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How old is the famous horror clown in It?

Stephen King represented the clown Pennywise in the IT novel series, but how old is this negative character? Stephen King is one of the best horror storytellers with negative characters and scary monsters that has always had a lot of public success. The special narrative created a lot of reactions and controversy at the time of its publication, and has now become a favorite subject in the horror genre. The novel's main monster is one of its most terrifying creatures. li>
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  • Consecutive narratives of the IT novel between 1957 and 1985 tell the story of a group of children called the Losers' Club in the fictional city of Dari. The US state of Maine recounts. They are confronted by a demon that lives in the city's underground sewers and wakes up every 27 years to scare the people of Dari. They call this devil IT, he can look like a clown and can make people afraid of different things and sacrifice them. The roots of the IT character have been addressed in various novels and films, but an important question remains unanswered: How old is Pennywise?

    BingMag.com How old is the famous horror clown in It?

    If we do not consider the life of IT to be infinite, it is probably equal to billions of years, because it existed before the creation of this world, and as its proponents did. They have admitted that it probably had no beginning and no birth. Now, if the question is how long Pennywise character is, the answer will not be particularly complicated. The novel explains how IT landed on a meteorite and hid in the basement on which the Dari city was later built, preying on early primitive tribes in the area. According to this view, IT or Pennywise are billions of years old, but his clown form is not that old. The concept of the clown dates back to the fifth Egyptian dynasty, but the clown in the concept of modern circuses dates back to the 19th century, so Pennywise is about 200 years old in the context of the first part of Stephen King's novel

    IT is one of the most interesting and fascinating characters Stephen King's world is based on his existential roots and different stories, which are portrayed in each adaptation as fundamental changes. Pennywise's age can be guessed from his details in a variety of ways, but his exact age will not be determined and may never be maintained to preserve the character's mysterious state.

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