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How has the "Alien" movie series survived for four decades?

BingMag.com <b>How</b> has the 'Alien' <b>movie</b> <b>series</b> <b>survived</b> for <b>four</b> decades?

How could you not love the movie series "Alien"? A series that combines the genres of horror, adventure, action and science-fiction. The creators of the films in this series, who manage the progress of the stories, are considered among the best directors in the history of cinema; Figures like Ridley Scott, David Fincher and James Cameron. Across six films (along with several spin-offs), Alien has featured some of the most interesting creatures and set designs ever seen in cinema. Over the years it has empowered its passion for reinventing itself to advance the existing story. The series of films started from somewhere and then turned towards evolution. This willingness to change with the times is what has kept the franchise popular over time and even across generations.

Hollywood has changed a lot since 1979, but the Xenomorph has always been with us. Is. It can be said that the Alien franchise teaches a great lesson to any director working in Hollywood: "Don't be afraid to dive into a new genre."

The first movie "Alien" was a fusion of horror and science-fiction . The next film in this franchise was made as an action adventure film. Then in "Alien 3" we encountered a movie in the prison genre. The fourth film in the franchise, Resurrection, was an action comedy, followed by Prometheus, which told a grim origin story. Finally, in the sixth and final film, Covenant, we again saw a reckless mix of horror and sci-fi. And in the meantime, we had two fun action stories from "alien vs. predator" stories.

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This wide variety in genre allows the films and the stories told in the films to be well suited to current societal issues, the interests of audiences of different decades, reflect the process of changes in Hollywood and the taste of different directors, and at the same time always provide what the audience wants.

Not that the quality of each of the output films remains the same, but the desire to be different and Trying new things is what makes the audience surprised when watching any movie. You may not like one or more of these movies, but you can't criticize them for being too similar to previous movies.

BingMag.com <b>How</b> has the 'Alien' <b>movie</b> <b>series</b> <b>survived</b> for <b>four</b> decades?

A lot of sequels and franchises in Hollywood are in the hands of people who are just trying to reproduce what they did in the first movie and it was well received. This formula cannot sustain the popularity of a movie series over the years. A sequel to this formula might be successful, but if you're going to make a franchise successful over the decades, you shouldn't be afraid to shake things up. It allows you to attract the right talents to achieve success. It's true that things fell apart in the third and fourth Alien films as the studio struggled with the directors and scripts, but they eventually learned to sit back and just let the storytellers do their thing. We will see the result of this experience in the coming months in the TV series of this franchise directed by Noah Hawley. Death, God, and Aliens

The bottom line is that most franchises survive because they continue to present what was welcomed in the first installment in a new way. . But "Alien" has been innovative in the way of presenting new content for movies and has also received the result of this approach.

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