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How do we really stop the catastrophic "Don't Look Up" movie?

BingMag.com <b>How</b> do we <b>really</b> <b>stop</b> the <b>catastrophic</b> 'Don't <b>Look</b> Up' movie?

Fear is probably the first emotion that comes to mind when thinking about the end of the world. However, if we think more deeply about the subject, we will probably come up with interesting and, of course, funny points. Laugh, get arrested! This is the experience that Adam McKay embodies in "Don't Look Up."

Warning: <//> There is a danger of the story of the film above not being revealed.

The story begins when Kate Dibiaski (Jennifer Lawrence) is a PhD student at the University of Chicago. Engaged in daily studies and telescopic surveys of supernovae, he accidentally discovers a comet. Everything is possible for him in the most ideal state, and he is met with a flood of praise from his colleagues, and the follower is named Dibiaski in his honor.

But his life of joy ends very soon and his mentor Professor Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio), after performing a series of complex mathematical calculations, concludes that the 9-kilometer-long comet Dibiaski is about the size of the asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, and exactly 6 months and 14 days later to Korea. The ground will collide and Sadr will almost completely destroy everything.

Mindy and Dibiaski decide to save the world by discussing this important issue with the president (Meryl Streep), who, ironically, is also very incompetent and Corrupt, let them talk, but he, who is struggling with his midterm elections and moral scandals, responds with complete indifference: "I heard there is an asteroid or a comet that you do not like. "So what are you doing here?" Describes Mindy as boring and has no understanding of the dimensions of this catastrophe!

BingMag.com <b>How</b> do we <b>really</b> <b>stop</b> the <b>catastrophic</b> 'Don't <b>Look</b> Up' movie?

The White House ignores the media and decides to talk to the people about the threat of extinction and destruction on a talk show, but the reactions are more bizarre than they imagined; The general public is divided into three categories: Internet meme makers, conspiracy theorists, and deniers (which is exactly what happened to the deadly Corona disaster). Regardless of the catastrophic dimensions of the story, they call Kate crazy and make a joke with Dr. Mindy.

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Ilan Musk, for financial gain only, suggest to the president not to take effective action to prevent it from hitting the ground because of the trail's rich mineral resources, but to break it into smaller pieces, possibly It lands in the Pacific Ocean!

The clockwise movement reminds us of the approaching end of the planet and all living things, and humanity is so vain, disturbed, and fanatical that it can do nothing to change its destiny. Of course, if it were not for the absurd and somewhat hilarious end of Adam McKay's film, we would have faced a far more bitter story that would have been difficult to bear.

The question is, How true are the scientific issues raised in the film, and How can the catastrophe be prevented?

  • Do not Look above; Introducing the characters in the movie Adam McKee

How do real scientists observe planetary dangers?

BingMag.com <b>How</b> do we <b>really</b> <b>stop</b> the <b>catastrophic</b> 'Don't <b>Look</b> Up' movie? Do not Look up. It exists and prevents the world from taking effective action against it. The difference is that space attacks are like death by direct fire, and climate change is like the slow death of the world from poisoning, but the result is the same in the end, and we are all moving towards a sinister end.

So far, many key strategies to tackle climate change have been identified, including limiting the use of fossil fuels and rehabilitating areas at risk of natural disasters such as floods, fires and hurricanes; Disasters that originate mainly from global warming. All of these are long-term planetary therapies, but what if the planet is suddenly threatened? This is exactly the part that deals with space hazards and How to deal with it.

Do not look, it is also mentioned. The task of this section is to closely monitor the sky to find space objects that may be a potential threat to Earth. The government is in the process of investigating this part of NASA and is taking steps to eliminate or deflect the space object before it hits Earth.

No, it's supposed to cause our extinction, what do you know? Comets are generally masses of rock and ice that come to us from beyond Pluto. These objects revolve around the sun and are then thrown outward, and their speed can reach more than 70 kilometers per second. Comets are not visible until they reach Jupiter; Because it is only in this state that the energy of the sun's output sets them on fire and their famous tail is determined. Comets can be dangerous depending on their size and speed; With that said, the 6-month, 14-day chance of Adam McKay hitting a comet to Earth is not far-fetched.

We go to another famous celestial body whose name you have probably heard many times; Asteroid. Asteroids are made up of a smaller percentage of ice, have no tails, and are simply space debris. They orbit a shorter path around the sun and move much slower than a comet; So the asteroid found today may not be close to Earth for a century and is not considered a serious threat. Two years ago he read the original script, describing his job as follows:

"Our strategy is to find celestial bodies of considerable size; "So we know exactly where they are, and since then we have decades of opportunity to use existing technology to solve the problem." 20 meters in the sky of the Russian city of Chelyabinsk, due to the tension of the atmosphere, exploded before hitting the ground. The explosion was so terrible that it damaged 7,200 buildings and injured 1,500 people. To understand the depth of the catastrophe, consider that the asteroid is much smaller than the objects that are considered a threat to NASA; With that said, don't Look at the movie theory above. The mother planet (PDCO) is considered a threat. "You Look at numbers from a statistical point of view, and it's a 140-meter threshold that can do a lot of irreparable damage," says Amy Meinser, a professor of planetary science at the University of Arizona and a film consultant.

Celestial There are other factors involved in their dangerousness, such as location. Any large projectile is primarily called a near-Earth object, or NEO for short, from NASA's point of view, unless its position relative to Earth is such that it is potentially hazardous asteroid, or PHA for short. Become. This happens when the asteroid has cut off at least 7.5 million kilometers of Earth orbit.

It is interesting to note that so far 30 to 40% of the 25,000 asteroids discovered are 140 meters or larger But that does not mean that smaller objects are not a serious threat. "This is a serious problem because some objects are astronomically small, but if one of them hits the ground, it 's really big," says Meinser.

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How can the earth be protected from projectiles?

BingMag.com <b>How</b> do we <b>really</b> <b>stop</b> the <b>catastrophic</b> 'Don't <b>Look</b> Up' movie?

Now suppose a relatively large asteroid or comet is approaching our home planet very fast. What can we do to survive in this situation? First of all, let's get rid of the idea of extracting trace minerals, which is almost impossible, and this is just a twist in the movie above. Look at Adam McKay. Using explosives or in case of emergency using a nuclear bomb is one of the practical solutions that we can do, which of course has its own problems; Because these giant rocks do not evaporate at all, but break into smaller pieces that it is not clear where on earth they land, and are so small that the Earth's atmosphere can withstand them or not!

Asteroids unlike comets They usually give us more time to react, and instead of exploding, we can slow them down or divert them from the original path. NASA launched the DART spacecraft on November 24, 2021 to test this method. The target of this spacecraft is the 780-meter asteroid Didimus, which, of course, poses no threat to Earth. Didimus orbits the Sun outside of Earth's orbit, and DART is supposed to deflect it to orbit Mars.

This moon collides; Scientists can then determine changes in the speed and direction of its rotation around the mother asteroid.

This is a small experiment on a small meteorite, and does not mean that the Earth has a strong planetary defense system It is close, but it can prove to some extent the concept of asteroid deflection, and it is an important step. NASA will also launch another spacecraft in 2026, with the goal of more closely monitoring the sky to find any suspicious objects. And the potential danger to life in this system is crowded, but like climate change, it is a problem that we can solve or reduce to some extent, but only if we act in a timely manner. In Adam McKay's latest apocalyptic film, humanity decides to gamble with his life and is naturally a loser, but in the real world we can still decide differently and end the game in our favor.

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