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How do today's horror movies deal with the real's damage to women's lives?

BingMag.com <b>How</b> do <b>today's</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> <b>deal</b> with the <b>real's</b> <b>damage</b> to <b>women's</b> lives?

horror genre is one of the most popular cinematic genres and its popularity will continue in the future. The outbreak of two world wars, natural disasters and the recent deadly outbreak of the Corona virus provide the food needed to make any horror film. However, in the last decade, there have been changes in the horror works that await the audience, which indicates their attention to social and political issues. But this luck has important reasons, among which we can mention the audience's deep connection with the characters and seeing rays of themselves in them, which is not seen due to common clichs in the early works of this genre.

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A modern audience needs some kind of horror that is at least entertaining, and Eventually scare him. However, atomic bombs and evil forces, which ruled the realm of terror for years, are no longer the choice of many audiences today; For this reason, filmmakers in their works began to use everyday German that the audience would first associate with and then be intimidated by. This process led to the creation of films in which psychological horrors such as guilt, loneliness, and depression, as well as deep cultural issues such as racism and prejudice experienced by various characters, were factors that frightened the audience.

Jordan Peel One He is one of the most famous filmmakers who used these elements in his works. He changed the attitude of many people towards horror films after winning the Academy Award for Best Unadapted Screenplay for "Get Out," which is arguably one of the best screenplays of the 21st century. Peel broke the stereotypes of the horror genre by using black actors. Her new film "Nope" will be released in July this year.

"Reality was a woman" is one of the topics that has appeared repeatedly in recent horror films. These works refer to the horrors that most women have encountered at certain points in their lives, or that they are always afraid of finally catching up with; The horror of being chased by an unknown intruder and rape is just one of the many topics covered in modern horror films.

Perspectives of female characters in the horror genre

BingMag.com <b>How</b> do <b>today's</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> <b>deal</b> with the <b>real's</b> <b>damage</b> to <b>women's</b> lives?

horror genre is the only genre in which female characters are more present than male characters, however female representatives are not necessarily non-stereotyped and Do not have an important role; They are either the most innocent victims or are present in the film only because of their sexual characteristics, and many of the characters are an amalgam of both. Of course, the horror genre has moved in recent years in a way that we can claim is a bit far removed from common gender stereotypes. The Invisible Man is a good example of this positive change, in which the cause of panic is the damage that a woman can suffer after years of having a toxic and unusual relationship. Cecilia (Elizabeth Moss)'s friends often ignore her and do not believe she is a victim of domestic violence; So by blaming the victim and asking questions like "If his partner was really that horrible, why did he live with her for so long?" Not only do they not improve the situation for the injured woman, but they also provide grounds for blame.

"Fresh" Holo's latest horror film received attention for similar reasons. Tazeh needs a lot of twists and turns to tell his story, and the focus of the story of a cannibal depends on visceral horror. However, its psychological aspects create far more frightening moments than amputations. The film is based on Netflix's "You" series, based on injuries caused by romantic appointments without prior knowledge of the other party. Disappointed with finding an emotional partner, Noah (Daisy Edgar-Jones) decides to meet new people through an online dating program, and it turns out that he meets Steve (Sebastian Stan). Noah gradually realizes that this handsome young man is not at all what he pretends to be, but is in fact on the side of a cannibal. , Have more time to survive. In one of the new key sequences, Noah wakes up to the effects of the drug and realizes that he is locked in a room without windows, and as the first dialogue, he says, "I can't believe this happened to me." The audience realizes from the middle of the film that Steve is a complete villain, but in this particular sequence, he realizes that a really fateful fate awaits the main character, and Noah has to go through difficult moments to survive and give in to the demands of this crazy killer.

horror of loneliness and insecurity in the dark of night, can feel empathy and tension in the film with Noah. Finally, the new message is that horror is, in fact, the current state of women, equal to all kinds of demons, monsters, and evil spirits.
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horror And Female Heroes

BingMag.com <b>How</b> do <b>today's</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> <b>deal</b> with the <b>real's</b> <b>damage</b> to <b>women's</b> lives?

In addition to the examples above, there were other films that used feminine perspectives to intimidate audiences. Michael Flanngen's acclaimed "Silence" is a good example of such horror. Many in the audience loved the film because it portrayed the horror of a helpless human being trapped in the clutches of a masked assailant and trying to survive.

Another example is Edgar Wright's latest film, Last Night in Soho. Night in Soho), which is now a classic example of feminist work. The audience of this film is invited to a journey from the present to the 60s. The story of its two female characters is so intertwined that it is almost impossible to distinguish the past from the present. Last night in Soho, showing the struggles that women have struggled with in different periods of history is a great example of How feminine perspectives are added to horror films.

horror films can be a mirror image of society's horrors. In all the works mentioned, there are female heroes who act, take a stand and defend themselves in the best possible way; As a result, they emerge from the role of victim stereotypes that have been attributed to them for years, creating a new wave of modern horror.

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