b> <b>than</b> 'Dark Knight'?

Each new Batman movie with works The previous one is compared and the new Batman actors are no exception to this rule. Robert Pattinson is the third live-action actor to play Batman in the 21st century, and he quickly established himself as a very different character from Christian Bale. Of course, as much as three films, Bill had the opportunity to fully show his growth and development as Batman, and Pattinson hopes to reach that position, but his early signs are also great: Pattinson is a fantastic Batman, certainly better than Bill appears in his first film and certainly has more growth potential (Bale's best performance is in "The Dark Knight Rises"). The biggest difference between Batman Pattinson and Bill may not be wearing Batman costumes, but it is when they take them off. Bill played the role of Batman and Bruce Wayne in the same way, and in fact played the role of a billionaire man in the best possible way, maintaining his public image and the reputation of his parents' company. Bruce himself has a kind of symbolic mask on his face in many cases, but apart from that, it should be noted that Batman Bale was a fragile person. He had his own hard experiences and moments, and he always felt discouraged and monotonous, and he seemed more logical than a man who wears a superhero costume and fights bad guys.

But Batman Pattinson does not have that trait. The film moves away from the story of its usual roots and enters directly into the second year of Batman's life in Gotham, which is a fascinating place. Batman is still losing his parents and deeply cares about Gotham, but is completely ignored. He has a derogatory view of his meetings with Vienna shareholders. Pattinson has to appear in a different form as Bruce Wayne in Batman, and this is quite obvious: he is engaged in revenge and rage that drives him almost to the point of death. Batman Bill rises at the end of "Dark Knight" and was able to get rid of the hero and Gotham costumes, because these elements had made Batman something much bigger than himself and a symbol. Batman Pattinson is also a special symbol, but it seems more a manifestation of fear, and he has surrendered to this character so much that it is impossible to survive without him.

"Batman" is in some ways better than " Is the "Dark Knight"

BingMag.com Is 'Batman' <b>better</b> <b>than</b> 'Dark Knight'?

Matt Reeves thanks to his two films "Planet of the Apes" Has established himself as one of the best-selling directors of the modern age, and he shows why in Batman. "Batman" is more of a detective story and has much less action than Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight," but the film itself is at least as good and even better in parts. There are scary elements in "Batman". Riddler emerges from the shadows in the opening scene, and Batman is a terrifying creature in the middle of the night who chases him before he retaliates brutally and bloodily from his prey. The film's limited approach to these scenes is not terribly grand, but it does seem like a great combination of bitter realism and the emotional pages of comic books, and some of the sequences (such as Batman vs. Ridler's forces) are more like Arkham video game series. "Batman" also has some of the biggest action car sequences in the history of Batman movies, with the superhero chasing penguins in this giant car. Of course, "Dark Knight" also has its own surprises in this regard, and even in one of its scenes, an 18-wheeled truck spins in the air, but the fun and excitement of such scenes of "Batman" is more.

"Batman In several other respects it is better than the "Dark Knight". Michael Giaccino's epic music, for example, creates a special tension and emotion that fits perfectly with Batman's character. Greg Fraser's cinematography makes the film a stunning and compelling noir, and well portrays one of the key and real elements of "Batman", Gotham. Batman's hometown was one of the lesser (relatively) triple elements of the "Dark Knight" trilogy, and in Nolan's realist system, it did not, as it should and perhaps did, have its own identity, and instead its design was more like a major international city. Gotham "Batman" was filmed in places like Glasgow and Liverpool (instead of Chicago) and has a more Gothic style and its uniqueness is quite prominent. This city has its own lively and breathtaking personality and a world full of strange people, in which everyone lives with any type of personality. Reeves portrays part of Tim Burton's Gotham madness and combines it with Gotham Nolan to create an impressive atmosphere.

Batman is generally no better than the Dark Knight (and need not Does not have to be better)

BingMag.com Is 'Batman' <b>better</b> <b>than</b> 'Dark Knight'?

"Batman" despite all his strengths, in general , Is no better than the "Dark Knight". Batman's almost three hours is not a hindrance and passes quickly, but the "Dark Knight" is both larger in size and more compact in duration, which is especially useful in its conclusion. The ending of "Batman", or rather the third act, is where the film is at its weakest. Dano is great as Riddler, but when he gets behind bars and everything gets to the final stage of his program, he falls down and the film tries to put all his ideas together concisely and satisfactorily. While the "Dark Knight" reaches an extraordinary climax and end with the Joker, and then somehow, a special defeat for the two-faced man (Aaron Eckhart) and a painful end point for Batman himself. In addition, there are points in Batman that seem too fake. The discovery of "Drive" and "URL" as clues from Riddler makes the audience laugh, and these things are a bit naive. Similarly, although "Batman" actors are great, "Dark Knight" actors are more brilliant. For example, two of the most important people in Batman's life (and Bruce Wayne) are better portrayed in Nolan: Jim Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth. Jeffrey Wright plays his role well. Although it sometimes seems that he is the one who helps Batman the most and they do not cooperate bilaterally, in "The Dark Knight" the opposite happens and Gordon (Gary Oldman) gives one of the strongest story lines and his outstanding strength is his belief. And he believes in Batman, and the tragedies around him are beautifully portrayed. Likewise, Alfred, played by Michael Caine, remains the best version of the character in Batman's live-action movies. In "The Dark Knight," he has an ideal balance of fatherly love and wisdom, while at the same time challenging Batman if necessary, adding a touch of humor and emotion to the film. Of course, Alfred's relationship with Andy Sarkis and Bruce in "Batman" is the same in the hospital scene, but in other scenes it is not very strong.

Batman, but not just because he's a better villain, because Dano plays a great villain nonetheless. Ledger is a unique case among comic book villains in history, completely immersed in the character, and threatening and mesmerizing. Dano in the role of Riddler is extraordinarily strange, but he is never as unknown as the Joker. "Create a little chaos and disrupt the usual order until you suddenly see that everything is in turmoil," says the Joker. This is what distinguishes "Dark Knight" from superhero movies and "Batman". The Joker of the Dark Knight is not only spectacular and a true manifestation of acting and wonder, but also looks unpredictable and terrifying and enhances the film as much as possible. "Dark Knight" is a superhero film that, beyond its genre, is a great crime epic, and despite all the special features of "Batman", it is a completely entertaining work. "Batman" is very good in some ways, but "Dark Knight" is a complete masterpiece. It's not important or embarrassing that Batman is no better than the Dark Knight. "Batman" is one of the best comic book films of all time and showed the world that Batman films as works of art can be much deeper and more complex. "Batman" is ideally successful in reshaping this character, and at the same time, it looks different, unique and unique.

"Batman" from "Batman" "Dark Knight Rises" is better

BingMag.com Is 'Batman' <b>better</b> <b>than</b> 'Dark Knight'?

Although "Batman" is from the movie Christopher Nolan did not surpass it in 2008, but after "The Dark Knight", it is the best film in this field. All of these films are impressive, and the differences are almost negligible (especially compared to "Batman" and "The Dark Knight Rises"), but still, Matt Reeves' film offers a more unique and excellent story. Strangely enough, the film bears a striking resemblance to The Dark Knight Rises. Riddler's Rebellion in Gotham is somewhat similar to the actions of Bean (Tom Hardy), but the two films are similar in that they both have a few storylines and ideas that do not eventually blend in perfectly. However, "Batman" has fewer flaws, and Pattinson conveys a sense of hope to the viewer in this film that even Batman Bill does not do until the third film.

"Batman", since The story ignores traditional roots, has no new retelling of the Vienna murders, but the characters of Thomas and Martha Wayne in the film are more interesting than "Batman Begins." Thomas Wayne, for example, is seen differently and has a more complex character (like the Joker), while "Batman Begins" uses his established storyline as Gotham's philanthropic hero. Martha's story in Arkham is also one of the most interesting elements of "Batman", and she adds more intrigue to the story without diminishing the tragedy of her character. Riddler, even if he is not at the level of the Joker, is fascinating and poses a unique challenge to Batman that is exciting to watch. Batman Pattinson's rudimentary yet complete adventure, and his inner turmoil and struggle against a great threat, and his growing awareness of Gotham, means that "Batman" is better than "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight Rises". Although it does not reach the feet of the "Dark Knight".

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