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"Ice Age 1" is still an exceptional film in its franchise after 20 years

BingMag.com 'Ice <b>Age</b> 1' is <b>still</b> an <b>exceptional</b> <b>film</b> in its <b>franchise</b> <b>after</b> 20 years

Currently, the "Ice Age" franchise has become a franchise that shows how movies can be worse in each sequel than the previous one. Given the unfavorable quality of sequels such as "Ice Age: The Clash" or "Ice Age: Buck Wild's Great Adventure", it was certainly no coincidence that such an unfavorable reputation was achieved.

But considering the sequels Extremely useless in this franchise, it can be seen that the first film, which is now approaching its twentieth anniversary celebration, is a unique and exceptional film and has been able to maintain its brilliance and good reputation during these 20 years.

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The first Ice Age film was one of the most exclusive Blue Sky Studios films to date. Directed by Chris Wade, the film was able to tell a story that in its day was more than just a child's animation. Most importantly, in some scenes, the film was reminiscent of animations of the time, such as Shrek and Toy Story. Now the question is, why did these features work for companies like Pixar but not for the blue sky?

BingMag.com 'Ice <b>Age</b> 1' is <b>still</b> an <b>exceptional</b> <b>film</b> in its <b>franchise</b> <b>after</b> 20 years

Blue Sky's first feature film insisted on self-control, especially in comparison to later Ice Age sequels, as well as the continuous noise heard in subsequent sequels such as Ice Age: Dinosaur Rise. There was no news, and many of the sequences benefited from a bit of dialogue. This is evident in the two scenes in which the protagonist Manny Mammoth (voiced by Rey Romano) was communicating with adults. In both scenes there is no dialogue and only physical movements allow the storytelling to be done in the most subtle way possible and the animation is cleverly placed in the center of the scene and beautifully shows the connection formed between humans and prehistoric beings.

film led to a film that was quite emotionally rich, something that was rarely seen in subsequent sequels that focused only on prehistoric animals.

Miracle The lack of dialogue in the "Ice Age" scene, in which Mani lost his wife and child to hunters, was also evident. This short scene is another reason for the flourishing and uniqueness of the first film of "Ice Age", which was not visible in other sequels. Another subject is the hand-painted paintings on the cave wall. These images represent a special style that we have seen many times in cave paintings. These simple paintings are not only for the first film of "Ice Age", but also show Mani and his mammoth family, and immediately after that, Mani remembers his family and child. How can such an extraordinary scene be seen and not felt? At the same time, the simple appearance of human beings, like ghosts without any particular details, skillfully shows that Mani now sees all human beings as machines of mass destruction.

BingMag.com 'Ice <b>Age</b> 1' is <b>still</b> an <b>exceptional</b> <b>film</b> in its <b>franchise</b> <b>after</b> 20 years

Certainly the Ice Age's creators used a shocking way to portray Mani's life, and were able to tell his story to the audience through the use of distinct visual themes. Watching this flashback, which has little to do with the subject of the story, the animation performs an extraordinary action and connects the details of a simple painting on the cave wall to Mani's feelings and memories. Such visual diversity shows the audacity of the film's creative team, but this simple theme is not observed in the rest of the "Ice Age" sequels, and this is one of the reasons why other sequels can not relate to reality as they should and perhaps do. Establish and attract the audience like the first film.

The first film "Ice Age" suffers from the limitations of computer animation of its time. Around 2002, the cost of animating large numbers of animals for a one- to two-hour film was so high that the film focused on only three animals and one human child. Sequences involving migratory animals were limited, and large numbers of animals usually seemed indistinguishable from each other. But this film was able to become a breakthrough in the field of animation. The "monster factory" was also behind. But he was able to overcome this shortcoming by focusing on a small number of characters.

Since the cost of dealing with a large number of new characters was very high, the audience had the opportunity to easily click on Mani , Syed and Diego focus and do not get confused by dealing with new characters. The number of characters on the screen was limited, but it can be said that the "Ice Age" animation was the perfect example of a proverb, the less the better.

BingMag.com 'Ice <b>Age</b> 1' is <b>still</b> an <b>exceptional</b> <b>film</b> in its <b>franchise</b> <b>after</b> 20 years

Perhaps another disappointing feature of the "Ice Age" sequels was that they were always They tried to follow the story and features of the original film, and even in this case, they could not do well. In fact, instead of using the audience's love for the original version as an opportunity to discover new genres or unexpected stories, these sequels usually followed the same storylines and used characters similar to the original film, which was repetitive and disgusting to the audience. Even the constant presence of Scrooge, who was constantly looking for his hazelnuts, was no longer as appealing as the original film, and it was like a repetitive joke that we hear every day.

"Ice" was usually made longer and more professionally, but it was hollow and did not have a coherent story that appealed to the audience. The first "Ice Age" was creatively like a device with all its bolts in place, and the creativity in it plays a key role throughout the story. But alas, all this creativity and popularity among the audience was destroyed by making low-quality sequences devoid of any creativity. The only use of these sequels is that at least on the twentieth anniversary of the making of this exceptional film, the characters in them can be used to reinforce this celebration.

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