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7 Iranian directors who had short but spectacular performances in their colleagues' films

BingMag.com 7 <b>Iranian</b> <b>directors</b> <b>who</b> <b>had</b> <b>short</b> <b>but</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>performances</b> in <b>their</b> <b>colleagues'</b> films

In the world of cinema, there have been many actors who, after playing in front of the camera for a while, have decided to try directing a film and move on to directing. but usually the number of directors who go to acting is very small. Among them are some directors who take a role in most of their works. but some directors appear in very short but effective roles from the works of their other colleagues, which leaves a lasting image of them in the minds of the audience. This is usually common in world cinema, and in Iran, it has happened many times since the eighties, with both positive and negative results. Under the pretext of the presence of Bahman Farmanara in the film "We Have" which is on the screen these days, here we have a look at prominent Iranian directors who have had a short but prominent presence in the works of other filmmakers.

1. Mani Haghighi/About Eli

BingMag.com 7 <b>Iranian</b> <b>directors</b> <b>who</b> <b>had</b> <b>short</b> <b>but</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>performances</b> in <b>their</b> <b>colleagues'</b> films 13p, Mani Haghighi after years of studying sociology and philosophy in The United States returned to Iran. He followed in the footsteps of his grandfather and father, Ebrahim Golestan, and Nemat Haghighi in cinema, and in the very first year of his arrival, he made a film called "Abadan", which, of course, was never allowed to be shown. Until 7 years later, Mani Haghighi was only writing and directing in cinema. but in 1987, Asghar Farhadi, who had previously co-directed and written two films, "Syrian Wednesday" and "Canaan," invited him to try acting for the first time. Haghighi played the role of Sepideh's husband as a supporting actor in the movie "About Eli". His acting was tense and extroverted and showed that he has considerable acting talent without any relevant training or education. This film was the beginning of the presence of Mani Haghighi as an actor in Iranian cinema, who has continued acting in parallel with directing until today.

2. Ebrahim Hatamikia/The Private Life of Mr. and Mrs. Meem

BingMag.com 7 <b>Iranian</b> <b>directors</b> <b>who</b> <b>had</b> <b>short</b> <b>but</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>performances</b> in <b>their</b> <b>colleagues'</b> films

"The Private Life of Mr. and Mrs. Meem", a drama The family was directed by Ruhollah Hejazi. A film that was far from the work environment of a director like Ebrahim Hatami, Kia Farsangha. but in 1990, when the cast of "Mr. and Mrs. Meem's Private Life" became media, Hatami Kia's name became one of the most important news items in Iranian cinema. We had only seen Hatamikia in front of the camera once before, and that was in a sequence from the film "The Smell of Yusuf's Shirt" directed by him. A presence that was only to make protest speeches about the situation of war prisoners. but this time, Hatamikia was supposed to appear in a family film directed by a newcomer to the cinema. This film tells the story of a city couple who travel to Tehran for a man's mission. The man is modern and the woman is traditional, isolated and passive, but this journey is gradually replacing the two. Meanwhile, a middle-aged man, when approaching a young woman, creates sensitivities for his wife. The role of this middle-aged man who somehow steals a woman and shows her a new way is played by Hatamikia. "Mr. and Mrs. Meem's Private Life" was not very successful at the box office, and critics had a lot of negative comments about it. The role of Ibrahim Hatamikia did not need special play and difficult dialogue, and was formed only on the basis of the actors' views on each other and the atmosphere. but seeing the director of war cinema with a different way of thinking about family spaces in this film was one of the rare events in post-revolutionary cinema that took place in the early 1990s. Of course, Hatamikia never experienced acting again after this film.

3. Amir Shahab Razavian/Absolute Rest

BingMag.com 7 <b>Iranian</b> <b>directors</b> <b>who</b> <b>had</b> <b>short</b> <b>but</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>performances</b> in <b>their</b> <b>colleagues'</b> films

"Silent City Enamel" is the most important work of Amir Shahab Razavian that most of this director We remember with this movie. Razavian is a graduate of directing and has been inactive during these years, devoting most of his time to education and administrative activities in the field of cinema. In 1993, with his different appearance, although he does not have a good expression, he was chosen by Abdolreza Kahani to play the role of a playwright named Khosravi in the movie "Absolute Rest". The film is about a woman who comes to Tehran from Damghan to maybe take back her previous job and stay in the capital. His ex-wife is nervous and unemployed and knows that his wife's previous employer is capricious and does not want her ex-husband to work for her. Amir Shahab Razavian is present in only two scenes in this film, but he has done well and his acting is completely in line with other real films in the film. This film was the director's first and last acting experience.

4. Mohammad Hadi Karimi/Middle Class Resident

BingMag.com 7 <b>Iranian</b> <b>directors</b> <b>who</b> <b>had</b> <b>short</b> <b>but</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>performances</b> in <b>their</b> <b>colleagues'</b> films

Shahab Hosseini after years of activity in the field of acting and performance, 93 He decided to test himself in the field of directing. Based on a screenplay written by Mohammad Hadi Karimi, he directed the film "Middle Class Dweller", which shows the life and behavior of a person of different ages. Karimi, who has a doctorate in psychology, appeared in front of the camera for the first time as an actor in the role of his real character, a psychoanalyst. He is calm and unassuming and does not have the proper expression and body of an actor, but in "Middle Class Dweller" he had tried to get out of his usual form and although he was only present in a few short scenes, he was one of the main actors in this film. He was considered an actor. Mohammad Hadi Karimi had previously appeared in cinema for many years as a film critic, screenwriter and director, but "Middle Class Dweller" was his first and last role.

5. Kiomars Poorahmad/Jamshidia

BingMag.com 7 <b>Iranian</b> <b>directors</b> <b>who</b> <b>had</b> <b>short</b> <b>but</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>performances</b> in <b>their</b> <b>colleagues'</b> films

Poorahmad is one of those cinematographers who, from the very beginning of his appearance as a director in cinema, He has acted as an actor in short episodes of his films and series. He even appeared in his role as the director of the popular series "Stories of Limit". but in 1997, after fourteen years in the cinema as a director and writer, he appeared as an actor in the film "Jamshidia" directed by Yalda Jebli. Poorahmad, in this film, played the role of Amir's father, the main character, who played in only a few scenes. He said the whole dialogue calmly, keeping only his usual character and the way he expressed himself. This was the director's first acting in a film other than his own, and perhaps this is his real style of acting, which led directors to visit him again in later years. Poorahmad has been away from the world of directing for several years and, according to him, is completing the script. At last year's festival, he again appeared in a short role in Reza Mirkarimi's "Night Watchman." Alireza Davoudnejad/Butterfly Swimming

BingMag.com 7 <b>Iranian</b> <b>directors</b> <b>who</b> <b>had</b> <b>short</b> <b>but</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>performances</b> in <b>their</b> <b>colleagues'</b> films

One of the most famous cinema families in Iran is the Davoodnejad family. but the main foundation of acting and desire for cinema was laid by the eldest son of this family, Alireza. Starting his career as a screenwriter in the 1950s, he made his feature film debut in the same decade. Davoodnejad has been filmmaking continuously since 1951 and has only appeared once in a film about himself called "Acting Class". He once starred in a movie called "Red Chest" directed by Parviz Sheikhtadi in 1985, but the movie was not seen at all. but in 1998, Davudnejad showed his acting prowess to everyone by appearing in a short but very enduring role in "Butterfly Swimming." "Butterfly Swimming" is the story of a girl named Butterfly who has a late husband, and to discredit her, her husband's nude video is published on virtual networks. The man kills the butterfly and assigns his brother to look for the cause. Davudnejad plays the role of Parvaneh's father. He is heartbroken and desperate, and Davudnejad has risen to the role like a professional actor. At the age of 65, the director attracted a lot of attention from critics and cinema audiences with his acting.

7. Bahman Farmanatara/We have to

BingMag.com 7 <b>Iranian</b> <b>directors</b> <b>who</b> <b>had</b> <b>short</b> <b>but</b> <b>spectacular</b> <b>performances</b> in <b>their</b> <b>colleagues'</b> films

The movie "We have to" is on the screen these days. The film tells the story of a sleeping cartoon girl who has a legal problem and a female lawyer is looking for a solution to her problem. In "We Have to", most of our characters are external, and the makeup and appearance of the people are reminiscent of real people. For example, Negar Javaherian dresses and behaves like Nasrin Sotoudeh, a famous lawyer. Bahman Farmanehara, like other actors, is in the role of a real person, which he himself stated in an interview. His role in this film is similar to that of Bahman Keshavarz, an old and famous lawyer who chose to stay at home after the political cases of the seventies. Farmaneh Ara has also acted in some of the films he has directed, including "The Scent of Camphor, the Scent of Jasmine" and "The Tale of the Sea". but in 1997, he responded positively to Reza Dermishian's proposal and appeared in front of the camera in a short but important role in the film "We Have to". The role played by Farman Ara is a hot and cold character in isolation, who warns the young lawyer of the dangers but does not stop him. This role did not require a difficult game, and Farmanara in the cold and heavy atmosphere of the film, softly dialogues and chants in front of Sarah, the main character of the film.

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