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How did Dracula and the vampire affect the formation of zombies and mummies?

BingMag.com <b>How</b> <b>did</b> <b>Dracula</b> and the <b>vampire</b> <b>affect</b> the <b>formation</b> of <b>zombies</b> and mummies?

Vampires have been one of the oldest inhabitants of the monster population since the introduction of Kenneth Overlock in Dracula's first unofficial film, which awoke from its silent film coffin in 1922. However, with the arrival of 2022, the year of the vampire, this movie and this vampire will reappear on the silver screen. It is worth noting that the Nosferatu dynasty goes beyond the bloodthirsty and includes other horror genres. From the earliest days of Dracula, when Bella Logosi first voiced the character of Kent in the eloquent adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel in 1931, the lineage of the vampire family had already begun to split into new, toothless horror characters. p>

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Logos, who starred in Dracula in 1932, starred in Victor Halperin's first zombie film, White Zombie. In the same year, the key characters in the story and the cast and crew of "Dracula" were transferred to another of the world's classic monsters, The Mummy, which announced its franchises for decades to come.

Then came Richard Matson's 1954 post-apocalyptic vampire novel I Am Legend, inspired by director George Romero. To make the first contemporary zombie movie, "Night of the Living Dead" was made. Romero sought to create his own zombies (who do not actually call zombies zombies) from Haitian folk zombies, but continued to use vampire sources, a book that had been adapted for three films by then; "The Last Man on Earth", "The Omega Man" and "I am a legend". To say that zombies emerged from movie versions of vampires is not an exaggerated claim. We are doing a "mummy", both of which are celebrating their 90th anniversary this year. Stop watching "The Walking Dead" and "Moon Knight," and let's have a trip to 1932, where it all started.

White zombies in Dracula's house

BingMag.com <b>How</b> <b>did</b> <b>Dracula</b> and the <b>vampire</b> <b>affect</b> the <b>formation</b> of <b>zombies</b> and mummies?

"White zombies", like the movie "Black Sabbath", where Directed by Rob Zombie, it takes its name from an old horror movie that was more obscure before the Internet. What makes "White Zombie" such an engaging work, in addition to the first zombie film, is that it shows the cinematic origins of "The Living Dead" as people who were employed in hard, breathtaking jobs. The Black Chariot (played by Clarence Muse) describes them as "corpses that have emerged from their graves and are all made to work in sugar factories and night farms." He abuses bad deeds. He is basically a vicious and bloodthirsty slave with a different name. Like Dracula, Legendre seems to be able to control animals, summon vultures, and has hypnotic powers over his hands and eyes. Compare that to the background of Logos, who played a similar role in the German film Hypnosis before Dracula. Filming "White Zombies" in some Dracula locations . The cave-like hall and steps of Kent Castle appear here, as if to remind the viewer that the Haitian wizard and Dracula's house are where the zombie idea first originated. These "Serpent and the Rainbow" leaders and predecessors, who were technically fed drugs, not dead, were created only to carry out the instructions of their wizard master. As Legendre explains: "They work honestly and do not worry about working long hours." . In older films, Transylvania or Haiti, there is an aspect of vampire and zombie myths, especially where everyone seems to have a horror in the mind of an ethnographer who is disrespectful and ignorant of other cultures. "White zombies" are no exception.

At the same time, "white zombies" have a white couple in a Dracula-like carriage going through a funeral rite. And backward indigenous customs to panic They have fallen. A religious preacher with a crooked pipe in his mouth, who seems to be indifferent to the whole population, tells them: "Haiti is full of nonsense."

Those who eat meat and drink blood

BingMag.com <b>How</b> <b>did</b> <b>Dracula</b> and the <b>vampire</b> <b>affect</b> the <b>formation</b> of <b>zombies</b> and mummies?

Like Mina Murray and Jonathan Harker - The classic "Dracula" couple - Madeleine and Neil (played by Maj Bellamy and John Aaron ), But Legendary intends to be among them. His worker zombies are considered brain dead, which is probably why their offspring are eager to eat the brain. Certainly, however, eating meat in the way vampires drink blood places them as another natural part of the sacramental rite of passage performed throughout the genre of horror.

The blood of Jesus Christ suffices. They want to devour the whole human race. There is even a moment in "White Zombie" where a logos-like black face is seen in a zombie wine glass as if Dracula is really the father of zombies.

zombies and vampires thus present themselves as cousins, monsters. Supplements, and cultivate humans as food and drink. Interestingly, Legendary zombies can regain their souls, but if they do, he believes that these newly rebuilt humans, like modern, cannibalistic and fast-moving zombies, will tear him to pieces.

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"White Zombies" contains a reference to "Land of the Living Dead", which predicts the titles of Romero's future films, which were made in 1968 with a film about a black and white barbecue. It starts from human flesh. In "Night of the Living Dead" all the zombies are white and the hero, Ben, is black. Dean Jones plays him, and five years later he starred in Bill Gan's vampire film Ganja & Hess. Five years later, in 1978, Romero revived the metaphor of zombies and used it as an interpretation of consumerism in Dawn of the Dead. "White Zombies" stars Dr. Brunner (played by Joseph Couturen) as Van Helsing, who knows all about zombies and their amazing legal background. "There are superstitions in Haiti that the Indians brought here from Africa," he said. "Some of them can be traced back to ancient Egypt." The deeper we delve into this vampire archeological excavation, the more it becomes clear that "Queen of the Damned" was not the first film to introduce a dead creature of Egyptian descent. "The Mummy" starring the great Boris Karlov, the third world classic monster film after "Dracula" and " "Frankenstein", which appeared in a row in 1931. Karloff played a monster in Frankenstein, and by 1932 he was so famous that the poster for "The Mummy" was named "Karloff".

He went crazy and drove people crazy with the way he walked, his first film is still in some ways based on "Dracula". It starts with the very opening credits, which use the same Russian ballet piece "Swan Lake" to give direct clues to Dracula's songs.

Then, the actors. In "The Mummy," Dr. Mller plays essentially a new version of Dracula's character, Van Helsing, the vampire hunter, played by Edward Van Sloan. If Universal Dark Plans had not disintegrated after the 2017 film The Mummy, it was possible that Van Helsing's modern repetition could have brought both Dracula and Imhotep together in a common 21st century world.

"Dracula" is more obvious than "The Mummy", the effect of manipulating cultural artifacts and cursing the colonial powers on colonial powers, but there is a trace of imperialism and Eurocentrism among these old films. Again, they are the product of their time. In "The Mummy", like "Dracula" and "The White Zombie", the alien giant focuses on a white woman with a romantic interest played by David Warren.

Although Johann is a semi-Egyptian character, he himself He was Austro-American, while Karloff was English and Logos was Hungarian. Imhotep is Egyptian instead of Transylvanian or Haitian, but like Dracula and Renfield, he hires a servant named Nubi (played by noble Johnson) from the civilized ranks. Meanwhile, Dracula's biggest threat from contact with another bizarre vampire seems to be that he tarnishes the reputation of a Victorian noblewoman.

Reincarnation and Romance

<"Mummy" was directed by Karl Freund, who appeared as a cinematographer in "Dracula". It was also written by John L. Balderston, the American reviewer of Hamilton Dean's Irish play Dracula, on which Dracula was based in 1931. Imhotep was influenced by his love. To the prince She is Mrs. Ankh-Essen-Amon. It was for him that he was wrapped in a bandage and buried alive in a coffin, which is not unlike a vampire coffin. Upon his return to life, he is believed to have been reincarnated as Johann's character, Helen Grossonor. The main characters, such as Terence Fisher, Jimmy Sangster, Peter Cushing, and Christopher Lee, the director, screenwriter, and stars of the 1958 film "Horror of Dracula," reunited from Egypt to Britain. Meanwhile, Karloff finally played a vampire in Wardolak's portion of Mario Bava's horror series, Black Sunday in 1964. Sixty years after the first Mummy, when Dracula Bram Stoker came in, displaying similar elements of reincarnation and romance, and Winona Ryder played both Mina Harker and Elizabeth, Gary Oldman's previous lost love Dracula. In the 1999 film The Mummy, starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Wise, Anch-Essen-Amon was slightly renamed Ank-Su-Namon, played by Patricia Velasquez and Arnold Voslow as Imhotep. Writer and director Stephen Summers led the franchise in an action-adventure direction more like Indiana Jones. Nosferato brought Dracula to Germany as Overlock. However, given that many of Dracula's histories are linked to Imhotep, the mummy and the entire chain of his terrifying descendants appear to be from vampire DNA, just like zombies. This is an extreme simplification, but extends to other sub-genres.

vampire Metamorphosis

"Mark of the Vampire" with 60 minutes less time than usual is called the first meta-movie. Browning, the director of "Dracula", who is now well acquainted with castles full of spider webs and creatures, this time uses the logo more as a theatrical element, renaming him Kenneth Mora with a distinct head wound. Carol Borland joins Luna Monster, who inspired Lily Munster in the TV series The Munsters (now the subject of an adaptation of the zombie movie).

Mora and Luna are both actors who help perform a detailed trick to discover a completely human killer. This late twist does not last completely, but aids the tricks of "The Cabin in the Woods," a film in which control room engineers draw a complete whiteboard of scary transitions, while They show their tricks in the name of ritual sacrifice.

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"The vampire Sign" forms the basis of such self-awareness films and is significantly postmodern in its approach to vampires. The characters laugh at the idea that vampires come out of their coffins in castles to drink blood at night. "Forget your old superstitions," says one. This is 1934!

Lionel Barrymore, who plays Professor Zellen - another mysterious expert like Van Helsing - was Drew Barrymore's great uncle. This adds another layer to his appearance in Wes Creon's "Scream." The protagonist now begins to play for his murders, testing the horror fans' knowledge of their favorite horror film and attacking them with a knife while wearing a ghostly mask. Barrymore, their first victim, preserved his family heritage as he pushed the meta-chain.

"The vampire Sign" revealed the inherent art of the horror genre. There are hints of comedy in it, such as when the characters are afraid of a moving armor (which turns out to be a cat crawling through it). "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" showed comedy in full force, and this was the only time Logosi officially repeated his role as Dracula. At the end of "The vampire Sign," when he says, "I gave my all, I was bigger than any real vampire," is what applies to him and any number of meta minions or monsters in the movie following Dracula.

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