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How different would the DC Extended Universe be if Superman hadn't killed Zad?

BingMag.com <b>How</b> <b>different</b> <b>would</b> the DC <b>Extended</b> <b>Universe</b> be if <b>Superman</b> <b>hadn't</b> <b>killed</b> Zad?

Zack Snyder's Man of Steel ended with Superman's controversial decision to kill General Zad. But if the Last Son of Krypton found a way to trap his enemy in the Phantom Zone, the DC Extended Universe might take a different shape.

In worlds like the DC Extended Universe or the Marvel Cinematic Universe where everything Relatedly, minor decisions in one film can have drastic and large effects on several others. As the first film in the DC Extended Universe, a plot twist like Zad not being killed by Superman could throw off the catalyst for several major events throughout the franchise's history.

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DC's expanded Universe has enjoyed the success of films like Wonder Woman and James Gunn's Suicide Squad, but it has also endured many long-running controversies. "Man of Steel" began with a number of questionable decisions. Clarke letting John Kent die in the tornado was one of those cases. Another thing worth mentioning was Lewis's early discovery of his identity. The biggest decision, however, was to have Superman, who had an old rule of not killing anyone unless absolutely necessary, snap General Zad's neck at the end of the movie.

Killing Zad in Man of Steel was a decision. which sparked much debate and speculation about what Superman could have done differently in the final film. What if Superman could have avoided the final battle with Zad and sent him back to the Phantom Zone prison? DC's expanded Universe extends beyond Superman, the ramifications of his performance in other films immediately apparent. The final confrontation between him and Zad has relatively important consequences in the following films such as "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" as well as "Justice League" and beyond.

Lex Luthor could not be a double created

BingMag.com <b>How</b> <b>different</b> <b>would</b> the DC <b>Extended</b> <b>Universe</b> be if <b>Superman</b> <b>hadn't</b> <b>killed</b> Zad?

Perhaps the most obvious point is that a version of Dumuzdi cannot There's comfort in Batman v Superman. In this film, Lex Luthor starts a campaign to destroy Superman, which eventually leads to the Man of Steel facing the Dark Knight. While the comic version of Doomsday was a Kryptonian project, a version of the character in the DC Extended Universe was created by Lex Luthor using Kryptonian technology, and of course the body of the late General Zad.

If Superman hadn't been forced to killed at the end of Man of Steel, there was no Kryptonian body for Lex Luthor to use to create a double. This could have changed the entire ending of "Batman v Superman", as the battle between two of DC's greatest heroes would not have ended due to the need to work together to stop some common threat.

Batman He saw no need to remove Superman

BingMag.com <b>How</b> <b>different</b> <b>would</b> the DC <b>Extended</b> <b>Universe</b> be if <b>Superman</b> <b>hadn't</b> <b>killed</b> Zad?

It is clear during the movie "Batman v Superman" that Batman was seeking revenge against Superman. If Superman could have returned Zad to the Phantom Zone, this feud would not have arisen. In this movie, Bruce Wayne was in Metropolis all the time. Eventually, it was revealed that one of his men had been killed in the battle, and Bruce, furious, held Superman personally responsible for the incident. However, a conflict between Zad and Superman over Metropolis ensued after Superman and his army returned the other Kryptonians to the Phantom Zone.

Without access to the Phantom Zone projector, Superman's only means of returning the Kryptonians, Using the phantom drive was their ship. This tactic only worked once. If Superman had sent Zad along with the other Kryptonians to the Phantom Zone, it would have meant that they would never have fought each other over Metropolis and some of the damage done to the city would have been lessened. Without the battle over the city, Bruce Wayne wouldn't have cared much for Superman. Without this revenge, the whole story of the battle of "Batman v Superman", although not impossible, could have looked very different. Probably this battle was something like a competition over opposing approaches rather than violent cases. Of course, the lack of violence between Batman and Superman, as well as the lack of double-dealing, prevented many things from collapsing.

Superman did not die in "Justice League"

BingMag.com <b>How</b> <b>different</b> <b>would</b> the DC <b>Extended</b> <b>Universe</b> be if <b>Superman</b> <b>hadn't</b> <b>killed</b> Zad?

Without Batman to fight Superman, or Doppelgnger to deliver the finishing blow to him, Superman would probably be out of Batman v Superman events. He survives. Of course, Batman could still carry kryptonite as a precaution, he is Batman after all. But the importance of this was reduced because he did not use it himself. Betman that to some extent less Hostile Assuming Wonder Woman was in the movie, he could have easily teamed up with her to keep Superman away from Lex and any Kryptonians who could harm him. If Superman hadn't killed Zad, it would have drastically changed the course of the Batman v Superman storyline.

Without Batman's intense animosity towards Superman, there would have been no reason for him to use kryptonite against him. Without the use of Kryptonite, there was no threat to Superman from Doomzdi. This issue could even make Dumuzdi not appear in the film at all. So the only means of killing Superman would be in Lex's hands, with which he could deliver the final blow, but this seems very far-fetched in a movie where Batman is one of the main titles. All these explanations mean that Superman did not die at the end of the movie and there was no need to revive him in the "Justice League".

BingMag.com <b>How</b> <b>different</b> <b>would</b> the DC <b>Extended</b> <b>Universe</b> be if <b>Superman</b> <b>hadn't</b> <b>killed</b> Zad?

However, not all of this news is good. Because several small changes in "Batman v Superman" could affect the future of the DC Extended Universe in such a way that the formation of the Justice League is delayed. Superman's death was the first motivation for Steppenwolf's invasion of Earth. But this could easily be rewritten in another way, as Darkside decides to attack completely independent of Superman's presence. Of course, there could be problems as the Justice League resurrected Clarke. They knew that Steppenwolf was incredibly powerful and that Superman could beat him.

Most likely, Superman could even beat the scarier version of Steppenwolf in Zack Steider's Justice League before the invasion. . Batman's lack of revenge on Superman in "Batman v Superman" would have caused him to ignore the other superhumans around the world, whose acquaintance would eventually lead to the formation of a team, delaying the formation of the Justice League. Because the presence of Superman can have a great impact on the world. However, as easily as he can defeat Steppenwolf, the concept of Superman battling the Darkside is a completely different story. If the formation of the Justice League took longer, the world might not have the heroes to face the Darkside army and stop him.

To sum up, it is possible to say that killing General Zad at the end of the movie "Man of Steel" is a The decision is controversial and ultimately minor, but at the same time it can act like a domino that allows the Justice League to stand against the destruction of the world.

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