The inexhaustible edges of the movie “Don’t worry, my dear”; The most controversial movie of the year

Cast dissatisfaction, behind-the-scenes romance, and a controversial newcomer filmmaker, Don't Worry Darling, pre-release It has become the biggest movie melodrama of 2022. The inexhaustible edges of the movie “Don’t worry, my dear”; The most controversial movie of the year

Cast dissatisfaction, behind-the-scenes romance, and a controversial newcomer filmmaker, Don't Worry Darling, pre-release It has become the biggest movie melodrama of 2022.

A perfect promotional tour is essential for big movies that want to succeed at the box office. Producers know that every rumor and every little problem can make the expensive and hyped production they have produced become a failure, so they manage everything with special obsession. But for the new production of "Olivia Wilde", the situation is reversed and this psychological drama-thriller film, like "The Flash", another adventurous product of the "Warner Brothers" studio, is in a position where investors can do nothing but pray for its success. .

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First destination don't worry dear, the screening will be at the Venice Film Festival and everyone is anxiously waiting to see who will be at the press conference, but why is this conference so important all of a sudden? has found? Olivia Wilde, who after the release of "Book Smart", worked hard to produce this film and obtain its rights and finally managed to acquire a first-class acting team, now she does not even talk to the main role of the film, "Florence Pugh". And he is not present in Venice! Maybe because he was not honest with Pio and entered into a romantic relationship with his co-star, "Harry Stalls". show up and hand over the same brown paper envelope he appeared with at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2014, or Olivia Wilde's ex-husband Jason Sudeikis, who recently lost a custody battle to Wilde. Show up unannounced at a news conference and yell at everyone.

If you've been following the news, you're probably aware of the April incident at Cinemakan, where Wilde was on stage to The movie "Don't Worry My Dear" introduced him and at the same moment he received a mysterious envelope containing a court order regarding the custody of his children. Deadline writer Anthony D'Alessandro described the incident as a "disgusting move" aimed at "ruining a star's shining moment in front of 4,100 people." Sudeikis later said that he had no knowledge of this story, but his words cannot be believed. Undoubtedly, Sudeikis' legal team could have delivered this letter to his ex-wife at a more convenient time or sent it to her place of residence. Although Wilde was not taken aback by reading the letter, he kept his composure and without reacting, went on to describe and introduce his new film. He said in an interview some time later, "Because of these behaviors, I left that relationship". He was supposed to appear at least at the Venice Film Festival before, but even this was eventually canceled. The reasons for his absence are convincing on paper, he has to start filming "Dune 2" soon and he doesn't have the opportunity to promote his long-awaited movie, but maybe the truth is something else. In the same way, his complete silence on social networks in recent months cannot be without reason (he even promoted the film "Oppenheimer" which will be released in 2023, but don't worry, dear? Nothing). During this period of time, Wilde spent all his energy to highlight his collaboration with Pew, but these compliments were meaningless to the actress, she neither reposted nor responded to them.

Shaya LeBeouf should be considered the cause of the breakdown of Pew and Wilde's relationship, but in fact it was Wilde who fueled the fringes by "distorting the facts" and "lying". In an interview with the Variety website, he spoke harshly about "firing" LeBeauf (who was his first choice for the leading man role in the film). Wilde cited LeBeouf's "tendency to militancy" as the reason for his departure, noting that he intended to create a "safe and trusting environment" that LeBeouf would not have been able to create. It was obvious that LeBeouf did not stay silent and answer these criticisms, but his answers revealed new facts, including that he was not fired at all, but left the project himself. The inexhaustible edges of the movie “Don’t worry, my dear”; The most controversial movie of the year

With the disclosure of the contents of the e-mail that LeBeauf had exchanged with Wilde, it became clear that LeBeauf, at least in this one case, Adam It's not a bad story: "You and I both know the reasons for my departure. I left the film because you and I didn't have enough time to rehearse. That was not the whole story, it seems that Florence Pugh had an argument with LeBeouf, she was not satisfied with the presence of this actor in the project for any reason. Or was not interested in working with him and had discussed these issues with Wilde. Wilde probably behaved in such a way that Pew thought that they agreed with each other (perhaps he also disagreed with Pew and Pew's unhappiness about being in the film originates from here), but in any case, the director's heart's desire was something else: that LeBeouf must be an actor. to be in the movie, but how do we know this? LeBeouf also released a video to contradict Wilde's words about the firing, which quickly went viral. In the video, Wilde pleads with a "broken heart" for LeBeouf to "fix his issues with Pew and get back to filming." He also says that he is "not ready to give up yet" and sees LeBeouf's departure as a "wake-up call for Miss Flo." So Wilde's words about LeBeouf's dismissal were not true and he did not think that LeBeouf would comment on this or provide evidence to the media.

The other problem is that Florence Pugh also watched this video and noticed it. It turned out that Wilde had not been honest with him. Let's not forget that all these events happened before the English singer, FKA Twigs, filed a complaint against Labaf. Twiggs, who was in a romantic relationship with Labaf between 2018 and 2019, filed a lawsuit against him for assault and battery some time ago. Labauf, who initially accepted these accusations and said that he was "ashamed", later denied all of them. However, given his background, one can understand why Florence Pugh was not interested in the collaboration, but Wilde's duplicity was disappointing to her, as she felt that the director was not as supportive as he claimed to be; At least the leaked video showed such a thing. And of course, Wilde must be happy that the problems of the solution and Labaf did not agree to return, otherwise, the margins of the film would have been multiplied by the presence of an actor who had to go to court due to assault.

Controversies could have been It would be over (or at least there would be peace on the set for a short time) if Harry Styles hadn't been chosen for the lead role instead of LeBeouf. The struggles continued with Stiles, because when a romantic relationship develops between a director and an actor, it makes sense that all the tabloids and tabloids want to play it up. Wilde and Stiles took center stage, and Pew, the film's other big star, was sidelined. If this is not enough, add Pew's dissatisfaction with Wilde's direction and approach to the film. criticized parts of the film, including the filmmaker's focus on "female pleasure" in some sequences, which made the film a superficial work, he also condemned the film's manipulation of "sexual scenes": "I I didn't come to the cinema industry for these things." In addition, a short video of Harry Styles' performance in the film was released some time ago, which was criticized for unrelated reasons such as his weak Northwestern British accent. Worse than that, her acting skills were questioned and the audience talked about the fact that her being in front of a first class actress like Florence Pugh is like a big joke; Stiles can't say anything.

With these details, it's clear that the movie Don't Worry Baby will be remembered more for its edges, regardless of its quality. In the meantime, perhaps the most worried people are the members of the Warner Brothers studio, which, if we exclude "Black Adam", this film was supposed to be their biggest movie this year. Critics cannot be expected to forget these controversies while reviewing the film and the makers should be optimistic that the film will receive many positive reviews. The main culprit is still Wilde, from the lies he told about LeBeouf and how he treated him differently behind the scenes to the questionable things he said about the film. Anyway, you shouldn't describe a movie about wife abuse and assault as "exaggerated mystical female behavior", especially if you are in the director's position. While there are rumors about this filmmaker's unusual behavior on the set, that he does not behave properly and punishes others. On the other hand, when you enter into a romantic relationship with one of the most famous celebrities of the last few years and You are 10 years older than him, you should expect negative feedback. Although these attacks on Wilde have not been fair and appear to be discriminatory. Wilde is not the first filmmaker to have a relationship with one of the actors in his film. If you look through the history of cinema, you will find hundreds of male auteur filmmakers who have done this and never been criticized. "Negative can be positive in the end" and now Warner Bros. is hoping that this kind of view applies to Don't Worry Baby, and that the controversy will drive curious audiences to see the movie. Statistics show the same. Some time ago, before the ads When the TV show began, a survey found that 70% of the audience became interested in watching this movie because of the behind-the-scenes controversy.

Of course, there have been many movies that did not benefit from negative news and sidelines and finally They have experienced absolute failure, from "Heaven's Gate" (1980) to "Cats" (2019). On the other hand, you will also find works that would have been easily forgotten if they had no margins, but were put under the microscope to sell. Like Joan Crawford and Bette Davis' endless fights behind the scenes of "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" (1962), which not only established the position of the work as a "cult film", but also caused both actors to experience the greatest commercial success of their artistic career.

The process of making the film "World War Z" (2013) was so critical that almost everyone was sure it would become a major commercial failure, but it ended up grossing $541 million. Do you remember a little controversial movie called "Titanic" (1997)? Or how about "Bohemian Rhapsody" (2018)? That movie went down a path that's every studio's nightmare, from a director everyone hated to a messed-up script that wasn't sure how it was going to end to actors who walked out and silly promo videos that were mocked. The film ended up grossing $911 million and taking home four Oscars.

So you can still hope for the performance of Don't Worry Baby, the movie can get the lowest possible ratings but conquer the box office. took off Even if the reviews are positive, the situation will be much better and watching the movie will become more attractive for movie lovers; A work that has gone through hell, but it has good quality. Who knows, maybe Shia LeBeouf and Jason Sudeikis will sit back and watch it and praise Olivia Wilde as a talented filmmaker.

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