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How did Rami Malik join the latest James Bond episode?

BingMag.com How did Rami Malik join the latest James Bond episode?

Explaining how Rami Malik joined the film, there is no time to die. The mystery is in the 25th James Bond film, which will be released on October 8.

The film is directed by Joji Fukunaga and Daniel Craig will return as the famous British spy for the last time. Other cast members include Anna de Armas, Leah Seido, Lshana Lynch, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Wishaw, Christoph Waltz, Naomi Harris and Jeffrey Wright. Postponed

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  • Malik made a name for himself with his small television roles in series such as 24, Pacific and Bojek Horsman, and also starred in Mr. Robot's popular series. In the story of Freddie Mercury, he played the role of Freddie Mercury, a member of the rock band Queen Quinn, who won him the Academy Award for Best Actor. Since then, the actor has collaborated with Denzel Washington on the film Little Things and the Silence series. Following the success of Freddie Mercury Malik's story, it quickly gained traction, and the producers of the James Bond film cast him in the upcoming film.

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