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How did the man of the popular one-handed anime series gain his power?

BingMag.com How did the man of the popular one-handed anime series gain his power?

The popular manga and one-man anime series follows the story of Saitama. He is a hero who can defeat any evil character with one punch. The meaning and background of this story is very interesting and it means being the best, but again the question arises where did Saitama get his power from?

Warning: In this text, the story of the Japanese comic book Man of the Fist is revealed

This question has occupied the minds of many characters in the series. First, Genius, Saitama's bodyguard, asks this question, and Saitama gives a simple explanation, that he does 100 swimming moves, 100 sit-ups and 100 squats a day, and has been running 10 kilometers a day for more than a year.>

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Genus, as well as the evolutionary scientist who has heard these explanations, dismiss them as false and point out that these exercises are just a routine. Saitama insists that this is a mystery and even blames his training process for his hair loss, but Genus is convinced that Saitama himself does not know the root of his strength.

It seems that a lot of practice and Constantly be a way to gain superhero powers in this world. Characters like Blackster Superstar and Puri Puri have superhuman powers, and Blacklaster literally started out as a bodybuilder. Of course, their bodies have visible and prominent muscles that show a lot of training, while Saitama does not seem very strong at first glance. Even if Saitama's training routine is a source of strength, he has several other abilities, such as withstanding the heat of fireballs or being shock-resistant to enemy attacks, that cannot be simply explained by exercise.

BingMag.com How did the man of the popular one-handed anime series gain his power?

Several characters, including the aforementioned scientist and Sykes, the mastermind behind the Monster Society, the theory of growth restriction to explain the growing power of Saitama, Garou And several other characters. This theory states that there are natural limitations to a person's (or monster's) possible abilities and powers, and that when individuals reach this level, no amount of practice or experience will cause them to grow further. However, in rare cases, it seems that individuals can overcome this limitation and achieve endless growth and power. Sykes believed that being exposed to death was the most effective way to overcome this limitation, and he tested this theory on the king monster, Oruchi, and later Garou. Saitama has said several times that he often felt like he was going to die while doing his usual exercises. So he may have achieved this ability in this way.

The most unique and interesting theory about Saitama's power includes even God himself. In the One Man series, it is shown that supernatural powers can have divine roots. The homeless emperor, a member of the Monster Society, seems to be a perfectly ordinary human being, but he has incredible power to use and control energy. He says that these powers were a gift from God that was given to him when he was thinking of suicide, and now his mission is to erase the existence of humanity from the earth. Interestingly, he is not the first to make such a claim. The first villain in the series, the vaccine man, has a similar view, calling humans a virus. . So this was definitely more than an illusion. This godly being gave these three people a chance to see if they deserved greater and greater powers and if they could handle this responsibility. None of them accepted the offer until the arrival of the number one hero, Blast, and it is interesting that God also knew him. Blast immediately stated that he was assembling the cubes and was familiar with this God, although he did not elaborate. Earlier in the flashback to Tatsumaki's childhood, Blast was shown with a similar cube.

BingMag.com How did the man of the popular one-handed anime series gain his power?

This theory shows that Saitama has attained his invulnerable power and strength either through contact with a cube or through another spiritual being. The homeless emperor and the vaccinated man both believe that God does not have a good view of humanity. So it is possible that Saitama gained some of this power by accident. God may also act in the manner of distributing these powers without discrimination and giving them to anyone who can pass the test, regardless of the motives of the individuals. If so, then why doesn't Saitama remember that, and why doesn't God seem to know Saitama as Blast?

Blast's intervention in this case shows that this God is extremely dangerous and should be He avoided it. So it seems unlikely that he will give this power to Saitama, because he is actively fighting against those who want to destroy humanity. Perhaps Saitama accidentally or subconsciously uses the power of this god, which means that his power can disappear at any time. It is also possible that this god is not the only one of his kind, but that there is another similar being who intervenes in the story for the benefit of humanity and gives Saitama certain powers. Since the source of Blast's power is also a mystery, Blast may be the sender of the enemy of God, who specifically has a duty to prevent the creature from interfering in the affairs of the earth by collecting these cubes, which justifies his unavailability. In this case, Blast and Saitama, and perhaps even Tatsumaki and Fobuki, may share a common source of power. The puzzle will remain the same until the end of this series. In the context of a traditional superhero story, it is better for Saitama's source of power to act as an unknown point in the plot, and the series seems to be doing just that. However, it should be noted that the one-handed man is not a traditional story at all. So it is likely that his source of power will never be properly explained, simply because that is not the purpose of the series at all.

Source: Screenrant

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