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5 important principles in storytelling in the style of classical cinema

BingMag.com 5 <b>important</b> <b>principles</b> in <b>storytelling</b> in the <b>style</b> of <b>classical</b> cinema

Watching classic movies in the modern age we live in is another pleasure. If you watch classic movies, you must know their unique features well. Along with all the common themes of classic films, there is something simple and shocking about them, and that is that they either have a happy ending or end with death and emptiness and separation.

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Classic Hollywood cinema, or the Golden Age of Hollywood, is a vague term used to describe films made by eight major Hollywood studios of the time. These films can sometimes bring a sense of joy to the viewer from a modern perspective, but classic Hollywood cinema laid the groundwork for how we approach storytelling in film, which determines what narrative axes must exist in order to have a fully effective plot. Jordan Schnig, Ph.D. and professor of film and media studies at the University of Chicago, introduces key elements of classic Hollywood fiction in his film study lecture, highlighting how we can still sow the seeds of the golden age of Hollywood in modern fiction. Let's see.

What is Classic Hollywood Cinema?

Classic Hollywood cinema is a term used to describe the visual style and narrative conventions of American cinema between 1927 and 1963. It is important to note that in this ambiguous period, American film, as one of the most pervasive forms of American cinema, began to consolidate its foothold in this medium by establishing specific elements of the story as the most effective and engaging way to attract the audience.>

The classic Hollywood storytelling style was strict because it followed a very simple and conventional structure of beginning, middle and end. There was always a distinct ending to each of the film studios that was unquestionable to the average moviegoer.

What are the key elements in classic Hollywood cinematic storytelling? There are those who define classic Hollywood storytelling. Rules such as:

  • Characters are defined psychologically
  • There must always be struggles to solve a problem or achieve a goal
  • Conflict with other people or external circumstances
  • Characters act and push the causality of the story forward
  • There is a definite victory or defeat

Fighting to solve a problem often comes with two challenges; One is love and the other is anything else that can happen to a character. Eventually, these conflicts merge, and romantic interests and feelings begin to be tied to other challenges facing the main character.

It is important to note that classic Hollywood-style storytelling is a character's desire. It starts and this desire is formed with the growth of the narrative and the characters. The repetition of the scene and the movement of the camera give rise to the idea that parallel scenes are in direct contrast to each other, or that when something changes relative to the main scene, it forces us to look at the scene from a new perspective.

Deadline Structure

One way to keep the audience engaged with the film narrative is to create a narrative structure that intensifies the action and design toward a central event or action that must be performed within a certain time. The time the audience has to follow is not necessarily the performance time, but the time determined by the design.

This is one of the forms of the popular classical structure because it creates suspense and tension for the characters and the audience. We know that something will happen in the film world at a certain time, and we have to wait for that time with our worries and fears. Classic Hollywood-style storytelling uses a timeline structure to create a rhythm that can be slightly modified to follow the traditional beats of the story, and we still enjoy watching it because we get anxious to know that the character's time is limited. .

BingMag.com 5 <b>important</b> <b>principles</b> in <b>storytelling</b> in the <b>style</b> of <b>classical</b> cinema

Modern movies with classic elements

Although most modern movies are model and style They have abandoned classic Hollywood fiction and turned to more fundamental and deeper human stories, but we can not ignore the key elements of modern cinema.

Stories with original designs such as Gravity, The Good Men ( The Nice Guys and The Alien all follow classic Hollywood-style storytelling, finding beauty in the simplicity of the plot structure and discovering new ways to suit or against the audience's expectations.

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Most films that do not consider themselves experimental, whether aware or not, continue to be They play the classic Hollywood storytelling style. This is how we have come to understand storytelling in film in the last century, and it is difficult for us to break habits that are not so bad. If you want to play with the structure of your narrative, consider these five elements and see what happens if you ignore that element or, conversely, use that particular element. This can be a fun exercise that can improve your writing skills and make you more aware of the storytelling in your favorite Golden Age movies.

What is your favorite Hollywood golden age storytelling? Tell us the reason in the comments!

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